The Begonian Kaiserreich

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About Us

The Begonian Kaiserreich

Gott Mit Uns
Heil Dir Im Seigerkranz
(Capital) Laurinburg, NC (United States)
Capital cityLindon
Largest cityFoxglove
Official language(s)English, German and Bägoni∫k
Recognised languagesAll Languages
Official religion(s)Begonian Royal Orthodox Christianity
Short nameBegonia
DemonymBegonian/ Bägoni∫k
GovernmentFederal Constitutional Monarchy
- Kaiser-KoenigHis Imperial and Royal Majesty, Christoph I
- Prime MinisterThe Grand Duchess of Great Leith, Alexis
- ReichskanzlerLeelan Pate
- Cheif GeneralTerrell Pate
- Cheif ConstableZina McMillan
LegislatureBegonian Parliament/ Reichstag
- Upper HouseDer Reichstag
- Lower HouseDer Kaiserhaus
- Number of seats - 46
Established16 March 2019
Area claimedFamily and Donated Property
Population(Residential) 27 (Official) 35
CurrencyImperial Stone Standard (Kaiser, Ӄ)
Time zoneEastern Standard Time (EST)
National dishSpaghetti (Particularly with [Melted] Cheese)
National drinkRoyal Begonian Brandy
National animalNothern White-Faced Owl
Patron saintSaint Thomas Aquinas


The Begonian Kaiserreich (Formally known as The Kingdom Of Begonia) is a micronation located in Laurinburg, NC and McColl, SC and is a proud Constitutional Monarchy, ruled by His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Kaiser-Koenig Christoph I and Kaiserin-Queen Emily. Begonia's government is much like any democracy, which the government allowing people the most power. The most common language spoken in Begonia is English, but we also speak German and our own language, Bägoni∫k (Beh-Gone-Ish-K).

Begonia was the Capital Country-State of The Begonian-Circonian Empire, and was mostly in charge. The Begonian-Circonian Empire was a dual monarchy founded by Christoph I and Ivan of Brienia. Begonia and Circon are both sovereign nations, but came together in personal union to make a stronger government. Therefore, the sovereignty of these nations were protected and was never tarnished.


The Complete History of The Kaiserreich goes back to 2017, and the start of Christopher Crabtree's anti-american thoughts. Even though in the fifth grade, Christopher had profound awareness of the political corruption within the United States, and Scotland County,.... The County he was born in..... With an interest in The American Revolution and Hamilton: The Musical, everytime a war was mentioned a fire in his heart burned brighter. He realized that the country needed a change, and started a rebel group with his friends called The Founding Blades. This group would influence his fire for Micronationalism. You can read more here, on our website.

More about His and Her Majesty

Kaiser-Koenig Christoph I and Kaiserin-Queen Emily are the reigning monarchs, they influence Begonian beleifs and statures in every step they take. Queen Emily does not have an official portrait yet, but hers is soon to come along with King Christoph's Summer Portrait. (Christophs portrait can be seen below). You can read much more about the royals here, on our website.

Kaiser-Koenig Christoph I (Begonian Kaiserreich).jpg

The OFFICIAL royal titles of His and Her Majesty.


His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Kaiser-Koenig Christoph I, The King of Begonia, Stromburg, Koenigsberg, Carolina, Lindon, New Germania, The Gulf and St. Jaeger. The Duke of Drygalski and Lord of Ermenstein and Brienia.

The Emperor of The Empire, and all of Begonia, Foxglove, and Leith.


Her Imperial and Royal Majesty, Kaiserin-Queen Emily, The Queen of Begonia, Stromburg, Koenigsberg, Carolina, Lindon, New Germania, The Gulf and St. Jaeger. The Duchess of Drygalski and Lady of Ermenstein and Brienia.

The Empress of The Empire, and all of Begonia, Foxglove, and Leith.





The Constitution of all Begonian Provinces is the Constitution of The Begonian Kaiserreich and The Kingdom of Begonia. You can click the link to its wiki, or find it on our website, here.

