Blair Mountain Party

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Blair Mountain Party
Cóisir Sléibhe Blair (Irish)
ChairmanWilliam Brown
Founded22 October 2022
Headquarters Neu Königsberg, Ballinfoyleburg
Membership (2022)2
Independent Politics
Political positionLeft-Wing to centre-left
Federal Assembly
1 / 7
State Governorships
0 / 7
Party flag

The Blair Mountain Party (abbr. BMP) (Irish: Cóisir Sléibhe Blair, CSB) was a social-democratic party in the Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg. It was the first fully left-wing party in the nation since the Old Socialist Party. The group was closely linked with the Terredepaixan “Association of Imperial Dude Bros” party, despite having a different ideology.


In the November 2022 Ballinfoyleburg legislative election, the BMP gained one seat in the Federal Assembly. The party dissolved when it’s leader and only member, William Brown, left Ballinfoyleburg.