General Assembly of Cycoldia

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General Assembly of Cycoldia
3rd General Assembly
General Assembly Coat of Arms.svg
Founded5 May 2019
Prime MinisterJayden Prasatik, Monarchist Party
since 14 October 2019
Deputy Prime MinisterJohann Kümmel, Monarchist Party
since 7 July 2019
Speaker of the General AssemblyChristina Nowell, Monarchist Party
since 5 May 2019
  • 20 Voting Members
  • 1 Colonial Representative
General Assembly political groups
  •   Monarchist Party of Cycoldia : 14 seats
  •   Democratic Party of Cycoldia : 1 seat
  •   Unitary Party of Cycoldia : 1 seat
  •   Constitutionalist Party of Cycoldia: 0 seats
  •   Independent: 4 seats
General Assembly last election13 October 2020 - 21 October 2020

The General Assembly of Cycoldia was created by the Constitution of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia on 5 May 2019. During this time the United Imperial Empire took management of Cycoldia, in which the tension between them came to a head on 21 May, when the General Assembly of Cycoldia decided to vote in opposition to the "Cannon Law of Texas", in which Charles II of the UIE sent it back to the General Assembly of Cycoldia with an attachment stating that if they failed it again the entire government would be fired. The Grand Republic of Cycoldia responded with declaring independence from the United Imperial Empire. Since then the General Assembly of Cycoldia has been a very influential piece of the Cycoldian government, in which they are an important piece of the government. Elections are from 28 September to 5 October, and from 25 March to 1 April, in which 10 (9 voted for) members are elected in each election to serve a one year term. The only permanent seats in the assembly are those of the Prime Minister, Chief of the Armed Forces, Chief of the CSDF, and the Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria. As well the position of Speaker of the General Assembly is reserved for the leader of the party with the most seats, or if the monarch is in the General Assembly then the monarch will gain the office.

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Seats High Ranking Positions
Monarchist Party of Cycoldia Best Coat Of Arms Of Cycoldia.png Christina I of Cycoldia Monarchist Royalism
14 / 20
Summi Imperatoria, Chief of the Armed Forces, Regent, Prime Minister
Democratic Party of Cycoldia Democratic Party of Cycoldia Logo.png Eovnia Pual Moderate Left Democratic
1 / 20
Unitary Party of Cycoldia Unitary Party of Cycoldia Logo.png Christopher T. Libertarian Libertarianism
1 / 20
Constitutionalist Party of Cycoldia Constitutionalist Party of Cycoldia Logo.jpg Ezra Centre-Wing Constitutionalism
0 / 20
Independent N/A N/A Non-Aligned N/A
4 / 20



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