Queendom of Sunsonia

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The Queendom of Sunsonia
Flag of Sunsonia
Coat of arms of the Queendom of Sunsonia
Coat of arms
Motto: "Concordia res parvæ crescunt"
"Work in Progess"
Lower arms of Sunsonia
File:Central Texas
and largest city
Veraburg, Veranderen
Official languagesEnglish and Mexican Spanish
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Queen
Sammy I Pike-Hegar
• Prime Minister
Chloe Keene
• Heir apparent
• Census
CurrencyU.S. Dollar
Time zoneU.S. Central timezone

The Queendom of Sunsonia, commonly referred to as Sunsonia, was a micronation which was founded on 15 August 2018 in Central Texas. The ruling party near it's end was the mostly-socialist "Queen's Party".


The roots of Sunsonia could be traced back to 2015, when Sammy Pike was inspired by the Republic of Texas to form the second Republic of Texas, which collapsed soon after it was formed. Samilias then formed another nation known as "the Republic"; this project, however, collapsed after a month.

Samilias formed another micronation based upon the Republic of Texas. Known as the Texan Empire, it was created as a rebellion against another micronation known as Bandania, which, due to poor leadership and lack of communications, collapsed. The Texan Empire would then go inactive. After a while, Samilias discovered a document that was meant to serve as the constitution of the Texan Empire. The then-inactive Texan Empire was renamed to Samsonia and later Sunsonia. After numerous failed attempts to gain citizens, Sunsonia began to grow in 2018, and later helped the Nottingham Empire gain independence from Stincolnilous, and would later fight a proxy war with said micronation. On 5 January 2020, the residence of the Royal Family burned down, resulting in Samilias I to live with her aunt and uncle.

Evolution of the Sunsonian flag

As with most flags, the Sunsonian flag transformed over time to its current form, taking inspiration from others and eventually falling upon a single design. The first design was affectively the flag of the United Kingdom with a sun in the middle, it’s rays were in the shape of waves each having space between the other; there were six rays upon the flag, two more were later added on. The first iteration of the flag also happened to derive from an imaginary Principality called “The Principality of the Sun” which according to the imaginary world in which it existed in would speak German and be situated in Hawaii. The second iteration was effectively exactly the same as the previous version except it had no red upon the Union flag, keeping only the four white stripes meeting in the middle where a Medieval type sun would sit upon it. The reason for this transition was to bring more contrast to the flag as Orange and Red do not typically go well together. The Third iteration removed the diagonal stripes from the flag but kept everything else, the reason behind this was to make it less difficult to draw and recreate when needed. The Final iteration came and is currently here to stay, the first change was to simplify Sun’s rays upon the flag by reducing them to a simple triangle, the second change came in the form of inverting the Blue and white on the flag to create a blue Cross with the sun upon the middle where the two bars join. The reason behind the final change was simply because the Queen thought it would look nicer with a blue cross as opposed to a white one.

Prototype of the Sunsonian flag.

Foreign relations

Sunsonia doesn't really engage in diplomacy to an extent as opposed to the past, Instead opting to grow herself, although she will not go back on any past relations unless the fledgling parliament believes it to be useful to Sunsonia's situation.

Sunsonia has Bilateral relations with the following nations.

Sunsonia Recognizes the following nations.

Culture & Demographics

Sunsonia had received a very large amount of influence from American and Hispanic culture and to a lesser extent German and Slavic culture. The main music genre is similar to that of an average inhabitant of American cities. It is very notable that most Sunsonians seem to be ignorant of the existence of some nations and historical events; This is also notable that most inhabitants of Sunsonia speak Spanish which makes it the second most prevalent language in Sunsonia. It seems that most Sunsonians share centrist or leftist ideologies with Conservatives or those on the right easily in the minority. The Queen has often stated that she cares not of the survival of her own power but of the survival of Democracy and the rights of the Citizen above all else and will use her power to protect their rights at all costs. Many Sunsonians believe that the environment should be protected far more than it currently is, This is recognized as being needed in Sunsonia.

