Party of Labour and Iron (East Galway)

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Party of Labour and Iron
Páirtí na Saothar agus Iarann (Irish)
Chairman and Premier of East GalwayLudwig Collins
FoundersJan Kotoński
Thomas Jacobs
Ludwig Collins
Founded20 January 2022 (as Workers’ Party)
20 April 2022 (as Party of Labour and Iron)
HeadquartersCapital District
Youth wingWorking Youth
Membership (2023)1
Social democracy
Social conservatism
Political radicalism
Political positionSyncretic
Historical position
ColorsDark red
House of Representatives
1 / 10
District Governors
1 / 5
Party flag

The Party of Labour and Iron (formerly the East Galway Workers’ Party) is the minor-ruling political party in the East Galwegian Socialist Republic and the oldest party in East Galway. It is led by the first and incumbent Chairman, Jan Kotoński, who is also the Premier of East Galway. It was founded by Kotoński, Thomas Jacobs and Ludwig Collins on 20 January 2022 as the Workers’ Party, and was renamed the Party of Labour and Iron on 20 April 2022. The party was formerly the only party in East Galway, until the foundation of the Liberty Front. The party is pejoratively as the Conservative Socialists, referring to bourgeois socialism.


The PLI was founded on 20 January 2022, as the East Galway Workers’ Party, a socialist party in the commune era. The party was the only one in the commune, preventing other parties being formed by force with help of the Free People's Army. The party chairman had become de facto leader over time, as the People’s Executive became ineffective.

During the transition period from the Commune to the Socialist Republic, the Workers’ Party renamed itself to the Party of Labour and Iron, and stopped its policy of preventing other parties forming. It shifted from its formerly far left position to a moderate right wing and later syncretic position.


In September 2022, the East Galwegian Blue-Shirt Movement was founded, splitting from the PLI, causing the PLI to be reduced to a single member, Premier Jan Kotoński. Ludwig Collins would later rejoin the party in February 2023 after previously leaving to join the Blue shirts.


The party is structured along a strong party leader, the Chairman. The Chairman is selected by the members to lead the party into elections and to chair the management of the party.

List of party chairmen

No. Picture Name Deputy Term begin Term end
1 Jan Kotoński
(Born 1 January 2009)
Thomas Jacobs (until September 2022)
Vacant (From September 2022)
20 January 2022 present