Altearn Federation

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Altearn Federation
Altearn Federation.jpg
Capital Encinitas
Largest city Carlsbad
Official languages English (official), French(official), Chinese(official), Spanish(secondary)
Government Constitutional Monarchy/Parliamentary Democracy
• Kaiser
Laurence IV of Altearn
• National Executive
Laurence IV of Altearn
Legislature Council
Establishment June, 2019
• Declaration of Independence
September 20th, 2019
• Estimate
Currency USD, AE(Altearn Eagle)
Time zone PST

The Altearn Federation is a micronation that declared independence in June, 2019 ruled by Erika I of Altearn. Altearn is located in the Northern part of San Diego, California, occupying several municipal districts originally belonging to San Diego. The Kaiser Erika has ceded his title to another unknown person, and after a few months of the title being passed around, Laurence IV of Altearn has inherited the title of Kaiser and has retained Kaiser for a substantial period of time. He is now both the Kaiser and the National Executive of the Altearn Federation.

History of the Federation

Simulationist Era

For quite some time, the Federation remained only a roleplay on discord, called the Nation of Altearn. This is a dark reflection that lingers upon the Altearn Federation. For this, the Federation has received criticism from other people and micronations alike.

The Nuke of the 17th

On September 17th, 2019, a neo-nazi under the alias "Ya Boi Pinochet" obtained moderator status in the Altearn discord server. The server lost 80% of it's members and all recorded archives on the server were deleted. This is not official history of the Federation, as this event technically occurred before the founding of the Altearn, but it still has an impact on the Federation to this day.

Introduction to True Micronationalism

On September 20th, 2019, the current Kaiser, Laurence IV of Altearn, declared Altearn an official micronation by publishing a map of the territories claimed by Altearn. From there, Laurence reformed Altearn from a simulationist roleplay to a legitimate micronation.

Colonial Period

This was a brief period where Altearn gained land from foreign entities and via other means. In this period, Altearn gained two territories, the Duchy of San Carlos(a gift from the Federal Republic of Caddia) and the Duchy of TexarkanaGald. During this period, Altearn was renamed to the Altearn Federation. Eventually, the Altearn Federation gave the Duchy of TexarkanaGald into the hands of the Union State of Vedessa due to the illegitimacy and logistical issues with the colony. In replacement, the Kaiser Laurence claimed San Clemente, an island off the coast of San Diego. The Altearn Federation has no means or motives to expand further at this moment.

Diplomatic Era

In a way to gain more influence and support on the intermicronational level, the Altearn Federation has seeked diplomatic treaties with other micronations, the first treaty signed mutually with Christina I of Cycoldia. Currently, the Altearn Federation officially recognizes four other micronations via diplomatic treaties.