United Royal Republics of Jockromasa

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The United Republics of Jockromasa (ju-crom-u-su) is a union of multiple monarchies. It is lead by Empress Eovnia l of Jockromasa.

The Official Flag of Jockromasa.

It has very few official relations due to lack of support.

The United Republics of Jockromasa

Royalty will Rule!
Capital city San Tan Valley, AZ
Official language(s) English, Swiss, Czech, French, Spanish
Official religion(s) LDS, Protestants, Catholic, Christianity
Government Parliamentary Royal Union
- Emperor Empress Eovnia l of Jockromasa
Established 6 June 2016
Population 40
Currency American Dollar
Time zone MST
National sport Soccer
National animal Panda
Patron saint St. Peter

Structure of the Empire

The Empire is structured as multiple royal states obeying the emperor/empress's laws and the government's decisions. Currently there are 4 duchies, 1 earldom, 1 emirate, and a royal estate.

Grand Duchy of Gilbertia- 163 mi²

The Duchy of Gilbertia was created by the Empress and the title of Duchess of Gilbertia was given to Duchess Kylie.

Duchy of Changry- 49.1 mi²

The Duchy of Changry was created by the Empress and the title of Duchess of Changry was given to Christopher I of Cycoldia (Called Christina I of Cycoldia in official document).

Duchy of Pineland- 54.7 mi²

The Duchy of Pineland was created by Grand Duke Nicholas l of the Klitzibürg Empire and the title of Duchess of Pineland was given to Empress Eovnia who made into a dual ruled state.

Pheonixiam Duchy- 33.4 mi²

The Pheonixiam Duchy was created by the Empress and the title of Duke/Duchess of Pheonixiam is currently unclaimed/unrewarded.

Earldom of Trinia- 20 mi²

The Earldom of Trinia was created by the Empress and the title of Earl of Trinia was awarded to G. Emperor Robert of Elysium.

Emirate of Ak-Chin- 368 mi²

The Emirate of Ak-Chin was founded by the Empress. The title of Emira is held by Empress Eovnia.

The Imperial Estate of Santonia- 2025 mi²

The Imperial Estate of Santonia was created by the Empress and is under the direct rule of the Empress.

Colonial Claims

The colonial claims of the Union are few but very important.

African Royal Colony- 802 mi²

Many micro-nations claim the Bir Tawil area and Jockromasa is no different. The Royal Colony is lead by a Royal Governor and the seat of Governor is currently empty.

Coronation Colony- 2,071 mi²

The Union's Antarctic claims are very minor. Only the Coronation Islands are claimed. This is lead by a Viscountess. The current Viscountess is Christopher I of Cycoldia (Called Christina I of Cycoldia in official documents).


There is only currently only one order.

Holy Order of the Eagle

The Holy Order of the Eagle is a religious order located in Malta.


Here are the established traditions of the URRJ and the Royal Family.

The Adoption of Alternate Identity

When a individual assumes the throne of Emperor/Empress the individual creates a royal identity to protect themselves. This has been done by all Empresses/Emperors' current and past. This identity is completely separate from their true identity and how they perform diplomacy and the name they use in other micro-nations.

Micro-national Relation

These are the official relations with other micro-nations.

Recognized by Both Parties

Recognized by the URRJ

Official Imperial Awards

The Emperor/Empress of Jockromasa may bestow Imperial Awards to any citizen or diplomat who has faithfully served the Union. They may also offer them as gifts to other leaders as an act of friendship or in a treaty.

Imperial Knighthood

The lowest award given to non-citizens. The Knights of the Empire are in charge of the Holy Order of the Eagle.

Knighthood Members

  • Empress Eovnia