Tsardom of Begon

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Tsardom of Begon
The Flag of The Begonian KaiserreichSVG.svg
Greater Arms of The Tsardom of Begon.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Gott, Vaterland, Karolina (God, Fatherland, Carolina)
Anthem: I Vow To Thee, My Country
Laurinburg, North Carolina, United States
CapitalLindon Square, Kristofsberg
Largest cityPolinaturalo
Official languagesEnglish and German
DemonymBegonic or Begonian (In reference to Begonia)
GovernmentFederal Constitutional Monarchy
• Tsar
HH&RM, Christoph I
John O'Donnaghue, Duke of New Swabia
• Vice- Lord High Chancellor
Eugene, Cassique of Pressley
LegislatureThe Begonic Parliament
The House of Royals
The National Asssembly
EstablishmentBegonian Independence from the United States • 17 March 2019

Independence from Nichensburg • 18 November 2020
Declaration of Kingdom • 29 January 2021

Declaration of Tsardom • 22 June 2021
• Census
CurrencyBegonic Reichsmark (BRM)
Time zoneEastern Standard Time (EST)

The Tsardom of Begon (commonly known as Begon, historically known as Begonia) is an autonomous territorial entity which claims to be a sovereign state, aiming for independence, commonly referred to as a micronation by outside observers. Located mostly in the Carolinas in the eastern coast of The United States, Begon is an semi-absolute monarchy ruled by His Holy and Royal Majesty, Tsar Christoph I.[1] The most commonly spoken language in Begon is English, but some citizens also speak German, the second national language.

His Holy and Royal Majesty, Tsar Christoph I, is the reigning monarch and Head of State, held accountable by the National Assembly and House of Royals, both houses of Parliament. The current Lord-High Chancellor is Maximilian von Meister.

History and Etymology

Begon originates from a teenhood organization, The Blades, which was founded in an attempt to reform the U.S government. The Blades focused on Carolinian and German nationalism, both of which fueled the flames for the founding of Begon, and its predecessors.

The name "Begon" derives from the flower, Begonia, which was also the name of the predecessor to the Tsardom of Begon, the Tsardom of Begonia. Begonia was named after the flower, being that it was common in symbolism concerning or referring to The Blades.

The Crowned Republic of Polinaturalo was the micronational stepping stone that lead to Begon being founded. It succeeded The Blades as a Micronation instead of an Organization. Polinaturalo was an absurd nation, and would not have been taken seriously at all in current Micronational Standards. It banned things such as Snakes, Seals and Homework from entering its borders.

Begon considers itself the continuation of the Begonian Kaiserreich, one of its predecessors. It also claims to be one of many successor-states to the Holy Roman Empire, specifically to w:Duchy of Saxony The Duchy of Saxony and The Billung|March.

Grand Principality

The Grand Principality of Begon was the predecessor to The Tsardom of Begon, which declared independence from the Tsardom of Nichensburg in late 2020. Inspired by the Grand Principality of Moscow, the Grand Principality of Begon was conceived in the Orthodox stage of the Tsar, and most religious ideals held in Begon, which still inspire Monarchical and State Traditions.

Government and Politics

The Government of the Tsardom of Begon is lead by the Lord High Chancellor of Begon, an appointed office currently held by John O'Donnaghue.

Tsarist Transition

The Kingdom of Begon, since it converted to Eastern Rite Catholicism, has seen a rising "Tsarist Movement" pushing for Begon to reform into a Tsardom, even going so far as to influence the June 2021 Referendum which was centered around crowning the King of Begon "Tsar Christoph I", and proclaiming a second Begonian Imperial Era under the "True Faith". The vote ended in a Tsarist Majority. Some speculate the movement sprung out of Pavlovian influence, which was heavy during late 2020, while Begon was a part of the Kingdom of Nichensburg. The Movement resulted in a referendum and transition into a Tsardom.

Tsarist Referendum

In June 2021, His Majesty's Privy Council approved to hold a Referendum regarding a Transitioning the Kingdom of Begon into a Tsardom.[2]

June 2021 Transitionary Referendum Results
Question Answer # of Voters %
Should The Kingdom of Begon transition into a Tsardom and crown HHRM Christoph as Tsar? Yes 16 75%
No 25%
Should The Kingdom of Begon change it's Flag? Yes 43.8%
No 56.3%

Foreign Affairs

The Tsardom of Begon was consistently Isolationist until early January (2020), when His Holy and Royal Majesty released RD, stating "The Begonic Isolationist Act of 2020, written by myself, shall be repealed and be made void at Noon Eastern Time today (January 27th, 2021)."[3] The Tsardom of Begon recognizes the following states as sovereign:


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The Monarchy of Begon and Brunsnia is the political institution comprising a Monarch of Begon and Brunsnia and the Royal Family. The Monarch - males titled as Tsar and females as Tsarinas - is the Head of State of both Begon and Brunsnia, by virtue of which they wield the extensive executive, legislative, and judicial powers of the thrones. The current Monarch is Christoph I, Tsar Begon, Brunsnia, and Runnymede.


Flag of The Begonic Parliament

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The Begonic Parliament is the Bicameral Legislative Body of The Tsardom of Begon, consisting of representatives from each province and territory within Begon. Divided into two houses, The Begonic Parliament hosts The Begonic House of Royals and The Begonic National Assembly. The House of Royals is the upper house, consisting of appointed nobility from each province. The National Assembly is made up of elected representatives from each province/territory, and are limited to 3 terms, while nobles in The House of Royals hold their seat for life.


