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The Wincott Cup is a Hearts of Iron IV Micronational Championship created by the Commonwealth of Essexia for the Grand Unified Micronational members. It involves Essexia hosting an online game of Hearts of Iron IV every year, with the winner being able to claim the Wincott Cup as a title for their micronation.

Jack D of Essexia, the creator the Championship, hoped that the competition would bring the GUM micronations together, as well lovers of the HOI franchise.

The game is played non-competitively, however at the end of the game, the players would decide on a ranking for each player as well as any awards that players may have deserved.


The Wincott Cup was named after a passive but strong supporter of Essexia's independence, whom helped craft the ideals of the micronation. The Parliament of Essexia felt the cup should be named after him as a sort of legacy, and as he was also a fan of the Paradox grand strategy video game series.


Originally, it was planned that Essexia would host the first cup game, and then the winner of the subsequent game would host the next one, and so on. However, Essexia won the first game, and Shenistan (the micronation which won the second game) did not host the third game, but rather Essexia did. As such, Essexia has always hosted the Wincott Cup.


Essexia hosted the first Wincott Cup as they created the Championship, and wished to set an example, as well as create a learning experience. Their emblem featured the Paradox Interactive logo in front of a globe, set in a circle. The year of the cup, 2019, is inscribed at the bottom of the outer ring. The emblem was designed with Essexia's colours of Crimson red, black, and white, as featured on their flag. The date of the game was decided to be Saturday 22 June 2019. Essexia, Slavistonia, Somcow, and New Albion participated in the June 2019 game, with Tony Sweigart of Somcow and William I of New Albion leaving during the match. Emperor Terry (Essexia, Germany) and Lord Matthew (Essexia, USSR) came joint first place, with (New Albion, Romania) coming second, President Isaac (Salvistonia, Poland) third, Lord Jack (Essexia, Brazil) fourth and Crown Minister Elliot (Essexia, New Zealand) fifth. Overall the game was deemed a success, despite internet issues, and a later 2019 game was planned.

2019 Wincott Cup
Rank Name Micronation Played as
1st Emperor Terry Essexia Germany
1st Matthew Essexia USSR
2nd James McGill New Albion Romania
3rd President Isaac Slavistonia Romania
4th Jack D Essexia Brazil
5th Crown Minister Elliot Essexia New Zealand
None King William New Albion Hungary
None Tony Sweigart Somcow Yugoslavia


Earl Jack put forward the notion of conducting a second game on the 10th April 2020 for the next weekend. As such, the game was held on the 17th April 2020, again by Essexia, and was deemed a larger success than the previous one, with more participants and a clearer leaderboard. Matthew (Shenfield, USSR) came first place, followed by a combined force of commonwealth nations including Summers (Essexia, Australia), Finn (Essexia, New Zealand), Terry (Essexia, India), Jacob (Essexia, Canada) and James (Essexia, South Africa). In third place came Matthew (Essexia, USA), after which came Francis (Poplar Nerva, Czechoslovakia), Harrison (Essexia, Spain), Vincent (Arthurian Empire, Germany), Jack Dean (Poplar Nerva, Sweden), Avery (Cycoldia, France) and Christina (Cycoldia, UK). Other participants included Matthew (Lytera, Japan), Alex (Lytera, Hungary), Isak (Essexia, Venezuela), Ben (Essexia, Mexico), Adam (Virtual Dreamscape, Luxemburg) and Connor (Atovia, Italy). Multiple memes came out of the competition, things such as "Crater London" made due to the hold out of solely the city of London in the United Kingdom. Therefore, Awards were introduced to reward particularly memorable moments or actions.

2020 Wincott Cup
Rank Name Micronation Played as Award
1st Matt Shenistan[a] USSR
2nd Ben S, Finn, Emperor Terry, Jacob M, James H Essexia Combined Commonwealth (Australia, New Zealand, India, Canada, South Africa Best Nation Creation (For Communist Indian Northern Ireland)
3rd Matthew Essexia USA
4th Schrödinger Poplar Nerva Czechoslovakia Spam (For Czech tank spam)
5th Harry Essexia Spain
6th Emperor Vincent Arthuria Germany
7th Jack D Poplar Nerva Sweden
8th Avery Cycoldia France
9th Christina Cycoldia UK Last Stand (For creating the Crater London Area)
None Matt Lytera Japan
None Amelia Lytera Hungary
None Isak Essexia Venezuela
None Ben H Essexia Mexico
None Adam Virtual Dreamscape Luxemburg
None Connor Atovia Italy


Plans for a third-annual game began as early as January 2021, however lack of participants or planning led to continual requests by players to go unfulfilled. It was organised in December for the 30th, right before the end of the year. The event started at 18:00 UTC, and present for the game were Jacob and Finn for Essexia, Jack and Harry for Poplar Nerva, Matt for Shenistan, Ekaterina for Cycoldia and Amelia for Lytera. A number of others were unable to attend but had voiced interest. For the first time in the cup's history, a non-essexian was deemed the winner - Ekaterina of Cycoldia, playing as Germany. Amelia of Lytera received the Best Nation Creation award for creating a unified Poland-Romania-Hungary, whilst Finn of Essexia received the Last Stand award for returning from the brink of defeat in a brutal civil war to creating a pan-pacific alliance. The Spam award was not given out for lack of any appropriate recipients.

2021 Wincott Cup
Rank Name Micronation Played as Award
1st Ekaterina Cycoldia Germany
2nd Amelia Lytera Poland Best Nation Creation (For Poland-Romania-Hungary)
3rd Harry Poplar Nerva China
4th Finn Essexia Japan Last Stand (Bounced back from the brinks of utter defeat in a civil war to create a pan-pacific alliance)
4th Jacob M Essexia Australia
5th Jack D Poplar Nerva Finland
6th Matt Shenistan[b] France


Following the late organisation of the 2021 Wincott Cup, Jack promised at the end of the game to organise the 2022 cup game for Easter or Summer 2022. Participants also repeated previous calls for multiple games per year, which was taken into consideration.


Date Host Winner Logo
22 June 2019 Essexia (Jack) Essexia (Emperor Terry and Lord Matthew joint 1st)
17 April 2020 Essexia (Lord Matthew Shenfield (Autonomous province of Essexia)
30 December 2021 Essexia (Jack) Cycoldia (Ekaterina as Germany) TBD
July/August 2022 Essexia (Jack) TBD TBD


  1. Shenistan were permitted to submit their own delegate instead of playing for Essexia due to their autonomy at the time, and recent events surrounding them. Additionally, Essexia was perceived as contributing many participants already.
  2. Again, Shenistan were permitted to submit their own participant independent of an Essexia team, however this time was despite Shenistan by this point being a fully-integrated Province of Essexia.

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