Royal House of Nowell

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Royal House of Nowell
Royal House of Nowell COA.png
CountryNew Flag of Cycoldia.png Grand Republic of Cycoldia
TitlesSummi Imperatoria of Cycoldia
Protector of the Order of Nowell
Protector of the Order of Christina I
Protector of the Order of Eugene
Premier of Lur
Kaiserin of Altearn
Duchess of Changry
Duchess of Winecup
Viscountess of Coronation Colony
Current headChristina I of Cycoldia

The Royal House of Nowell is the current reigning Royal House of Cycoldia, and is in charge of the Monarchy of Cycoldia. The Royal House's former head of the House was Eugene of the Royal House of Nowell, though he died on 16 November 2019. The Royal House has had extreme control of the nation of Cycoldia, as the current monarch of Cycoldia is the head of the Royal House, although the Royal House's control over the nation has been tested multiple times, with all five of the Cycoldian Civil Wars. The Royal House also is the only House available to become a Protector of the Order of Eugene, and the house is currently in control of the Monarchy of Cycoldia.

Image Name Born Became Monarch Became Head of House Relation to previous Head of the House Ceased to be Head of the House Royal Cypher
Eugene Nowell.jpg
Eugene Thomas of the Royal House of Nowell 1927 N/A 06 November 2018 Royal House Established 16 November 2019
Eugene Nowell Cypher.png
Christina I Christmas Picture.png
Christina I Hamilton of the Royal House of Nowell 06 May 2005 06 November 2018 16 November 2019 Granddaughter Incumbent
Royal Cipher of Christina I.png