Arthurian Empire

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Arthurian Empire
Red background, with black saltier, and a white eagle
Coat of arms containing shield
Coat of arms
Motto: Long live the Emperor
Official languagesEnglish, German, Italian
Christianity, Atheism
GovernmentUnitary Semi-absolute monarchy
• Emperor
Vincent I
• Prime Minister
Lisa W.
Independence from United States
• Arthurian Reformation
8 March 2020
• Estimate
CurrencyUnited states dollar (US; $)
Time zoneEST
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy;
Driving sideright
Calling code+1

The Arthurian Empire, more commonly known as Arthuria, is a micronation with an Semi-absolute monarchy government composed of twenty-three member states, three dominions and a crown colony, that was founded on March 8, 2020. The nation was created after the government of the previous nation, the Free American Republic, voted to reform into the Empire. The nation is ruled by His Imperial Majesty, Vincent I, Emperor of Arthuria. The government is a semi-absolute monarchy where the Emperor holds significant power and can make decisions on his own but, his decisions can be revoked by the Imperial Council. The Imperial government is made up of the Emperor, who serves as head of government and head of state, the Prime Minister, who serves as the emperor's adviser, the Imperial Council, which is made up of the monarchs of the kingdoms that make up the Empire, and the Imperial Cabinet, which are the heads of the various government ministries.


The name of the empire comes from Arthur, the middle name of the Emperor, which came from the famous mythical King Arthur.


On April 26, 2019, Vincent, who had previously had limited micronational activity for the last few months, declared the independence of his new micronation, The Free American Republic, from his home macronation, the United States. For the Republic's first few months, operations went along smoothly, however, soon due to lack of activity and members of the government having other obligations, the Republic grew stagnant. By early 2020, activity within the Republic was minimal. Vincent began to try and think of a solution to the issue of stagnation. Around this time, he had the idea of the Arthurian Empire as a possible new micronation but, he did not pursue this idea. On March 1, 2020, he decided to give a vote to the Republic Congress on whether or not to reform the Republic into the Arthurian Empire. On March 8, 2020, with 7 votes yes and 1 vote no out of the 8-member Congress, the Free American Republic became the Arthurian Empire.

Vincent, now Emperor Vincent I, quickly got to work developing the Arthurian government. The old departments of the Republic became ministries and a few new ministries were created. The Secretaries of the departments became Ministers. Foreign Affairs became a main objective of the new nation and the Emperor began messaging a few micronations about possible alliances. The military was also reformed, with an Air Force and Imperial Guard being established.

Early Foreign Affairs efforts were quite successful with an alliance being ratified with the Kingdom of Ikonia on March 12, 2020 and formal relations being established with the Commonwealth of Essexia on April 8, 2020. The Emperor has started giving honorary military and noble ranks to foreign leaders. In mid-March 2020, He gave his first when he gave King Cameron I of Ikonia the honorary rank of Admiral. On April 10, 2020, the Emperor gave Earl Jack, the head of the Essexian Navy, an honorary Admiral rank.

On April 17, 2020, Emperor Vincent represented the Arthurian Empire at the second Wincott Cup, a Hearts of Iron IV tournament. He played as Germany during the several-hour long game and managed to get the Empire into sixth place by the end of it. On April 23, 2020, as one of its hosts, Vincent took part in the first episode of EssexiaTalk, a podcast produced by Essexia's Dean Network and hosted by himself, Earl Jack, and Lord Matthew.

On April 29, 2020, the Emperor began considering claiming foreign land such as unclaimed land of Antarctica. This would eventually lead to the founding of the Dominion of Antarctica.

On June 22, 2020, Arthuria was given a piece of land by the Democratic Republic of Houseistan as a sign of goodwill. This land was President Logan's backyard and it became a dominion of the Empire known as the Dominion of Carolina.

On July 5, 2020, the Empire gained a new Crown Colony as the Emperor's small personal land in the UK was incorporated into the nation. This land became the Crown Colony of Hougon. After popular support had pushed him to do so, Emperor Vincent also claimed the Brunt Ice Shelf, an area of Northwestern Antarctica, as a dominion of the Empire. This became the Dominion of Antarctica.

On July 6, 2020, Emperor Vincent and Chancellor Jack C. landed on a small island off the coast of New York and claimed a part of the island's coastline as part of the Empire. This became the Dominion of Kongolia.

On July 11, 2020, the Empire annexed a local park which became the Dominion of Flache Provinz. The name is German for "Flat Province", in reference to how most of the park is made up of flat land.

