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Commonwealth of Essexia
Essexian reich.png
Essexia Coat of arms.png
Coat of arms

They say heroes never die, but a lot of them do.
Location of Essexia
South-East England, East Anglia, Essex
Capital city Chelmsford, Essex
Largest city Colchester
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) No Official Religion
Short name Essexia
Demonym Essexian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- His Majesty the King King Terry
- The First Minister Rt. Hon. Earl Finn
- Lord Speaker Lord Matthew
- First Lord of the Treasury Rt. Hon. Earl Finn
Legislature Royal Parliament of Essexia
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 9 seats plus ruling Monarch
Established 26th December 2017
Area claimed 14 Acres
Population 39 Estimate
Currency Essex Yen (¥) (EXY)
Time zone UTC +00
National sport Paradox Interactive Grand Strategy Series
National dish Pork Plugga
National drink Tiger Beer
National animal Axolotl
Patron saint Guglielmo Marconi
Essexian Generals discuss final preparations before the Rush of Fort Morris.

The Commonwealth of Essexia is an Constitutional Monarchy micronation that aims to cover the County of Essex, UK. Essexia is to be created after the Essexit movement, in which citizens of Essex will gain independence from the United Kingdom, and forge a new nation known as Essexia. Essexia currently and officially controls a number of pieces of land, all of which within the county of Essex, UK. Altogether, Essexia exists upon approximately 14 acres of land. There are 39 citizens of Essexia.

Essexia used to be the Queendom of Essexia, which was a Constitutional Monarchy led by Queen Terry, and then the Federation of Essexia, which was briefly led by President Jack, and a Senate of revolutionaries.

Despite a history which has included minor conflict, Essexia has and continues to aim for a peaceful existence, for the benefit of the citizens and micronational community. The Commonwealth has entered into mutual cooperation with 4 other micronations (see 'Foreign Relations'), established a national and online currency, has attempted to run online radio stations, and more.


The name Essexia comes from the English county of Essex, of which Essexia aims to make independent. The noun "Essex" derives from Old English: ēast +‎ Seaxe, meaning "East Saxons".


Essexia was first founded on the 26th of December 2017, and after a brief period of inactivity, was re-founded on the 20th of July 2018. The first and current King of Essexia is His Majesty King Terry I of Essexia. The first Prince of Essexia was His Majesty Prince James of Essexia, however he was expelled from the monarchy after major civil unrest and attempting to usurp the King. The second Prince of Essexia was His Majesty Prince Harry of Essexia, however King Terry replaced him with His Majesty Prince Jack of Essexia, who was forced out of the position by a rebel faction lead by Lord Matthew due to his belief that Prince Jack was abusing his power. However, Jack was later made a Prince again alongside Prince James on the 19th of August by King Terry as the King believed Jack would be able to contribute more than Prince James. This was eventually reversed, yet again.

On the 16th of September, A miscommunication between King Terry and Lord Jack lit a spark of anti monarchist ideals. In order to buy time to sort out the miscommunication King Terry dissolved the Parliament, which was seen as an act of tyranny, and lead to the creation of the Federation of Essexia after the King would not hand over power.

On the 19th of September, the Federal Senate, after negotiating with King Terry, decided to end the Civil War and leadership of the National Conservatives by declaring the Commonwealth of Essexia, with King Terry as a ceremonial Head of State, and Earl Finn (Leader of the Liberal Socialists) as the Prime Minister.

The RAE led a successful infiltration and takeover of the City of Chelmsford on the 19th of October, when specialists infiltrated and patrolled the city's centre for an hour. The operation was known as Urban Kick (OP CODE: RAEOP01UK), and was considered a significant success.

After a peaceful and very positive three-way diplomatic negotiation, Essexia was offered and gratefully accepted an offer to control two larger Islands, as well as a number of smaller islands, off the coast of Northern California, named "Nerva" by Tony S. of the 9 Federation. The southernmost islands were given to Lord Matthew, who set the island to be controlled by a satellite state (Mecca Island) of the Empire of Slough (A dependency of Essexia), whilst the Northernmost islands were given to Lord Jack, who established the Islands as colonies of Essexia (The Poplar Nerva Colonies).

The Essexian Parliament voted to apply to become a member of the Grand Unified Micronational by unanimous vote, thus on the 30th December 2018 were admitted into the organisation, and continue to play an active role in it.

The National sports team Essexia FC was founded and played its first game on the 29th March 2019 against other small, amateur teams in Sandon, Essex. Although they didn't win any games, they came close to drawing on two matches, and overall were praised by referees and other teams for their spirit and military uniforms.

In May 2019, the Essexian Military undertook a full uniform 16 person parade at the Sandon School in Chelmsford.

Government History

On the 26th of July 2018, Earl Finn created the Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party of Essexia (The LibSocs).

On the 28th of August 2018, Lord Jack created the National Conservative Party of Essexia (The NatCons).

On the 16th of September 2018, the National Conservative Party of Essexia became the leading party of the Federation.

On the 19th of September 2018, the Commonwealth of Essexia was declared, with the Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party of Essexia becoming the leading party, and King Terry becoming the ceremonial head of state.

On the 14th of October 2018, Essexia claimed a small area of Slough, UK, and on the 15th, Lord Matthew was promoted to Lord Minister and Governor General of Slough. He established the Empire of Slough, a puppet state of Essexia.

