Order of the Blue Lotus

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Order of the Blue Lotus
Order of the Blue Lotus (Yu-Xia) - ribbon.svg
Ribbon Bar of the Order of the Blue Lotus
Awarded by the
Yu-Xian New Coat of Arms.svg
Emperor of Yu-Xia
TypeChivalric Order
Established12 December 2020
EligibilityLocal Citizens(Knighthood)
All Individuals(First and Second Class)
CriteriaOutstanding contribution to Yu-Xia, Diplomatic Friendship, or Personal Friendship with Emperor
StatusCurrently constituted
ProtectorateMatthew I
First Class
Second Class
First induction12 December 2020
Last induction25 December 2020
Total inductees12
Next (higher)None
Next (lower)None

The Order of the Blue Lotus is a chivalric order created by Matthew Xia in the Republic of Yu-Xia as the only Yu-Xian national order and in turn the highest honor of merit in the nation.

The order was established on the 12 December 2020 by Matthew Xia in order to recognize the contribution of Cameron Koehler to the Republic of Yu-Xia by designing a new coat of arms for Yu-Xia. The Order of the Blue Lotus is awarded to recognize any significant or outstanding contributions to Yu-Xia, diplomatic friendship with the nation, or any personal relationships with the Emperor. There are four tiers of the honor in order of seniority which are as follows: Protector of the Blue Lotus, Knighthood, First Class, Second Class.



Name Nation Date of Investure
Matthew Xia  Yu-Xia 12 December 2020


Name Nation Date of Investure
Nathan Jiang  Yu-Xia 25 December 2020
Miles Goodson  Yu-Xia 25 December 2020
Lily Larson  Yu-Xia 25 December 2020

First Class

Name Nation Date of Investure
Cameron I  Ikonia 12 December 2020
Archie Birch  Misberia 25 December 2020
Casper von Naveria  Naveria 25 December 2020
Jayden Lycon  Aenderia 25 December 2020

Second Class

Name Nation Date of Investure
Andreas Hudson  Roskya 25 December 2020
Corvin I Carth.png Carthia 25 December 2020
Matthew of Essexia  Essexia 25 December 2020
Jack Dean  Essexia 25 December 2020
Xavier Jackson 25 December 2020