Parties within the Begonic Parliament
Party Name Party Symbol/Logo/Color Seats in The House Seats in The Assembly
Conservative Party of Begon


Conservative Party of Begon.png
0 / 12
4 / 11
Liberal Party of Begon
Liberal Party of Begon Logo.png
0 / 12
1 / 11
Carolinian Unity Party of Begon
Carolinian Unity Party of Begon Logo.png
1 / 12
0 / 11

Lord-High Chancellor's Cabinet

Cabinet of HG the Duke of New Swabia, Lord High Chancellor
Position Current Holder Party Term Image
Vice Lord-High Chancellor, Vacant   Conservative Begon Two Years N/A
Lord Commissioner of Foreign Affairs Matthew Tonna Conservative Begon Two Years N/A
Lord Commissioner of His Majesty's Treasury David Augustus Conservative Begon Two Years N/A
Lord Commissioner of Internal Affairs Hughston Burnheimer Conservative Begon Two Years N/A

Geography and Climate

The Tsardom of Begon is made up of 10 counties and a constituent state, all within The States of North Carolina and South Carolina. Other territories are situated in Texas and Tennessee.


Climate data for Begonic Mainland
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 12.7
Average low °C (°F) 0.5
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 83.82
Source: NOAA

Land Administration

Begon divides Its territories into Counties, Territories, and Constituent States. All land divisions have a Constituent Noble/Monarch (Counties have Earls, etc). All citizenship demographics include both Honorary citizens (Known as Subjects) who are registered within the territory and residential citizens who live there.

Begonic Counties and Territories
Name Picture or Location Population Assembly Representative(s) House of Royals Representative(s)


Laurinburg, NC 29 1

Matthew Tonna


HHRM The Tsar of Begon

HRH The Prince of Brunsia (Honourary)

Greater Brunsnia

Constituent State under The Crown

Dare County, NC (& North Topsail, NC) 7 1



HG Duke of Anglenburg


Constituent State under The Crown

Laurinburg, NC 3 1

Hughston Burnheimer


HSH Prince Matthew



Laurinburg, NC 7 1

Harvey Crownman


The Count of Polinaturalo



McColl, SC 4 1

Louis de Blois


The Count of McIntyre



McColl, SC 3 2

Henry Wesselink


HRH The Prince of Foxtrail



Laurinburg, NC 1 1



The Count of Leith

New Circon


Laurinburg, NC 0 0 1

Earl Ironside, Count of New Circon



McColl, SC and Laurinburg, NC 2 1

Terry McKeen


Earl Pate, Count of Marlborough



Laurinburg, NC 2 1



HSH The Prince of U-Land



Laurinburg, NC 3 1

Samuel Klein


The Count of Hess



Laurinburg, NC 0 0 1

The Count of Hasty



San Antonio, TX 1 1

Moustapha Hoteit


HSH The Prince of Kaltmark

Mourning Dove (Carolina Pigeon), National Bird of Begon


The Begonic Mainland is situated between the states of North and South Carolina, making its population mixed with both North and South Carolinian cultures, giving Begon a trademark Pan-Carolinian Culture.


Stradde pictured with a tea cup and kettle.

The common languages in Begon are English Dialects, such as w:African-American Vernacular English AAVE (African-American Vernacular English) and Southern American English, however, there have been many attempts to unite Begon under a common tongue, or language. One being Begonic and the other being Slavogermanic. Slavogermanic originated in the Principality of Nichensburg, and eventually spread its influence into Begon by Prince Ludwig Brienovic of Brienia and Nichensburg. Begonic, however, was started as a project by HH&RM Krystof|I, and eventually was abandoned after months of work.


Begonic Cuisine often lines up with Southern American Cuisine, or "Soul Food", however, Mainland Begonians (particularly in Kristofsberg and Foxtrail) have adopted several typical English Dishes into common cuisine culture in Begon. The most common foods and drinks in Begon include Fried Chicken, Country Ham, Chicken and Rice (variant, "Chicken Bog", with sausage), Tea (Mint, Blackberry, Sassafras), and Jam (Strawberry, Blackberry), Wine, and a culturally significant pastry called Stradde.

Stradde is a pastry created by HHRM Christoph I completely on accident. It is rumoured that HHRM was under the influence during the creation of the Stradde and subsequently added too much salt and didn't properly prepare the Puff Pastry in the intended Strudel. The resulting pastry was reportedly like a "buttery southern biscuit filled with homemade strawberry jam lightly dusted with sugar."


St. Edward The Martyr (Orthodox).jpg

w:Edward_the_Martyr Saint Edward The Martyr, Patron Saint of Begon]]]Begon has an overwhelming Christian majority, which plays into it's Southern American Culture, which mostly centers around religious life. Begon also has a significant Islamic and [1] minority, who have fought for representation, in the ultra-religious climate of the Begonic Government.

Although Begon remains overwhelmingly w:Protestantism Protestant (Particularly Methodist and Pentecostal), the state religion remains Eastern Catholic.[5] Begon is considered Theocratic in some sense, mostly regarding the state and monarchical religious traditions.
Begon's State (Eastern Catholic) Church comprises of a Grand Holy Synod and Archbishop, the current Archbishop of Begon being Blois] who is known episcopally as "Gregory I". The State introduced an official religion in 2020, and kept it following multiple transitions from either Nichensburg (prior) or from Begonia.

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