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Flag of
Motto: "Ad astra per aspera" (Latin)
"To the stars through difficulty"
Map of the Counties of Trasona
Map of the Counties of Trasona
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised regional languagesAfrikaans (Drogheda)
Irish Gaelic (New Roscam)
Portuguese (Santa Catarina)
Ethnic groups86.5% White
4.5% Asian
4.5% Black
4.5% Mixed race
ReligionRoman Catholicism
DemonymTrasenic (adjective)
Trasonan (noun)
GovernmentSemi-constitutional monarchy under a dominant-party military dictatorship
• King
• Lord Palatine
Sean Dunkerque
Andrew Brotherton
Hunt Powell
LegislatureHouse of Magnates
• Formation
1 November 2021
• Second Republic
6 February 2022
17 March 2022
• Monarchy established
11 May 2022
• Total
0.008 km2 (0.0031 sq mi)
• Estimate
CurrencyUnited States dollar
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Drives on theright
Patron saintSt. Thomas the Apostle
National sportPool
National animalFlorida Sandhill crane

Trasona, sometimes informally as the Trasenic Realm, is a self-declared sovereign state, commonly referred to as a micronation by outside observers due to the lack of recognition from any United Nations member states. It is located primarily in Florida, but has a presence across the southern United States. It is a member of South Atlantic Sector. Trasona was established on 1 November 2021, beginning the "Blue November."


First Republic

On 1 November 2021, Trasona was founded in Central Florida, USA, as the State of Mensenberg. It was a de facto military dictatorship, led by the Grand Marshal of the Mensenberg Volksleger, the armed forces of then-Mensenberg. A period of growth and positive events occurred across November 2021 that eventually became referred to as the Blauwe Dertig, or the Blue Thirty, referencing one of the national colours of Mensenberg. The head of government during the First Republic was the Premier, who at this point had much greater power than the Premier of the Second Republic, and along with the stronger Volksraad and the unstable Amicus meus alliance between the third-positionist National Revolutionary Front and socialist Radical Party created to prevent the rise of liberalism in , caused a period of inactivity in the Government and amongst the population that ended after the appointment of António Fernandez as Premier and the creation of the Mensisch State Charter.

Second Republic

On 6 February, the Fernandez Cabinet took office, which marked a shift to stronger Hertog's role in politics, giving the Hertog full legislative initiative and only needing the Volksraad's support for few things. The government quickly became more active, but was quite unstable, going through 4 Premiers, 2 Governments and one coup attempt in a period of 47 days from 6 February to 25 March. On 25 March, the government stabilised under the interim Premiership of Hunt Powell, and the addition of two more counties and a population growth of nearly 50% within a week. Small changes occurred in mid-to-late March 2022, including slightly more democratic reforms and a modeling of the government of the Dutch Republic. The first elections since the Amicus meus era occured on 1-2 April.


Trasona has adopted a largely American culture, influenced by Irish immigrants across the country. Most of Trasona follows American traditions, whereas New Roscam is mostly Irish, as it is an enclave of Ireland, in which Irish is a Recognised Minority Language.


Bilateral recognition

Micronation Begin Status
 State of Faltree 1 November 2021 Formal
 Bepistani Reich 23 November 2021 Formal
 Canvian Confederation 3 November 2021 Informal
 Democratic Christian Republic of Melite 1 March 2022 Informal
 Meanwealth of Gasconade 1 November 2021 Defunct

Unilateral recognition

Country Begin
 Donetsk People's Republic 26 February 2022
 Luhansk People's Republic 26 February 2022


Era Length of Era Time Notes Conflicts
Blue November 1 November 2021 - 30 November 2021 30 days Trasona seized its territories of Nassau and Kienebosch from the United States, and rapidly expanded its population. The era ended with the accession of Kienebosch and was immediately followed by a major slowing down of progress.
First Republic/
The Great Decline
1 December 2021 - 5 February 2022 67 days Blue November was immediately followed by the decline of the First Republic. This was mostly caused by the slowdown after the first Volksraad election and the lack of engagement by the then-Grand Marshal in the legislative system. Many notable reforms such as the State Charter and the naming of Antonio Belicoso as Premier happened during this era, leading to bright prospects for the official Second Republic. Pontunia-Ocean States War
(diplomatic support)
Second Republic/
6 February - 22 March 44 days The Second Republic officially began with the opening of the Fernandez Cabinet, a small cabinet intended on being able to function quickly and act more as a check on the Hertog than the main legislative or executive body. The Mensen State Charter granted the Hertog near-unlimited legislative and executive power, thus the name Hertogsrijk (Hertog's State). Wickham War
St. Patrick's Day Coup
Pax Montopulica 22 March - 30 April 2022 39 days Coming from Hertog Sean Dunkerque's "Pax Montopulica" speech on 25 March, 2022, this era began after the departure of Joshua Stoddard from the micronational community. Most of the old institutions from the Second Republic were maintained, but with an increase in democracy and community interaction in government, specifically taking influence from the Dutch Republic. Notably, the Wickham War ended soon after the beginning of this era with a unconditional surrender from Pinang and undisputed Trasonan ownership of Wickham, as well as the addition of New Waterloo and New Roscam. O'Lachtna made it a goal to go into any conflicts that were during this period. This era ended with the Carolusian Revolt. Carolusian Revolt
Third Republic 30 April 2022 - present 67 days After the Carolusian Revolt, a military junta, consisting of a President Andrew Brotherton, Grand Marshal Sean Dunkerque, and 1st Metro Infantry Colonel Bup. This era brought the "de-Hollandification" of the state and the name change to Trasona. This era has not ended.