Sunsonian Government

Sunsonia used a direct democracy for the time being, although was planned to use a direct democracy with a large amount of public input on government activities. Sunsonia required a majority vote for any legislation to pass whatsoever unless the Queen decides that said legislation is or is not fit for the government to pass. The only elected positions lower than that of the office of Prime Minister is the office of State Holder which is essentially equivalent to the office of governor for Sunsonian provinces. Said state holders will have been elected by the general population of the province which they represent, despite if they reside in the province officially or unofficially, They may or may not have a Vice Stadtholder which would have been the second most popular person in the election. The Idea of a State Council or a State parliament may become a genuine thing in the Sunsonian government, they will (For the most part) be used solely for local affairs, whether it is deciding upon a budget for the state, passing legislation, or coming up with legislation.

Rules for running for Office,

  1. You must have been a citizen for half a year.
  2. You must be an active Citizen (Through Voting and General interaction with the Community.)
  3. You must be able to actually run a platform in the election.
  4. You must have a Province you reside in.
  5. You must have a basic understanding of the Sunsonian Constitution (When it is completed and enacted).

At the moment Sunsonia has only ever held two elections which only saw one candidate run (Who was obviously elected) Chloe Keen has since served as the prime minister of Sunsonia and has helped Sunsonia grow to her current state.

Provinces of the Queendom

There are five provinces in the Queendom, Three enclaves and Two Contiguous. They are each equal in Parliament and are allowed specific individual rights (Being that they are allowed to govern their lands freely unless Parliament, the Prime Minister or the Queen state otherwise. Each Province has its own Capital and seat of Government (Seen Below) which legally houses their Stadtparliament. Eventually, there will be flags and Coats of arms for each Province, they will represent each province by what they are known for or a dominant feature.

Province Capital
Veraburg Royal District
Veranderen Freiholm
Alexander-Heiman Alexandria
Pike-Bacchus Villa Bacchus
Goldefield Rolle

Veraburg in the Queendom

The coat of arms of Veraburg

The place of the Sunsonian capital within the Queendom is certainly important, Veraburg serves as the seat of government for the Queendom and is home to the largest amount of her citizens. Named after the Late Princess Vera, Veraburg has long been significant to the queen, as both a home and a reminder of her late Princess; the town takes up a large portion of Veraburg and makes up a majority (of the Land Area) of the province of Veranderen (Also named after the late Princess). Veraburg has been noted to have a large number of ducks and geese, the most notable of the species in the City are the White ducks with red beaks and an odd growth on them often times (I'm unsure what they are called). The city housed the previous royal residence (Which was burned and demolished) and will become the site of the new royal residence and likely the physical seat of government of Sunsonia. The City of Taylor (Which Veraburg broke off of) was founded in eighteen seventy-six as a "Taylorville" (After a railroad official) which then became "Taylor" in 1892. immigrants from central Europe took a role in establishing the town by simply moving there and becoming its Citizens, In 1879 a fire swept through the town and destroyed 29 of the 32 businesses, the town quickly recovered and more substantial buildings were built as replacements. Today the city is much more inclusive of minorities and queer folk, despite her past on the matter she has become more inclusive and diverse and is becoming more so to this day

Veranderen in the Queendom

Veranderen shares much of the same history with Veraburg, she is mostly meant to be the more rural and less urban areas of the City of Veraburg.

Alexander-Heiman in the Queendom

The province of Alexander-Heiman and her capital Alexandria was a key factor in the founding of Sunsonia, despite the wide variety of previous and current land claims from Sunsonia, the Province of Alexander-Heiman has always remained as a claimed area. This is mostly done to the importance of the land in Sammy Pike's ideas to start a micronation as it was a fairly sizable and flat area of land with a cedar small forest on it and a large amount of diversity and points of interest, eventually her ambitions grew beyond the area of land into her current ambitions.