Monarchical Power


Legislature Chart
Parliament House Level Term Span Voting System Number of Seats
Kaiser-Koenig/ Emperor-King Emperor-in-Parliament For Life Hereditary 1
Kaiserliche Kammer/High Council Advisorial For Life Chosen by Kaiser-Koenig 10
Reichstag/ Kongress Upper House 1-3 Years (3 terms max) Elected by The People 15 (Two per district)
Kaiserhaus/ House of Royals Lower House For Life Hereditary 20 (Monarchs of territories like Kingdoms, Duchies and such)
Members of The Kaiserliche Kammer

The members of The High Council include:

  • The Kaiserin-Queen and The Head Advisor to The Kaiser (Emily Morgan of Begonia)
  • The Prime Minister and The Co- Head Advisor to The Kaiser (Vacant due to Election)
  • The Reichskanzler and Head of the Begonian Reichstag (Vacant due to Election)
  • The Duke-General of Foxglove and Head Military Advisor to The Kaiser (Terrell Pate)
  • The Chief Constable of Begonia and Head Populace Advisor to The Kaiser (Leelan Pate)
  • The Grand Duchess of Lindon and Head Religious Advisor to The Kaiser (Jessica Tyson)
  • Dawson Clark, The Head Financial Advisor to The Kaiser
  • The Grand Duchess of Leith and Head Law Advisor to The Kaiser (Alexis Roddy)
  • Dahlia Lowery, The Head Advisor of Foreign Affairs
  • Head of The Most Popular Begonian Party
  • Head of The Second Most Popular Begonian Party
  • Head of The Third Most Popular Begonian Party

About the Members:

Kaiserin-Queen Emily:

The Empress of all Begonian Provinces. Why wouldn't you trust

the love of your life with important government decisions, Honestly?

Terrell Pate:

The Duke-General of Foxglove. One of the first to support Begonia,

and its movement... Terrell's patriotism sometimes swells bigger than his Ego.

And that's just fine.

Leelan Pate"

The Chief Constable. Coming in a close second with his brother.... He was

also on board with Begonia. The Kaiser won his full support, and since then,

works for Begonia!

Jessica Tyson

The Grand Duchess of Lindon. Jessica is the mother of the Kaiser, and is

one of his closest advisors. But mainly, on "WWJD?". It's Nice.

Dawson Clark

The Head Advisor of Finance. Dawson is smart with maths and knows his

way around taxes and money. A future businessman, Dawson holds his spot

in the Kaiserliche Kammer with an iron fist.

Alexis Roddy

The Grand Duchess of Leith. Head of The DLPB, she is an activist for the

peoples rights. Vote The Grand Duchess 2020!

Dahlia Lowery

Members of The Reichstag

Currently, there are no members of the Reichstag, and this makes Begonia a little more autocratic than we like, but, nobody will apply.

Members of The Kaiserhaus

The members of The Kaiserhaus include:

  • Kaiser Christoph I
  • Kaiserin Emily
  • King William I of Foxglove
  • Queen Jean of Foxglove
  • The Grand Duke of Polinaturalo (Micheal Cole)
  • The Grand Duchess of Lindon (Jessica Tyson)
  • The Grand Duke of Lindon (Tad Tyson)
  • The Grand Duchess of Great Leith (Alexis Roddy, acting Monarch for The Great Kingdom Of Leith)

Foreign Affairs

Unions, Groups and More

We are official members of the following groups:

We are a member of ComSov, one of the biggest and most important alliances in Micronationalist history. We started three unions including, The Monarchist Federation, United States Micronationalist Committee and The NC Union of Micronations. We hope all of our unions will grow larger and go down in world history.

Treaties and alliances

We have a treaty or alliance with the following nations:Ö

  • The Kingdom of Brienia
  • The Austrovian Empire
  • The Kingdom of Procia
  • The Novum Imperium Romanum Empire
  • The Illinois Soviet Republic (Disbanded)
  • All members of Comsov
  • All members of Usov
  • The Kingdom Of Procia
  • The Mocracy Of Jar
  • All members of The MF, USMC, and The NC Union of Micronations

With more to come. You can submit an alliance or treaty application, here.

The Imperial Treasury

The Begonian Kaiserreich follows the Imperial Stone Standard, which it invented. Pictures of our money are soon to come but until now, here is a list of our pieces andtheir symbols:








The Flag of The Imperial Guard

The Kaiserliche Bewachen is the only Military force in Begonia, and is centered in Foxglove.