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Meeting chamber of the National Assembly, the lower chamber of the French Parliament.

The legislature is a branch of the running of a nation with the power over legislation. The enacting and alteration of laws is the main duty of a legislature, but it may also be required to perform other tasks such as the election of the head of state, executive or government. Legislatures are usually unicameral (consisting of one chamber) or bicameral (consisting of two chambers), however, rarely, they are tricameral (consisting of three chambers).

In most bicameral systems, the lower house, despite its description of being "below" the upper house, is almost always the most powerful of the two chambers and almost always wholly elected. The upper house, meanwhile, is usually smaller, more restricted in power and designed to be a more deliberative body, and can be either directly elected (e.g. Australian Senate), indirectly elected (e.g. Indian Rajya Sabha), wholly appointed (e.g. Canadian Senate), a mixture of appointed and elected (e.g. Belgian Senate prior to 2014), or consist of members who hold seats by virtue of their position in society (e.g. hereditary and religious peers in the British House of Lords). These can hold office for a fixed term or, rarely, for life.

In countries with federal systems, it is common for the upper house to represent specific geographic areas, often equally in spite of population differences. This is the case for the United States Senate, where each state, regardless of population, returns 2 senators.

Legislatures can be known by many names. Names such as National Assembly, Congress and Parliament are most common. Likewise, there are many names for the individual Houses of the legislature. Senate is the most common name for an Upper House. Unicameral legislatures and lower Houses tend to have names such as Assembly, House of Representatives or Chamber of Deputies. Names are often related to the country, for example, the prefix Bundes- (meaning "federal") is used in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, whilst the word Majlis (meaning "council") is common in Islamic countries.

List of micronational legislatures

Nation Name of legislature Name of house(s) House level Term Electoral system Seats
Aarianian Flag; Muscadine Banner 2.png Aariania Grand Senate Unicameral 3 years First-past-the-post 5
 Istria Parliament Senate Upper house 4 years Appointed by Regional Governors 100
Chamber of Deputies Lower house 4 years Proportional representation 450
 Zeprana Congress of Zeprana Parliament Upper house 1 Year No term limits 10
Senate Lower house 1 Year No term limits 12
Yoloyinyangflag.jpg Asassin Parliament (The Bamboo) Unicameral 5 years First-past-the-post 25
Flag of Bradonia.png Bradonia Bradonian Privy Council Unicameral No fixed term Appointment by the King 5
 Gymnasium State Senate of the Gymnasium State (Senát Státu Gymnázium) Unicameral No fixed term Acquired of the citizenship 25
 Snagov Parliament of Snagov Unicameral 1 year Proportional representation 11
 Vishwamitra Parliament of Vishwamitra Unicameral 1 year First-past-the-post 20
 Dominion of Vancouver Island Legislative Assembly of Vancouver Island Unicameral 2 years First-past-the-post 7
 Vyomania Parliament of Vyomania The Cabinet Bicameral 5 years First-past-the-post
The House of people
Flag of Australland.png
Parliament House of tables Crown-in-parliament Australian Ballot 4 months 11
Flag of UDS.png
Urbo de Sophia
Municipal Council Kerna Katedralo Upper house No fixed term By Invitation 31
Kongreso de AF Lower house No fixed term By Certification 42
Abeldane flag.jpg Abelden Reichsversammlung Bundesrat Upper house Appointed by the states 1 year 6
Volkstag Lower house Party-list proportional representation 6 months 13
Vatolean Parliament Senate Upper house Appointed by head of state No set term 2
Unicameral Instant-runoff voting (alternative vote) 12
Folketing Lower house Party-list proportional representation 5
Republic of Xennistra Legislative Assembly Of Xennistra Unicameral 6 years Appointed By Provincial Governers 50
Blue sun flag.svg Republic of Austin Island National Assembly Unicameral First Past the post (54 seats)

open list proportional representation (16 seats)