Pike-Bacchus in the Queendom

Pike-Bacchus (Or just Bacchus, the name is not fully official yet) served as another point of interest to the Queen as it shares many of the same qualities with Alexander-Heiman, although it can only be described as "Bigger" compared to Alexander-Heiman, within its borders one might find two ponds (One dries out for a portion of the year and remains an indentation in the ground until the rainy winter) Thickets (Which scatter the landscape) two forests (One significantly larger than the first one you would come upon when entering the land) which are extremely diverse in Plant, insect, and Vertebrae life. The most notable animals on the land are Miniature horses, Medium-sized grey cows (Not unlike Brahman cows) and Mosquitos which are most likely the animal which has the largest population in Pike-Bacchus

Goldefield in the Queendom

The Province of Goldefield is a small enclave of Sunsonia which is located in Round Rock Texas, It was a large factor in the founding of Sunsonia because the Queen found many people who were interested there, which encouraged her to put more effort into her fledgling nation, It hosts the YMCA Round Rock each year during the summer and is made up of two primary territories the northeast field and the southwest field, which are both mostly a golden color during the summer. it is bordered to the south by a small creek which feeds into the Brushy Creek.

Generalized Geography and features

Sunsonia as a whole lies within the area of West\Central Central Texas a generally warm and humid place most of the year until winter which is at its peak in the month of February which is the month where snow, hail, and sleet is most common. For the most part, Sunsonia is dry, although heavy rainstorms which flood the provinces are not uncommon during the Spring and Autumn, in the eastern provinces have good soil (Disregarding Pike-Bacchus which is unique in a few regards) which has been tilled to grow many grains and cotton.

Veranderen & Veraburg

Image of a Muscovy Duck which could be found in Veranderen-Veraburg
"The wheel" as seen in the Cedar forest of Alexander-Heiman

Verandanderen & Veraburg (Which I will henceforth refer to as simply Veranderen) is set at a slightly lower elevation than many of the surrounding cities such as Round Rock, Hutto, Granger, and Thrall. The area of Veranderen has a large amount of fertile farmland which has for the most part been tilled to grow Maize, Cotton, Winter oats, and Sesame. There is a large and extremely notable population which gives the City of Veraburg her coat of arms, there is also a large and notable population of Swallow (Birds), squirrels, Mosquitoes, and a smaller but still notable population of Geese. Many of the ducks and Geese live by either the artificial river which drains the countryside of her extra water commonly referred to as the "Hike'n'bike", a pond located within the "Bull Branch" park which is notable for her three small bridges and fishing dock (This pond bears no local name other than "The Pond") and the City lake which is extremely notable for the small island within her waters and her large population of water birds and fish; occasionally on holidays a small crew is sent to the island in order to safely shoot fireworks for the city firework shows. The general area in which Veranderen and Sunsonia as a whole are within is a generally humid and warm place, West-central Texas; an area between the humid but windy coast and the western plains and deserts.

man-made structures include multiple houses and other various buildings, along with small bridges, streets, and pavilions.


An Alexander-Heimanic Honeycomb limestone found in a Garden in the Province.

The province of Alexander-Heiman (Which will be referred to as simply A-L henceforth) Is a fairly unique area of land in the Queendom, being the farthest west land claim of the Queendom. A-L has a small but notable population of imported cows which graze upon the grass of the land and spend their time in the shade, there is a notable population of hummingbirds, Swallows, Redbirds, and Squirrels. The Province is made up of four major areas, The Forest, the Northwest Rockfield, the South East Rockfield, the Homestead, and the Forest; The area of "Homestead" is as you might have guessed, the area in which the house overlooking the land and the small surrounding area (Which includes the only pine tree in the Queendom, a large Garage, and a Decked pool) which is notable for the extremely green field in front of the house. The forested area is largely covered in a Cedar tree forest which is home to an old pully wheel which was used in a mine in Colorado, a large hole in the ground which was said to have been very deep and dark, and is the main area of habitation for the cows (Likely due to its shade from the very hot sun). The areas of NW and SE Rockfield are large somewhat grassy fields defined by a large amount of exposed limestone which is notable (For the area, not just A-L) for having a variety of aquatic fossils embedded within it (This is due to the majority of Texas has been underwater for a large amount of time), another feature of the limestone is that due to a long period of time being exposed to water erosion, small and large holes which gave the limestone a "Honeycomb" look to it over a long period of time with the water eroding it. Man-made structures include the Barn-Garage, the Cattle barn, and the House. Despite the interesting countryside and natural features, the centerpiece of A-H is the house which is in the front of the property facing the road, the Original house was Built by Gene Heiman and was gradually added onto through the years. notable changes include the Former garage being turned into a pool room while an entire section which became an office space was added on to the side of the house.


