Conquest of Ballinfoyleburg

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Conquest of Ballinfoyleburg
Part of Galwegian wars
Date17 March - 8 April 2023


Diplomatic support:

Republic of Olov
Commanders and leaders
Roscamistan Thomas Jacobs
Östruck Marco Hasse
Ballinfoyleburg Ludwig Collins
Units involved
Roscamistan Galway Defence Regiment
Östruck 1st Romani Legion
Ballinfoyleburg People’s Defence Forces
Ballinfoyleburg Worker's and Farmer's Armed Group
10 Unknown
An Anti-Ballinfoyleburg Action logo, used predominantly in the propaganda against Ballinfoyleburg and its supporters.

The Conquest of Ballinfoyleburg, also known as the Paddy’s Day War was a military conflict from the 17th of March to the 8th of April 2023 which culminated in the annexation of Ballinfoyleburg by Roscamistan and Östruck.

The conflict was the result of months of tension and fallouts in the Galway Sector, between Ludwig Collins and Thomas Jacobs.


In the last two quarters of 2022, the ideologies and beliefs of Thomas Jacobs and Ludwig Collins shifted in different directions. This coupled with Jacobs and leader of Östruck Marco Hasse becoming closer political allies and friends caused a rift between Jacobs and Collins, which fully resulted in the two being opposed to one another personally by March 2023.

In that time, Östruck conducted a Anti-Ballinfoylish policy. This was evident with the Galway Troubles, when the Östruck-backed Allah's Spirit invaded Galvegia, a Territory of Ballinfoylish-ally Fontasia. As well as this, the Östruckans also sent many letters and messages to the Government of Ballinfoyleburg demanding it be recognised.

This coupled with political polarisation in Roscamistan caused the Galway Sector to become a hot bed for unrest. In March, the banned Ballinfoylish Radicalist Movement issued an ultimatum to the Ballinfoylish government calling for the end of Socialism in the Commonwealth, recognition of Östruck and legislation of other parties [1].


Saint Patrick’s Day

By the time the invasion had slated to begin, Thomas Jacobs disappeared from the micronational scene without prior notice, leaving only Marco Hasse to issue the declaration of war upon Ballinfoyleburg [2]. After a brief view incidents at the Neu Königsberg-Henstein border, the conflict went cold.

8th of April

On the 8th of April, Thomas Jacobs announced in his return that he had initiated a final assault on Ballinfoyleburg alongside the Östruckan army. In his address, he wrote that Ballinfoyleburg was now dissolved, and its territory split between the victors. Östruck received the States of Castlegar Village, Hillburg, Neu Königsberg, and Ballindooley. Roscamistan annexed the border state of North Galway and the exclave state of Seprana.


Reactions to the invasion were split in half. Many right-wing micronationalists accepted the territorial changes, whilst left-wingers were supportive of the Ballinfoylish claim to sovereignty.

The Olovian-central government fully supported the Roscami Federation in its invasion of Ballinfoyleburg. Olovian former acting vice president Musa Badegel stated that the invasion and annexation were justified, also stating that the territorial changes were necessary.


In the months following the invasion, tensions in the Galway sector declined significantly. Ludwig Collins left micronationalism permanently, and pursuing new ventures, whilst Marco Hasse became disenchanted with the hobby.

To this day, Roscamistan upholds the belief that it conquered Ballinfoyleburg on the 8th of April, 2023.