2 years 70
Aiguesmortes.png Aigues-Mortes General Assembly Unicameral Self-appointment No term limits 387
 Cycoldia General Assembly Unicameral 1 year Instant-runoff voting 10
AbristanFlag03.png Abristan Royal Council King of Abristan Crown-in-Parliament Head of State Until Death/Abdication 1
Chamber of Counselors Upper house Appointed by head of state 4 years 8
Chamber of Representatives Lower house First-past-the-post 4 years 5
Converted file 85da357d.png Alexostan Senate Unicameral ? ? ?
Luxeflag.svg Repubblica democratica di Luxe Parliament of Luxe Unicameral Instant-runoff voting (alternative vote) 1 year 10
Kingdom of Mivland Parliament Unicameral Instant-runoff voting (alternative vote) 2 years 8
Andanyflag.png Andany National Assembly Senate Upper house First-past-the-post 6 years 11
House of Represntatives Lower house First-past-the-post 2 years 22
Saxonflag.png Angle-Saxish Kingdom Parliament Assembly of Councillors Upper house Appointed by head of state For life 3
Assembly of Commons Lower house First-past-the-post No term limits 3
Flag of Asgard.png Kingdom of Asgard Parlamento de Asgard Unicameral First-past-the-post 4 years 11
 Atovia House of Commons Unicameral Single transferable vote 1 year 3
 Austenasia Parliament Emperor Emperor-in-parliament Hereditary position For life 1
House of Representatives Unicameral First-past-the-post 5 years 7
 Azzurria Light Blue Commission Unicameral Appointed by head of state ? 13
Flag of Baránok.svg Baránok Federal Assembly Unicameral Party-list proportional representation 6 months 7
Republic of Bartonia National Council Unicameral Elected by the People No term limits 5
 Baustralia Parliament House of Lords Upper house Hereditary position For life Not fixed
House of Commons Lower house First-past-the-post 4 years 50
Belcityflag.png Belcity Parliament President Unicameral First-past-the-post ? 1
Members of the Parliament Plurality-at-large voting 1 year 24
Begonisch Kaiserreich Flag.png The Begonian Kaiserreich Parliament Kaiser-Koenig Emperor-in-Parliament Hereditary Life 1
High Council Advisorial Chosen by Kaiser-Koenig Life 10
Reichstag (Peoples Imperial House) Upper House Elected by the People 1–3 years

(1 term a year, 3 max)

15 (Two per district/region or state/duchy, etc)
Kaiserhaus (House of Royals) Lower House Hereditary Life 20 (Monarchs of imperial territories like Duchies, Kings, Lords, etc)
Flag Of Benjastan.png Democratic Republic Of Benjastan People's National Congress Of Benjastan Workers' Assembly Unicameral Party-list proportional representation 3 years 8
Bir Tawil flag-svg (1)-svg (1).png The Unitary Republic of Bir Tawil Tawilian National Council Unicameral First-past-the-post 1 year 9
Federal Republic of Caddia Parliament Chamber of Laws Unicameral
Unitary Kingdom of Cambria Flag.png Kingdom of Cambria Parliament Unicameral First-past-the-post 2 years, 3 terms max Not fixed
GreaterCascadiaFlag.jpg Cascadia Glasreachtas Seanad Upper house Elected by Councils of minorities 10 3 Months
Dail Cascadia Lower house Party-list proportional representation 14 3 Months
Flag of Caudonia.png Caudonia Parliament Senate Upper house Appointed by the prince - For the duration of Parliament
House of Assembly Lower house Party-list proportional representation 13 Not fixed (typically 4 months)
Flag of Deseret.png Deseret Grand Council Unicameral ? ? 50
Earth's Kingdom Firts Flag.png Earth's Kingdom Green and Blue Commission Unicameral Estabilished by the Constitution Based on the Head of Government 6
Flag of Ebenthal.svg Kingdom of Ebenthal Konkrëse House of Aristocrats Upper house Appointed by the monarch Life-long 12
House of Councillors Lower house First-past-the-post 6 months 12
Flag of Elbonia.png Elbonia Parliament Staatsrat Bicameral Parliamentary confidence D'Hondt Method Max. 4 months 10
Esse flag.png Esse Parlamenzalochas Unicameral Appointed by head of state No term limits 8
Essexian reich.png Essexia Parliament King Crown-in-parliament Hereditary position For life 1
Imperial Parliament of Essexia Unicameral Proportional Representation 1 year 11
EvanoriaFlag.png Evanoria Parliament Unicameral Party-list proportional representation 1 year 5
Excelsiorflag.png United States of the Terra Excelsior Republic Parliament Senate of the Republic of Excelsior Tricameral Appointed by chancellor and president Life until recall 18
Presidential Committee of the Republic Elected by the people 2 years 1
Federal Council of Governors Appointed by the State governments Life until recall 9
Marland national flag.png Flammancia Assembly of the Sea Council of the Sea Upper house Mixed-member proportional representation 1 year 10
National Council Lower house Appointed by parties 1 year 1
 Gymnasium State Senate Unicameral Acquirement of the citizenship No term limits 25
Flag Gend1.png Kingdom of Gendarania Seal Gendaranian National Assembly.pngGendaranian National Assembly Unicameral First-past-the-post 6 Months 11 (Only 4 currently serving, we need people to volunteer to the GNA)
GriffasusFlag.png Autonomous Socialist Republic of Griffasus National Delegation Council Unicameral Direct non-competitive elections 2 weeks 11
Bendera Indokistan 3.png Indokistan National Forum Unicameral ? No term limits 4
Flag-of-Juclandia.png Juclandia Great National Assembly Unicameral Self-appointment No term limits 159
Current flag.png Jupiter Senate Unicameral First-past-the-post 3 months 1
Flag of Florenia.jpg Florenia Parliament Unicameral First-past-the-post ? 1
Https---micronations.wiki-images-6-66-Comm.png Grand Imperial Empire of Lanzantonia The Senate of Lanzantonia House of Imperial Counts Upper House Emperor's Choise Until Death 500
Federal Council of Advisors Imperial House Emperor's Choise Until Death No Set Limit
Emperor of The Grand Imperial Empire of Lanzantonia Emperor in Government Election Every Time an Emperor Dies Until Death 1
House of Imperial Deputies Lower House Democratic Election Election every Month 500
The People's Government Committee of Lanzantonia Ministry House Presidential Choice Presidential Choice At the President's Choise
Sphinxflag3.png Most Serene Republic of Lemuria Lemurian Parliament Unicameral Selected by Parliament For Life 2
National Standard - KOL.jpg Kingdom of Liahonia The House of Parliament Unicameral First-past-the-post 2 year term; No term limits 24
Notice: This Parliament is currently on recess while the legislative system is being restructured. This Parliament will reconvene after the changes have been made.
Further details regarding this restructuring has not yet been released to the general public.
Madrona flag.JPG Madrona Parliament Senate Upper house ? ? ?
House of Commons Lower house ? ? ?
Flag of the Memeistry.png Kingdom of Memeistry People's Council Unicameral Democratic Election 1 year 3 not fixed
FLAG2.jpg Grand Principality of Mailacia and Idessa The Unitary Council of Princes Aristocracy Salic law Lifetime or Abdication 8
Sketch-1540953393549.png The Republic of Malinovia Grand Parliament of the Republic Unicameral First-past-the-post 1 year 3
Flag PNG.PNG Mcarthia Parliament Unicameral ? No term limits 15
KMV2.png Mekniy Council of State Unicameral ? ? 10
Flag of Maximilian.png Maximilian Nationalversammlung Unicameral Proportional representation

