Cabinet Office (Roscamistan)

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Cabinet Office
Oifig na Comh-Aireachta (Irish)
Logo of the Cabinet Office.
Agency overview
Formed23 June 2021
Preceding Agency
  • RLF Supreme Commander Office
JurisdictionGovernment of Roscamistan
Headquarters Galway City (de jure)
Minister responsible
Deputy Ministers responsible
Parent AgencyCabinet of the Republic

The Cabinet Office is a cabinet-level agency in the executive branch of the Government of Roscamistan with responsibility for the smooth administration of the Cabinet, for the distribution of government news and immigration and naturalisation. The Cabinet Office was established on 23 June 2021 after the return of Thomas Jacobs as President. The ministry is led by the First Secretary of State, who is also a member of the Cabinet. The secretary is assisted by multiple ministers of state.


The Cabinet Office is made up of multiple offices and sub-departments, which include the First Secretariat of State, the Second Secretariat of State, the Immigration and Naturalisation Service, and the Cabinet Office Announcements Service.

First and Second Secretariats of State

The First Secretariat of State is the office of the First Secretary of State, the head of the cabinet office. The First Secretariat is headed by the First Secretary of State and manages official responses and announcements from his office. The Second Secretariat of State is the same for the Second Secretary of State.

Immigration and Naturalisation Service

The Immigration and Naturalisation Service is the division responsible for citizenship applications, visas and a citizenship status. The service was created after the abolition of the Ministry of Citizenship Affairs and its responsibilities transferred to the Cabinet Office. The service is headed by a Minister of State.