Paramount Leader of Roscamistan

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Paramount Leader of Roscamistan
Flag of Roscamistan

since 3 April 2022
StyleThe Honourable (formal)
His Excellency (diplomatic)
AppointerPresident of Roscamistan
Term lengthAs long as the President wishes
Inaugural holderThomas Jacobs
Final holderThomas Jacobs
Abolished3 April 2022

The Paramount Leader of Roscamistan was the de facto leader of Roscamistan and was only below the President in terms of influence. The position is not mentioned in the constitution, it only existed on the basis of the President wishing for it to exist. The position existed from 20 August 2021 to 3 April 2022.


The position was created as a de facto leader of Roscamistan when the President and Vice President are incapacitated, it was first held by Thomas Jacobs, in a interim position as but soon based it to the Foreign Secretary, Katherine Keadivich in August 2021, then in September, it was given to the rising star of Roscami politics, Doros Patusky who was already the First Secretary of State, the Defence Secretary and Deputy Foreign Secretary, for him creating the Mervustan Militia, a provincial militia that is a part of the Roscamistan Defence Forces and was commanded by Doros Patusky, and is responsible for defence in the Province of Mervustan.

On 21 October, Doros Patusky resigned, and Thomas Jacobs succeeded to the Paramount Leadership.

On the 29th, Doros Patusky became Paramount Leader again. On 5 November, Thomas Jacobs became President and Dear Leader as part of the self-coup. The title of Dear Leader was abolished on 1 December and the Paramount Leadership was left as the only title that was a leader, other than the President of Roscamistan.

On 3 April 2022, the sixth Paramount Leader, Thomas Jacobs abolished the position, seeing it as no longer useful. Jacobs was still considered de facto in charge after that.

Constitution basis

The position wasn’t an office in its own right, as the Paramount Leader wasn’t a minister of government, normally when someone was made Paramount Leader, they are also appointed a minister of government, thus giving them a place in the cabinet.

When a Senatus Paramount Ultimatum bill was passed in the National Assembly, the Paramount Leader was temporarily put above the President of Roscamistan and the law. The Paramount Leader could do anything he wanted when the Senatus Paramount Ultimatum, but when the emergency was over, he would have to surrender his powers or be removed by the Chamber of Representatives.

Ability to sack President

When there was a Senatus Paramount Ultimatum in place, the Paramount Leader has the ability to sack the incumbent President, only if the Senate agreed to this by a two thirds majority.


No. Picture Name Political Party Term begin Term end
1 Thomas Jacobs
(Born 3 February 2008)
Freedom Party
20 August 2021
2 Katherine Keadivich
(Born 1 April 2008)
20 August 2021 16 September 2021
3 Doros Patusky
(Born 15 August 2008)
United Party 16 September 2021 21 October 2021
4 Thomas Jacobs
(Born 3 February 2008)
21 October 2021 29 October 2021
5 Doros Patusky
(Born 15 August 2008)
29 October 2021 18 March 2022
6 Thomas Jacobs
(Born 3 February 2008)
18 March 2022 3 April 2022
Post abolished (3 April 2022 onwards)