Old Socialist Party

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Socialist Party
Páirtí Sóisialach (Irish)
LeaderIvan Ryan
Founded20 December 2021
Dissolved10 March 2022
Succeeded byBallinfoyleburg First
Fatherland Front
Headquarters Neu Königsberg
Membership (2021)3
Political positionLeft-wing to Centre-left
National Assembly
3 / 12

The Old Socialist Party, officially the Socialist Party (abbr. SP/OSP) was a left-wing socialist party in the Republic of Ballinfoyleburg during the founding era, led by Ivan Ryan. It was founded on the 20th of December 2021, two days after the foundation of the Republic of Ballinfoyleburg.


The Old Socialist Party was founded by the first President of Ballinfoyleburg, Sean Mulryan, on the 20 December 2021. Its members were Mulryan himself, Ludwig Collins and Thomas Jacobs. All party members had seats in the now defunct National Assembly. Sean Mulryan resigned as President of Ballinfoyleburg and Socialist Party leader on the 13 January 2022. After his resignation, Thomas Jacobs became leader of the New Socialist Party (which would later become known as Ballinfoyleburg First), and the Ludwig Collins faction of the Old Socialist party broke away as Fatherland Front.