Matthew Xia

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His Imperial Majesty(陛下)
Emperor Matthew I
Emperor(皇帝) of the Republic of Yu-Xia
Reign 3 February 2020 - present
Coronation Not crowned
Predecessor Throne Established
Succeeded by Incumbent
1st Kaiser of the Altearn Federation
Held office June 2019 - February 3rd 2020
Preceded by Position Established
Succeeded by Erik I of Altearn
Minister of Agreements and Development of the Cupertino Alliance
Held Office 29 March 2020 - present
Preceded by Position Established
Succeeded by Incumbent
People's Supreme Assembly of Ponderosa Hills
Held Office February 6th 2020 - present
Preceded By Seat Established
Succeeded by Incumbent
Grand Sejm of Matachewan
Held office 2 January 2020 - present
Preceded by Seat Established
Succeeded by Incumbent
Born 14 September 2006 (2006-09-14) (age 14)
San Diego, CA
Occupation Student
Religion Christianity (Nondenominational)
Political party Social Democrats, USA (SDUSA)

皇帝马修第一(Emperor Matthew I), also known as Matthew Xia, is the first Kaiser of the Altearn Federation and the first and only 皇帝(Emperor) of the Republic of Yu-Xia. He founded the Altearn Federation sometime in June 2019, but left the nation on February 3rd of 2020 due to stress and the desire to create a Chinese-Oriented nation, which led to the creation of the Republic of Yu-Xia later that day. Aside from Yu-Xia and Altearn, Matthew has also served within other nation, serving in the legislatures of Ponderosa Hills, Matachewan, and Humberlea.

Personal Life

Matthew Xia was born on September 14th, 2006 in San Diego, California of the United States of America. He grew up with two parents and one older brother, and has resided in San Diego for all his life. He first attended elementary school in 2011, began middle school in 2018 and started high school on September 2020. In 2018 Matthew had taken up an avid interest in politics, which led to him forming his first micronation in 2019.



National honours

Foreign honours