Maple Autonomous Region

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Maple Autonomous Region
Coat of arms
Motto: "Live free, forever"
Anthem: The Star Called The Sun
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConfederal directly democratic
• Founder
Sylvie Vaux
Grand Siida
Establishment7 December 2017
• 2020 Maple Statistics Census census
Time zoneEST (UTC+4)

The Maple Autonomous Region (/mɛi.pɫ ata.nə.məs ri.d͡ʒən/), also Région Autonome de L'érable (/ʀe.ʒɑ̃ ɔ.tə.nɔm de.ʀæ.blø/) in French, was an intentional community located in northern Ontario, often classified as a micronation by external observers.


The Maple Autonomous Region has existed since 2017, and was founded by Sylvie Vaux. Maple has gone through several interactions, beginning as a very unprofessional Kingdom which became communist shortly. The Professionalism of Maple began in May 2020, and has maintained said professionalism today. Today Maple stands as a very democratic very serious micronation and has remained relatively stable since May, Maple now stands for mental health and human rights.

December 17th, 2017

On December 17, 2017 the Kingdom of Valdieuria was founded by Sylvie Vaux, as a critique on the Canadian Government. Valdieuria started as purely satire, however as time went on the queen was also learning a considerable amount on politics in general, and as an effect became radically left winged authoritarian. This caused the Kingdom of Valdieuria to become the Republic of Valdieuria under a Soviet System of Government as well as a purely State Socialist economy. Due to past immaturities from the leadership of Valdieuria, and the fetishization of eastern culture that many immature state socialists often have, Valdieurias name was changed to the Republic of Valdzakhistan.

By May 2018 Valdieuria as a country was failing due to the misinterperatation of socialism and politics from the leadership, and in an attempt to save it, valdieuria had joined into a union with the Confederation of Independent Separatists (CIS), a centrist dictatorship. The Union became known as the Valdieurian Confederated State or VCS. The VCS was colead by two Viceroy-Ci'rr (Ci'rr being a proto-valdurian word for Sir however it was used in a gender-neutral way) and slowly grew with smaller nations joining. In August 2018 Sylvie Vaux had inherited Lambertland from a cousin, which was a kingdom. Later the VCS was abandoned and Lambertland became the Empire of the Auslonlands.

2019 - Year of MinCon

The Auslonlands along with two other kingdoms formed the CSRS (Confederation of Sovereign Royal States) which democratically had become the Confederation of Seros (Star in Esperanto) Socialist States (CSSR). The CSSR was another nation under the Soviet System of Government which had many of the issues that valdieuria had faced previously, the two major ones being, The lack of understanding of Economics and Politics from the leadership, and inactivity of citizens. Although the CSSR was a lot more professional as an attempt at micronationalism, core flaws prohibited it from reaching proper professionalism.

In the lead up to MicroCon Sylvie had taken a prolonged break from micronationalism, and a younger man by the name of William had taken office on May 23, 2019. William along with another volunteer had decided to attend MicroCon and Represent the CSSR during the affair. In June 2019, the CSSR sent both volunteers to MicroCon 2019 where The Premiero would meet and talk to many other micronationalists, and especially enjoyed conversation with the Sovereigns of Westarctica.

End of 2019 and Early 2020

The CSSR was still a confederation of three nations, one being the remnants of the Auslonlands and by extension valdieuria, this nation was known as the Semvenne Republic. Upon the foreseeable collapse of the CSSR due to instability the Semvenne Republic had become the first real attempt at democracy from any leadership within Valdiueuria or the CSSR. The Premiero or leader position was not elected, however there was a Tricameral Congress which included a Peoples Assembly, Senate and a Presidium. This attempt at democracy was not perfect and proved to be very flawed, which would lead to the collapse of the Semvenne Republic itself.

However, this system had daily meetings every Tuesday to Thursday and followed standard Parliamentary Procedure with the opposition being part of the Conservative Party while the government and to an extent the presidium being formed from the Gorbachevist Party. Infighting between the Conservatives and the Gorbachevists lead to the eventual arrest and charging of obstruction of congressional procedure to the head of the opposition and leader of the Conservative party. Once again Semvenne found its government inactive and it eventually fell silent again.

2020 and the modern day

In May 2020, Sylvie Vaux returned to micronationalism, and invited the last two interested Semvenne Government members to start a new, western style democratic nation originally called Free Paradise. Sylvie Vaux won in an interim election taking place in June 2020 against James Jacks who Sylvie chose as her Prime Minister. Free Paradise follow a Unicameral Parliamentary system and a new edition that proved to create a sense of professionalism was the creation of the cabinet. Within a month a name poll showed the name Sunseva was popular and thus was chosen as the official name of Free Paradise. Sylvie Vaux had an experimental new unnamed ideology featuring Direct Democracy, and collective leadership. In Early October 2020 this system was put into place aswell as a name change to the Maple Autonomous Region.

Maple has seen great success and professionalism with this ideology, holding scheduled meetings and having high activity and membership. Maple has also committed to helping in with mental health and protecting human rights.

Government and Politics

In the 2010s, Maple was mostly an authoritarian state, however, by late 2018 it had begun small reforms allowing multiple parties, some forms of elections, and a general democratic process. With the start of Sunseva as a state, also ended the era of absolute leaders with no term limits. With many Democratic reforms sunseva soon became a functional state. A new system was brewing and soon took hold and sunseva became what it is today.

Maple is a very progressive community. Granting full rights to all sexualities, and recognizing transgendered and non-binary individuals. Maple also does not consider race or ethnicity in any formal, official background. Ethnic background checks are prohibited by the current constitution, this constitution also follows a libertarian crime structure, deeming victimless crime (such as drug usage or possesion) not crimes at all. Members of a judiciary board are elected to serve as co-judges in trials which follow a jury trial structure.

Law and Procedure

Maple has a Grand Siida, which is a community building for all members of the community to convene. In the Grand Siida there are two recognized positions, the Mediatory Board, which is a group of three elected people to both organize and maintain Siida meetings (note: the Mediatory Board only holds power to keep meetings civil, and plays no real leadership position within maple). The Second position is the Union, or the group of everyday members who choose to attend that meeting. Meetings are to be determined by the people at the mediatory board's discretion.

Within each meeting a list of topics to discuss is presented, and members discuss opinions, issues, and solutions to each topic. Once a clear decision has been made it is put to a poll in which all members are to vote on each individual desicion. The time limit for voting remains at 24 hours and no motions have been made to lower or raise said limit. After voting commences the ideas that have passed then get acted out through the other executive boards or it is written in formal law or as an amendment.

Currently, all law in maple is centred around human rights, and to go against human rights is to commit a crime. Human rights in maple are taken from The Declaration of Human Rights. If someone has committed a crime in Maple they are to be detained until a trial may commence, in that time the Judiciary board elects two judges to preside over the trial, and the judges review the case. Then a jury is convened to listen to the case, and decide how this criminal may be rehabilitated, if at all. Prisons are prohibited constitutionally in maple, thus the maximum punishment for a criminal is life in a psychiatric ward.


The geography is consistent with Northwest Central Ontario which hosts cold long winters, from about October to May.




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