Needs a bit more work IK
Coat of arms of Pike Bacchus

The Province of Pike-Bacchus (Which will now be referred to as "PB") is the northernmost province in the Queendom and is the only province to have a large thicket. PB originally sat within the jurisdiction of Bell County and Williamson County, both located within the state of Texas. The province is notable for having a large thick forest with thorny vines, tall oak trees litter the landscape with other, smaller trees and bushes make up most of the southern bit of the forest which creates a thick and difficult to traverse the forest, although the northern side contains a majority tree population of oak, the province also happens to be the place in which Mesquite trees are at their highest numbers in the entire Queendom. There are two ponds in the Province, one usually stays full of water but the other one simply dries out in the summer then gets full again in the winter. the animal populations of PB are as follows Cows are most likely the largest mammals in size and population in the province with their population being Fifteen strong it would be easy to see them as the dominant creature, smaller creatures include miniature horses, a small assumed population of goldfish, Domesticated Dogs, and lastly Armadillos. The province is also home to the only Wild blackberry population in the entire Queendom (Although this might change). There are Five man-made structures in P-B, these include the Main house, The Tejas Steelworks workshop, An old collapsing cabin, and two campers. The house is notable for being a train station before being moved out to the land which makes up the province and being maintained there ever since.


Goldefield is the second most western province in the nation, laying as an Enclave within the city of Round Rock, Texas. it is likely the smallest of the provinces and the most unremarkable province in the Queendom, with no large populations of animal other than squirrels. the Province is flanked by a tributary creek to its south-southwest and, to its north by apartment blocks. the Province is divided into two major sections, one to the east and into the west; each field is utilized for sports such as Baseball and Football, and during the summer the fields become yellow when they haven't been watered but recently the fields have been given sprinklers so that the fields would not yellow and stay green during the dry summer months. Goldefield only has three man-made structures, two Sports centers (They are fairly small), and A bathroom\Snack bar. The sports centers are mostly notable for housing multiple activities every year, notably for the YMCA.

Orders of Sunsonia

Order of Samilias


The order of Samilias is a Sunsonian order of merit which currently only decorates the queen of Sunsonia and Sophia Albina. It was founded on 6/10/19 when Queen Sammy thought to herself "I kinda wanna do that now." So she did. As of now, the Medal as it is currently shown is also the iteration of the badge of the order. The future of the order is unknown, although the Queen has floated ideas to make it the highest honor in the Queendom of Sunsonia. As of now, the Order is The official order of the House of Samilias and would be shown on the Mantle of the Coat of arms of the house. The House itself comprises of a single person, Queen Samilias; The reason behind the House's existence is to ensure that the two previous houses she would have belonged to (Due to Sunsonian houses not being Paternal or Maternally inherited) don't get more powerful than the other and take control of the Throne.

Public Service award of Vera

The Public service award of Vera is an award gifted primarily by the Queen when she believes that one has committed their time towards public service, and the progress of Sunsonia as a whole. The Award is Primarily for those who have served as higher-ups in the Government or have done good deeds for Veraburg\Veranderen. The name of the award is meant to honor the previous princess of the Principality of Veraburg. The award currently decorates the Prime minister (Chloe Keen), the award features on her coat of arms. The award is to have counterparts with the colors of the other provinces which will decorate people who have done good things for those provinces, the award will look the same for each Province besides the colors which will add a certain amount of uniqueness to the awards.

Public service award of Vera