On July 28, 2020, Jack C. resigned as Chancellor of the Arthurian Empire due to no longer being interested in the position. A few minutes after Emperor Vincent made the announcement, Lisa W., one of the members of the Imperial Council, volunteered to become the new Chancellor. Vincent immediately accepted this and Lisa became the Arthurian Empire's second Chancellor.

On August 10, 2020, The Democratic Republic of Houseistan decided to reclaim the Dominion of Carolina and since it wasn't vital territory, Emperor Vincent agreed to this annexation. The Dominion became part of Houseistan and the Dominion of Carolina, the first dominion of Arthuria, was dissolved.

On August 15, 2020, King Cameron I of Ikonia resigned from his honorary rank as Admiral, not wanting to have military positions outside of his own nation.

On August 20, 2020, Another new member state, called the Kingdom of Valeria, was founded. This was the first member state to allow people that the Emperor did not know in person to become Arthurian citizens. On the same day, Vincent's short-lived nation known as the Menovarian Republic was annexed into Arthuria as a new member state, the Kingdom of Menovar.

In November 2020, Essexia shut down all official foreign relations with all nations, including Arthuria.

On January 1, 2021, Arthuria and the Monmarkian Empire joined together into a confederal union, called the Monmarkian-Arthurian Empire, with Vincent I, Emperor of Arthuria and David Augustus I, Emperor of Monmark, as Co-Emperors.

On January, 10, 2021, a close friend of Emperor Vincent and a federal monarch of Arthuria, Her Royal Highness, Sylvie Vaux, Queen of Menovar was crowned as Empress of the Arthurian Empire and Queen of Valeria. The Emperor and Empress confirmed they were not in a romantic relationship, just close friends.

On April, 11, 2021, Sylvie Vaux abdicated from her position as Empress of Arthuria. The position is now vacant again.


The Arthurian Empire is a semi-absolute monarchy where the Emperor holds significant power and can make decisions on his own but, these decisions can be revoked by the Imperial Council. The Emperor is able to choose his successor to the throne and knight people to make them nobles. Below the Emperor is the Prime Minister (Formerly known as Chancellor), who serves as the Emperor's personal adviser. Then, there is the Imperial Council, which is made up of the monarchs of the member states that make up the empire. Finally, there is the Imperial Cabinet, which is made up of the ministers of the various government ministries. There are also Imperial Houses though these do not play any role in the government and are merely the organization of the main families in the empire.

The Empire is made up of member states, in a similar way to the German Empire. Each of these member states has it own monarch or monarchs, who have a seat on the Imperial Council.


The Imperial military is made up of the Arthurian Imperial Army, Arthurian Imperial Navy, Arthurian Imperial Air Force, Arthurian Imperial Guard and Arthurian Imperial Space Command. The military's primary weapons are NERF and Airsoft weapons. However, it these are not available in an engagement, the military will use whatever is around. The Emperor has enacted a policy where each kingdom must have at least one military personnel present to defend that kingdom if it comes under attack and the rest of the military is not present. The navy consists of 6 vessels split into two fleets.

Foreign relations

Nations which Arthuria recognizes but has no treaty
All United Nations Members (Except the People's Republic of China)
Vatican City State
Republic of Molossia
All Grand Unified Micronational members
Democratic Republic of Georgienstine
Crusader Republic of Memeistan
Kingdom of Begon
Commonwealth of Essexia
Maple Autonomous Region
Nations which Arthuria has signed a treaty of mutual recogntion
Kingdom of Ikonia-March 12, 2020
Commonwealth of Essexia-April 10, 2020
Grand Republic of Cycoldia-May 30, 2020
Democratic Republic of Houseistan-June 7, 2020
State of Vishwamitra-November 10, 2020
Monmarkian Empire-November 25, 2020
Kingdom of Queensland-April 17, 2020
Nations which Arthuria has informal relations
Communal People's Republic of Wamong-March 2, 2021


Arthurian culture in primarily based on American and Italian culture. Internet culture, such as memes, is also popular in the empire.

Entertainment- Entertainment, specifically movies and TV shows, is a large part of Arthurian culture. Popular TV shows and movies in the empire include The Office, Parks and Recreation, Star Wars, and Star Trek. YouTube is also very popular in the empire.

Video games- Video games are another large part of Arthurian culture. Popular video game genres in the empire include FPS, grand strategy, and sandbox. Frequent video games played in the empire include Minecraft, Ancient Warfare 3, Fallout, and Kerbal Space Program.

Music- Popular bands and singers in the empire include Queen, The Beatles, One Direction, and The Beach Boys.