House of Crabtry-Billung

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House of Crabtry-Billung
CountryKingdom of Begon, Kingdom of Brunsnia
TitlesKaiser of Begonia, King of Begonia, King of Begon, Prince of Marlborough, King of Brunsnia, King of Neu-Begonie, King of Fynberg
Current headChristoph Billung

The House of Crabtry-Billung is the ruling house of the Kingdom of Begon and the Kingdom of Brunsnia as well as the former Billung March.

First titles

The Billung March was founded in 10th Century inside of the feudal Duchy of Saxony, and was held by The House of Billung, a predecessor to The House of Crabtry-Billung. The House of Crabtry-Billung is related to the House of Billung, and attempted to resurrect the house. By the time of the founding of the house, The Head of The House (Christoph Billung) already held titles in Begon, Monmark, Austeria and Wynnland. Most notably, however, the house rose from the ranks of Duke in Brunsnia to be the ruling house of the Kingdom, after the abdication of HM King Arthur I.


Formerly held

  • Marquess of Billung
  • Kaiser of Begonia
  • Holy American Emperor-Elect
  • King of Begonia
  • Baron of Christophhaven

Currently held Major Titles


The Royal Family of Begon in an informal setting, on a picnic in Laurinburg . (2020)

The House of Crabtry-Billung has established influence in the following countries:

Micronational/Secessionist Countries

Macronational Countries


Honourary members
Preceded by
Founding of Monarchy
Ruling House of Kingdom of Begon
2020 - 2023
Succeeded by
House of Rochester
Preceded by
The House of Lara
Ruling House of Kingdom of Brunsnia
2021 - 2023
Succeeded by
House of Rochester