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The Wincott Cup is a Hearts of Iron IV Micronational Championship created by the Commonwealth of Essexia for the Grand Unified Micronational members. It involves one micronation every year hosting an online game of Hearts of Iron IV, with the winner being able to claim the Wincott Cup as a title for their micronation.

Lord Jack of Essexia, the creator the Championship, hoped that the competition would bring the GUM micronations together, as well lovers of the HOI franchise.

The game is played non-competitively, however at the end of the game, the players would vote on which player they thought was the best, and the subsequent winner is asked to host the next Wincott Cup. This keeps players from being over-competitive, and prevents balancing problems being too important.


The Wincott Cup was named after a passive but strong supporter of Essexia's independence, whom helped craft the ideals of the micronation. The Parliament of Essexia felt the cup should be named after him as a sort of legacy, and as he was also a fan of the Paradox grand strategy video game series.


Essexia hosted the first Wincott Cup as they created the Championship, and wished to set an example, as well as create a learning experience. Their emblem featured the Paradox Interactive logo in front of a globe, set in a circle. The year of the cup, 2019, is inscribed at the bottom of the outer ring. The emblem was designed with Essexia's colours of Crimson red, black, and white, as featured on their flag. The date of the game was decided to be Saturday 22 June 2019. Essexia, Slavistonia, Somcow, and New Albion participated in the June 2019 game, with Tony Sweigart of Somcow and William I of New Albion leaving during the match. Emperor Terry (Essexia, Germany) and Lord Matthew (Essexia, USSR) came joint first place, with (New Albion, Romania) coming second, President Isaac (Salvistonia, Poland) third, Lord Jack (Essexia, Brazil) fourth and Crown Minister Elliot (Essexia, New Zealand) fifth. Overall the game was deemed a success, despite internet issues, and a later 2019 game was planned.

Earl Jack put forward the notion of conducting a second game on the 10th April 2020 for the next weekend. As such, the game was held on the 17th April 2020, again by Essexia, and was deemed a larger success than the previous one, with more participants and a clearer leaderboard. Matthew (Shenfield, USSR) came first place, followed by a combined force of commonwealth nations including Summers (Essexia, Australia), Finn (Essexia, New Zealand), Terry (Essexia, India), Jacob (Essexia, Canada) and James (Essexia, South Africa). In third place came Matthew (Essexia, USA), after which came Francis (Poplar Nerva, Czechoslovakia), Harrison (Essexia, Spain), Vincent (Arthurian Empire, Germany), Jack (Poplar Nerva, Sweden), Avery (Cycoldia, France) and Christina (Cycoldia, UK). Other participants included Matthew (Lytera, Japan), Alex (Lytera, Hungary), Isak (Essexia, Venezuela), Ben (Essexia, Mexico), Adam (Virtual Dreamscape, Luxemburg) and Connor (Atovia, Italy). Multiple memes came out of the competiton were things such as "Crater London" made due to the hold out of solely the city of London in the United Kingdom, this resulted in Christina I being awarded the "Last Stand Award".

Date Host Winner Logo
22 June 2019 Essexia (Earl Jack) Essexia (Emperor Terry and Lord Matthew joint 1st) HOI4 MC 2019 Essexia.png
17th April 2020 Essexia (Lord Matthew) Shenfield (Autonomous province of Essexia) HOI4 MC 2020 Essexia.png
July 2021 Essexia TBD TBD

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