General Assembly of Cycoldia

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General Assembly of Cycoldia
12th General Assembly
Coat of Arms of the General Assembly
Coat of Arms of the General Assembly
Logo of the General Assembly of Cycoldia
Logo of the General Assembly of Cycoldia
Founded5 May 2019
Deputy Prime Minister
Avery Prasatik, Monarchist
since 5 June 2022
Speaker of the General Assembly
Christina Nowell, Monarchist
since 5 May 2019
Leader of the Opposition
Christopher Tran, Unitary
since 3 April 2020
  • 10 Voting Members
  • 5 Non-Voting Members
General Assembly political groups
  Christina I & II
  Monarchist Party (6)[a]
  Monarchist Coalition (1)[b]
  Unitary Party (2)
Non-Voting Seats
  Monarchist Party (2)
  Independent (1)
  Democratic Party (1)
  Vacant (1)
General Assembly voting system
Meek STV
Last election
March 2023

The General Assembly of Cycoldia is the legislature of Cycoldia. It was created by the Constitution of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia on 5 May 2019. During this time the United Imperial Empire took management of Cycoldia, in which the tension between them came to a head on 21 May, when the General Assembly of Cycoldia decided to vote in opposition to the "Cannon Law of Texas", in which Charles II of the UIE sent it back to the General Assembly of Cycoldia with an attachment stating that if they failed it again the entire government would be fired. The Grand Republic of Cycoldia responded with declaring independence from the United Imperial Empire. Since then the General Assembly of Cycoldia has been a very influential piece of the Cycoldian government. Elections are from 28 September to 5 October, and from 25 March to 1 April, in which the number voted for is dictated by the Assembly Shortening Act, in which 3 assembly members will be elected each election, and 2 ex officio terms will be renewed each electoral period. The people in the General Assembly ex officio are the Summi Imperatoria, the Prime Minister, the Chief of the Armed Forces, and the Chief of the CSDF. The position of Speaker of the General Assembly is given to the head of the largest party in the Assembly.


The General Assembly currently has a Monarchist Party supermajority of 80% of the legislature with Brandon Mierzwa caucused with them. The current speaker of the General Assembly is Christina I & II, the leader of the Monarchist Party, and the Prime Minister is Arthur Lacey-Scott-FitzLacia. The most recent event was the opening of the 12th General Assembly following election for the March Assembly in accordance with the Assembly Shortening Act.[1] The next election will be the September 2023 general election, which will elect for the September Assembly, consisting of half of the General Assembly.

Name Logo Party Leader Ideologies Voting Seats Non-Voting Seats
Monarchist Party Christina I & II Royalism
8 / 10
2 / 5
Unitary Party Christopher Tran Libertarianism
2 / 10
0 / 5
Democratic Party Evan Paul Republicanism
0 / 10
1 / 5
Independent[c] N/A
0 / 10
1 / 5
Members of the General Assembly
Voting Members
Member Party Seat Number
HIM Christina I & II Monarchist Party
HNH Arthur Lacey-Scott Monarchist Party
HNH Avery Prasatik Monarchist Party
HH Amelia Banks Monarchist Party
HE Kevon Burnett Monarchist Party
Hon. Brandon Mierzwa Monarchist Coalition
HNH Thaddeus Miller Monarchist Party
HH Christopher Tran Unitary Party
Hon. Maximilian Greig Monarchist Party
Hon. Aidan Fritz Unitary Party
Non-Voting Members
Member Party Member State
Hon. Julia Night Monarchist Party  Lur
Hon. Anthony de Dathuria Monarchist Party  Dathuria
Hon. Ra'ees Richards Independent Creek and Lake
Hon. Evan Paul Democratic Party Jockromasa
Vacant N/A Sequeria


  1. The Speaker of the General Assembly is a member of the Monarchist Party but is not counted in this number as they serve as the Speaker
  2. Brandon Mierzwa is a registered independent, but is a part of the Monarchist Coalition.
  3. The logo used is as used on digital ballots on General Assembly Elections.
  1. General Assembly of Cycoldia Assembly Shortening Act (12 October 2021)