Chancellor of Galway City

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Chancellor of Galway City
Chris Waldron, 2nd and last Chancellor
23 June 2021 - 3 November 2021
Cabinet Office (after 23 June)
StyleMr. Chancellor
ResidenceGalway City
AppointerPresident of the Republic
Term lengthAt pleasure of the President
Inaugural holderKayden Conboy
SuccessionGovernor of Galway City

The Chancellor of Galway City was a ministerial office in the Cabinet of Roscamistan as the minister responsible for the administration of the province from 1 April to 3 November 2021. The office was first given to Kayden Conboy, who served until 23 June 2021. The office was then given to Chris Waldron until 3 November 2021, when the office was abolished in the reforms of November.

List of officeholders

Name Portrait Term of office Political party

(color denotes faction)

1 Kayden Conboy 1 April 2021 23 June 2021 83 days Independent
2 Chris Waldron 23 June 2021 3 November 2021 133 days