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Leathardán (Irish)
State of Lahardane
Picture of Nephin Mountain, taken by Ludwig Collins.
Picture of Nephin Mountain, taken by Ludwig Collins.
Flag of Lahardane
Official seal of Lahardane
“The West of Ireland is the Best of Ireland”
Country Ballinfoyleburg
EstablishedAugust 2022
Founded byLudwig Collins
Named forLahardane, County Mayo
 • GovernorNanro Collins
 • Lieutenant Governorvacant
 • Governing partyFatherland Front
800 m (0 ft)
 • Total1
 • Density1/km2 (3/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC

Lahardane (Irish: Leathardán, meaning "Half on Hill"), also sometimes spelled Lahardaun is a non-metropolitan state of Ballinfoyleburg in the barony of Tirawley in County Mayo. It is located in and named after the Irish village of Lahardane in the parish of Abbergoole. The State was established after a bill, made by Ludwig Collins, passed the Federal Assembly. Nephin Territory was admitted as Lahardane, in an effort to end colonialism in Ballinfoyleburg. Nanro Collins, a cousin of Ludwig Collins, is the incumbent Governor, having served since the State’s incorporation into the Commonwealth.

It was the only state not occupied in the Conquest of Ballinfoyleburg.

Government and politics


The state is led by the Governor of Lahardane currently Nanro Collins. Unlike the other states, French is an official language of Lahardane. This law was put in place to commemorate the French armies brief stay in the Lahardane area during the 1798 rebellion.


Fatherland Front is considered the dominant party of Lahardane, as Nanro Collins belongs to that party and most other citizens are also members.

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