D'Hondt method

Max. 3 month 20 (Villagers) + 1 (Premier electors)
Flag of Mercia.svg Mercia Parliament House Unicameral ? ? 11
New Molco flag.pngPrudentianopolis Knowledge for All's Legislative Function Quorum of Party
  • Unicameral when called Quorum Conference only
  • Bicameral when called Quorum Conference and Consultative Conference simultaneously
Inargurated the Oath of Five Life tenure or disqualified by Supreme Courth 13 Plenipotentiary members, 2 Honorary members
Knowledge for All's Consultative Council
  • Automatically Being (Plenipotentiary faction)
  • Appointed by Regent of Quorum (Honorary faction)
  • Rightful Citizenship (Commons faction)
When cabinet called the ending term or call the ending term by Regent of Quorum
  • 13 Plenipotentiary members, 2 Honorary members
  • 20 Common members
Flag of Nedland.png Nedland Qoroltay Unicameral ? ? 16
Azerty.png Occitania Vergadering Unicameral First-past-the-post 6 months 6
Http---i0.kym-cdn.com-photos-images-original-001-267-464-e49.png Ohio Republic Congress Senate Upper house First-past-the-post 6 Months 4
House of Representatives Lower house First-past-the-post 6 Months 4
Paravia.png Paravia Riksting Imperial Council Upper house Appointed by head of state 6 months 3
Chamber of Delegates Lower house First-past-the-post No term limits 11
Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 07.17.49.PNG Pejaten Parlamantre Senate Upper house First-past-the-post 1 year 4
Riksdag Lower house Party-list proportional representation 1 year 22
House of Advisors Advisory body Appointed no limit 8
Pflag4.png Phokland Parliamentary Senate Unicameral By appointment of monarch No term limits 7
Flag of Pomerak'tèr.png Kingdom of Pomerak'tèr National Parliament House of Elders Upper house First-past-the-post For life 11 (1 per state & 1 appointed by the Prime Minister)
National Council Lower house Instant-runoff voting (alternative vote) 4 years 63
Flag of PAL.png Princess Anne Land House of Representatives Unicameral First-past-the-post No term limits 15
Rabenberg Flag.svgGrand Duchy of Rabenberg Minister Council - - No voting - 4
Regelis flag 16h.png Regelis Parliament House of Councils Unicameral Instant-runoff voting (alternative vote) No set term 33
Flag of Sabia and Verona.png Sabia and Verona Parliament Unicameral Party-list proportional representation 1 year 23
Flag of the Free City of Seacoln.png Free City of Seacoln Common Council Unicameral First-past-the-post 4 years 15
Silikia Senate Unicameral Alternative Vote 1 Year, no limits
Kingdom of Shorewell Flag.jpg Shorewell General Assembly Senate Upper house Appointed by head of state ? 12
Chamber of Deputies Lower house ? ? 12
sitiland parliament house of lords upper house appointed by head of state for life 3
house of commons lower house first past the post, must be approved by king 1 year, no limits 3
council of representatives court of delegates kings advisory council randomly picked by spinner 6 months 8
Sorreniaflagnew.png Kingdom of Sorrenia Parliament King's Council Unicameral First-past-the-post No term limits 47
Ecclesiastic Court Papal Directorate Unicameral Appointment by the King for life 5
Posafgov.png Posaf The Kadelieort House of Lords Upper house Apointed Apointed by the Monarch and Parties 3
House of Commons Lower house Party-list 4 Months 9
2020 Suverska Flag.png Republic of Suverska National Assembly Unicameral MMPR/STV mix 6 months 21
Flag of Uskor.png Uskor Legislative Assembly Unicameral Party-list proportional representation and appointment by the head of state 2 Years 350 votes distributed to party delegates who hold multiple votes, there are 6 current delegates
 Überstadt Parliament Unicameral Self-appointment No term limits 4
Flag of Valbona.png Valbona, Free Territory of Chestnut Assembly Unicameral Indirect election 6 years 5 Parliamentarians plus the President of the Chestnut Assembly, Head of State in Valbona, who is elected by the parliamentarians.
Flag of Verd'landians.svg Verd'land Sfatul Unicameral ? ? ?
WyvernFlagImproved.png Wyvern Statenraad Unicameral First-past-the-post No term limits 4
Winterspell.png Winterspell Winterspell Parliament Unicameral Multiple non-transferable vote 1 Year 3

