May 2021 Roscamistan Coup d'etat

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May 2021 Roscamistan Coup d'etat
Part of Early Roscami history
Date17–18 May 2021
Region of Renmore, Mervustan

Decisive anti-government forces win under James Irwin

  • Victory for James Irwin, Major Kayden Conboy and others
  • Legislative Council removes Jacobs
  • Jacobs starts struggle against new President Irwin
  • Roscamistan Defence Forces
  • Roscamistan Roscam Liberation Front
  • Irwinites
  • Provincial Guards
  • Commanders and leaders
    Roscamistan Thomas Jacobs
    Roscamistan Culann Burke
    Roscamistan Tadhg O’Regan
    James Irwin
    Kayden Conboy
    Dean Merritt
    5 6

    The May 2021 Roscamistan Coup d'etat was the first coup d'etat in Roscamistan, which happened from 17 yo 18 May 2021 by Captain James Irwin and Kayden Conboy with help from Deputy Defence Minister Dean Merritt which ended the First Jacobs Presidency and brought Irwin to power.


    The coup took place in the school most of the government at the time went to. The day was going smoothly until the former presidential candidate Dean Merritt with help from other dissatisfied ministers including James Irwin, Premier of Mervustan province and Chancellor Kayden Conboy of Galway City, accused Thomas Jacobs of mismanagement of Roscamistan and destroying Mervustan's autonomy.

    A few ministers, including Tadhg O’Regan defended Jacobs's actions as the chief executive, and protested against the rebels, eventually a bloodless coup led to the overthrow of Jacobs’ government. The rebels otherwise know as the Mervustan Provincial Guards outnumbered Jacobs and the RLF nearly 3 to 1 and they easily took control of the Government. The conflict that followed was known as the Mervustan Conflict.


    Three months before the day of the coup, Roscamistan was founded. This is a point the coupists pushed heavily to emphasise their victory over the government.

    The day after, James Irwin became President and Major Kayden Conboy became the Vice-President replacing Culann Burke. Thomas Jacobs was eventually put under house arrest and reduced to Minister of Internal Polish Affairs. As the Mervustan Conflict started to take off, the streets became unsafe as terror attacks were very common.

    As time went on, Irwin’s support started to crumble due to neglect and mismanagement. The Mervustan Conflict ended on 21 June when Vice President of Roscamistan Kayden Conboy walked out on Irwin, disbanding the Mervustan provincial guards leaving no one left for the RLF to fight. Two days later, on the 23 June 2021 James Irwin resigned from office. Thomas Jacobs returned to office.


    The coup is described by historians as setting a dangerous precedent regarding the role of military and government. Numerous coups have taken place in the years since. However, the day is also memorialised for its cultural significance in defining a “Roscami identity”.