Unitary Party (Cycoldia)

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Unitary Party
LeaderChristopher Tran
FounderLeah Cohen
Founded17 February 2020
Registered22 February 2020
Political positionLibertarianism
Colors  Maroon
Prime Minister
0 / 1
General Assembly
2 / 10
Non-Voting Assembly
0 / 5
House of Lords
1 / 18
Council of the Constitution
1 / 3

The Unitary Party is a political party in the Grand Republic of Cycoldia and is the current leading opposition party, led by the Leader of the Opposition Christopher Tran.


The Unitary Party was founded as an opposition party on 17 February 2020, getting approved after a second submission of the application from the party. It later changed leadership to Christopher Tran following Leah Cohen's exit from Cycoldian politics and the General Assembly.


Image Name Term of office Elections Government
When taking office When losing office Term length General Assembly House of Lords
N/A Leah Cohen 22 February
30 March
37 days 2020 Mar Opposition N/A[a]
Christopher Tran 30 March
Incumbent 3 years, 180 days 2020 Oct
2021 Mar
2021 Oct
2022 Mar
2022 Oct Opposition
2023 Mar


  1. The House of Lords did not exist at this time and was established by the Lords Act of 2022