Federal Republic of Indecencia

Federal Congress Federal Chamber of Deputies Lower Level First-past-the-post 1 month 40
Federal Senate Higher Level First-past-the-post 4 years 20
Flag of Zenrax.png Zenrax Imperial Senate Unicameral Appointed by head of state ? ?
Seybold Flag.jpeg Democratic Republic of Seybold Sitzungssaal Seyboldish National Assembly Seyboldish Lower Branch Elected 2 Years 10
Lawmakers’ Council Seyboldish Upper Branch Elected 2 Years 2
Uniland Flag.png The Republic of Uniland The People's Parliament of The Republic of Uniland Unicameral First-past-the-post 5 Years 5
Flag of Formicad.png Kingdom of Formicad General Assembly Unicameral Appointed by the General Secretary (Must be approved by the King) No term limits 6 (Can be changed by the King or General Secretary)
West Moravia United National People's League of Sovereignty Unicameral First-past-the-post 1 year 6
The Republic of Goldlandia Congress Unicameral single transferable vote 2 years 2
Flag of the Norfolk Empire.jpg Norfolk Empire Parliament House of Commons Two-round system Elected 2 months 3
 Confederation of Mahuset Lazian Chamber Unicameral Schulze STV No term limits 11
Flag of the Kingdom of Efransa.jpeg Efransa Parliament National Assembly Lower House First-Past-the-Post 4 Months 5
Senate Upper House Appointment by the King At His Majesty’s Pleasure 4
UKBKTHG- flag kingdom.jpgUnited Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail Grand Council

(36 seats)

High Council of XII secular council Appointed by the head of state no term limits 12
Council of Apostles religious council Appointed by the head of state No term limits 24
 Technocratic Republic of Theodia QA Jury Upper House Random sampling 1 year 7 per jury
Legislative Juries Lower House
Republic of Tavil.png Republic of Tavil Parliament Unicameral Party-list proportional representation 1 year 465
Flag(36).png Second American Empire Parliament Bicameral Party-list proportional representation 2 years 450 in the House of Deputies
 Vishwamitra Parliament Unicameral First-past-the-post 1 year 20
 Vlasynian Despotate Consultative Senate of Vlasynia Unicameral 1 year At HGM the Despot's pleasure Unknown
 Free City of Vodopol Supreme Council Unicameral Lifetime First-past-the-post 4 (including the High Commissioner and the President of the Supreme Council)
Democratic Republic of Rhodesia Parliament House of Delegates Unicameral First-past-the-post 2 weeks 15
 Vyomania Parliament of Vyomania The Cabinet Bicameral First-past-the-post 5 years
The House of People
Flag of Aspen SVG.svg Aspen Parliament King-in-Parliament Bicameral 4 months Proportional Representation 15
The Imperial States of Forestria Imperial Parliament ( Parlamentum Imperialis Forestriae) Senate Unicameral 2 years First-past-the-post 2
People's Banner of the Arstotzkan Union.png Arstotzkan Union, Indepedent Federal Republic of Federal Assembly of the Arstotzkan Union Arstotzkan Federal Congress Bicameral For Life Positions First-past-the-post 19
House of Representatives of the Arstotzkan Union
Flag of Richensland real.png Most Serene Republic of Richensland People's Representative Assembly Unicameral 2 years Multiwinner approval voting combined with block voting No fixed number