Joint Heraldic Authority

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Joint Heraldic Authority
Formation5 January 2022
TypeIntergovernmental organization
Legal statusGovernment agency
Region served
Chris Ramsay
Alexander I of Atiera
Heads of state
Alexander I (Atiera)
Sander II (Revalia)
Chris Ramsay (Galte)
Carson I & Sarah I (Northwood-Oregon)
Christina I & II (Cycoldia)
Formerly called
/ Preceding organizations:
Imperial Institute of Heraldry (Atiera)
College of Arms (Revalia)
College of Arms (Cycoldia)

The Joint Heraldic Authority (abbreviated JHA) is a heraldic intergovernmental organization which serves as the official de jure heraldic authority of Atiera, Galte, Revalia, Northwood-Oregon and Cycoldia. It was a brainchild of Atieran emperor Liam Alexander together with Chris Ramsay and was meant only to encompass the heraldic jurisdictions and respective sovereign heraldic needs of Atiera and Galte, but was eventually upon request by Chris expanded to Revalia.


The JHA was first officiated through imperial edict no. 5 (serialized EI NO.5-2022) by emperor Alexander through the ratification of the authority's charter on 5 January 2022. On the same date it was proposed to the Revalian Royal Parliament by parliamentarian Michal Nowacki through a motion which passed on the 9th. The charter was proposed by emperor Alexander and Chris through C.C. 1 in the Citizen's Council of Galte on the 13th and passed on the 22nd of the same month. It was lastly given assent and thus incepted (Princely Decree III/2022) by the prince of Galte on the 23rd.


On 5 May 2022 Christina I, Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia reached out to Chris, having learned of the JHA, and carrying the intention of involving the Cycoldian College of Arms therein. The day after, Carson, King of Northwood-Oregon revealed to his intentions of creating a Northwood-Oregon heraldic authority, Chris brought up to both of them the prospect of membership into the JHA on terms that they legally ratify the Charter and subsequently accept the Constitution under prerogatives derived from the former. King Carson admitted Northwood-Oregon on the same day whereas Cycoldia is regarded to have been admitted on the following day UTC.


The JHA is a service through which matters pertaining to heraldry and auxiliary sciences are delegated in the same manner as a heraldic authority, shared by three countries. None of the countries which share the JHA are to date internationally recognized and so the principle of their sovereignty is up for debate. The JHA is headed by a King of Arms, currently Chris, who is the chief executive of the authority, responsible to and for the charter and constitution of the organization. His remaining in office relies on the confidence of the sovereigns. The Atieran emperor, being the initiator of the effort of the organization's establishment serves also as the organization's incumbent clerk. The JHA was created to relieve graphic design, most notably heraldry and such, from the burden of nationbuilding and aims to function ultimately as any heraldic authority. The organization is thus authorized to conduct, for example, grants of letters patent (LPs) to a Revalian subject in the solemn name of it's king; and likewise for it's other heraldic jurisdictions.

Member states

The JHA divides its member states and member states' sovereigns (Atieran emperor, prince of Galte and king of Revalia) conveniently into heraldic jurisdictions seeing as heraldic laws and grants and such are business of each sovereign state in their own right. It is comparable to federalism but solely concerning heraldry and the likes.

Banner of arms Coat of arms Country and
heraldic jurisdiction
Date of admission Head(s) of state
Kingdom of Atiera Empire of Atiera
5 January 2022
Emperor Alexander I of Atiera
Revalia Revalian Kingdom
9 January 2022
King Sander II of Revalia
Galte Principality of Galte
23 January 2022
Prince Michael of Galte (nominal)
Regency Council
Northwood-Oregon Kingdom of Nortwood-Oregon
6 May 2022
King Carson I of Northwood-Oregon &
Queen Sarah I of Northwood-Oregon
Grand Republic of Cycoldia Grand Republic of Cycoldia
7 May 2022
Summi Imperatoria Christina I & II of Cycoldia


Executive officers

The King of Arms is the chief executive and leading officer of arms within the JHA. His leadership over the JHA depends and relies on the confidence of the heads of state thereof, though officially, the incumbency of the King of Arms is derived from the institutions own wishes. To date Chris Ramsay is the incumbent King of Arms. The Herald Secretary, formally known as Clerk and Keeper of the Records is an office that was officiated on 12 May 2022 despite de facto existing from 5 January. The archivist and recordkeeper is authorised to keep documentation of armorial bearings and noble titles and honours granted within the jurisdictions; however the said authorization is not yet fully reserved by the authority.

Officers of Arms

The officers of arms consist of: Heralds of Arms and Pursuivants of Arms. These designations have until 12 May 2022 been loosely defined. There may only be three Heralds of Arms from each jurisdiction appointed whereas Pursuivants may be appointed indefinitely.

Heralds of Arms

  • Can be nominated for King of Arms and Herald Secretary.
  • Can vote for King of Arms and Herald Secretary.
  • Can assist in making policy.
  • Can assist in design and blazonry of the armorial bearings.

Pursuivants of Arms

  • Can assist in making policy.
  • Can assist in design and blazonry of armorial bearings.

List of officers

No. Arms of office Appointed Term Appointee
1 Amicae Herald of Arms
Alexander I of Atiera
5 January 2022
Emperor Alexander I of Atiera
2 Empreton Herald of Arms
Arthur Lacey-Scott, Earl of Glenbrook
11 May 2022
Summi Imperatoria Christina I & II of Cycoldia
3 Imperium Herald of Arms
Christina I & II
12 May 2022
4 Regency Herald of Arms
Chris, Marquess of Otium
12 May 2022
Chris Ramsay


  1. Office of the Summi Imperatoria (11 May 2022) Appointment of Arthur Lacey-Scott-FitzLacia
  2. Office of the Summi Imperatoria (11 May 2022) Appointment of Christina I of Nowell