On the 31st of December 2018, the Parliament of Essexia passed the "Monarchical Powers Act" which moved the King from being a ceremonial head of state to having almost absolute power, with the Parliament becoming only an advisory panel. The vote was 6-1-1 in favour of the act, with Lord Adam abstaining due to them not being there for this vote and Earl Finn voting against, with all other Lords in favour of granting the King these absolute powers. Due to the passing of this Act, Earl Finn resigned as Prime Minister in protest of the end of democratic control in Essexia, and Lord Chris joined the LibSocs to become Prime Minister, later changed to First Minister. However, Lord Chris resigned from his position on the 8th of January 2019. This led to a subsequent leadership election, in which Earl Finn won as an independent candidate with the support of the Royalists (As the LibSocs were disbanded after Lord Chris joined the NatCons). Following the failure of Lord Jack to secure the vote, the NatCons reformed to become the Communist Party of Essexia (CPE), however the Parliament then banned Communism, leading to the party once again reforming to create the Essexian Union of Fascists.

The 16th of February 2019 saw the "Dominions Act" pass, in which the Parliament decided to have all puppet states of Essexia be recognised as a Dominion of Essexia, and be united under one Dominion Flag.

The Essexian Union of Fascists, as a party, voted to revert back to the National Conservative Party of Essexia on the 27th of February 2019, at 16:40 GMT. They released a new logo and website to celebrate the occasion as well.

Crown Minister Jamie was made Lord Jamie on the 21 May 2019.

Most of the Essexian Government


Party Spectrum Leader Parliamentary seats Logo
Liberal Socialist Party LIBSOC Center-Left Lord Finn
1 / 9
Placeholder LSC logo.png
Essexian Royalist Party ROY Center-right Lord Matthew
5 / 9
National Conservatives NATCON Center-right Lord Jack
3 / 9
NC Party 3.png
Independent IND N/A N/A
0 / 9

Essexian Government

The Commonwealth of Essexia is an Absolute Monarchy, with the 2019 Constitution of the Commonwealth of Essexia replacing the 2017 Constitution of the Empire of Essexia. The micronation is led by the First Minister, who represents the Royal Parliament of Essexia, and an Absolute Monarch (King Terry I of Essexia) as head of state. The Parliament is constituted by 9 Lords (formerly Senators), one to represent each County in Essexia. The First Lord of the Treasury is appointed in by the King to head the Royal Bank of Essexia, and has an unlimited term (or until he is removed by the King or the Supreme Justice).

The government is devolved into two departments, the Crown Court and Crown Cabinet. The Crown Court is under direct rule from the King, and in in charge of governance of Essexia. The Crown Cabinet is devolved from the Crown, but reviews the policy of the Crown Court. The Crown Cabinet is appointed by the King, and reports to the Parliament.

The Essexian government prides itself in being diverse and accepting. The Minister for Health and Minister for Women's Rights are both openly gay, and Lord Matthew, Earl Finn and the Prince of Nerva are all mixed race.

The Crown Cabinet

The Essexian Cabinet was formed on the 3rd of January 2019 as part of the governmental reforms taking place in the New Year.

The people appointed to these roles have been appointed by basis of the Kings recommendations to the Chief Whip, Lord Matthew, who on the 3rd of January asked chosen nominees if they would like to join the Essexian Cabinet. All unanimously agreed, and as such, as of the aforementioned date, the cabinet was formed for the first time in Essexian history.

The cabinet's role is to govern aspects of the Commonwealth, and meet of a bi-monthly basis to discuss the workings of the King. The cabinet of Essexia has no power to implement policy or change law, for that is the job of the Parliament which is completely devolved of the Crowns authority.

The reforms not only clarified the positions of the elected officials but also the Royal family, and the chain of command which the most vital Essexian Actions would pass through.

The cabinet has the power to trigger a vote of no confidence towards the King and First Minister, however this is yet to happen.

The Crown Court

The Crown Court is an appointed body that is in charge of changing and implementing policy. All policy is implemented by the King on the recommendation of the Parliament. The Court is made up of advisers to the King, who are all prominent figures in Essexian politics, who meet regularly to discuss affairs and policy. Most notably, the Court gathered on New Years Day, to undertake the major Government reforms, masterminded by Lord Chris, that lead to its creation.


Current cabinet

Portfolio Minister Term
Cabinet ministers
First Minister Earl Finn 2018–present
Deputy First Minister Vacant 2018–present
Chancellor of the Exchequer Elliot Birch 2019–present
Minister of the Interior Lord Matthew 2017–present
Minister of Foreign Affairs Lord Jack 2017–present
Minister of Defence Lord Jacob 2018–present
Minister of Justice Benjamin Summers 2018–present
Minister of Health Lord Jamie 2018–present
Minister of Education Lord George 2018–present
Minister of International Trade Lord Chris 2019–present
Minister of Media Lord Adam 2018–present
Minister of the Environment, Food and Cultural Affairs Crown Minister Mai 2018–present
Minister of Technology and Transport Crown Minister Ben 2018–present
Minister of Equality and Women's Rights Crown Minister Becky 2018–present
Speaker of the House Lord Matthew 2019–present
Minister of Slough Lord Matthew 2017–present
Minister of Commonwealth Affairs Crown Minister Freja 2018–present
Also attending cabinet meetings
Monarch of Essexia King Terry I 2017–present
Prince of Essexia Prince James
Prince of Essexia Prince Daniel 2017–present
Chief Whip Lord Matthew 2017–present
Prince of the Nerva Colonies Prince Robin 2017–present
King-Mother of Essexia Lady Jennifer 2017–present

Crown Court

Crown Cabinet

Law and Order

It is the Royal Army of Essexia's role to maintain law and order in the country, and criminals or those who have violated the constitution are judged upon by the Supreme Judge with the advice of the Parliament who act as a jury.

Foreign Relations

Essexia aims to become independent from the UK, however it wishes to maintain very positive and close relations with the UK, as well as Europe and the Principality of Sealand. Essexia also wishes to import many important materials and products, and export athletes, scientists, entrepreneurs, as well as products, food, and vehicles. Essexia holds 5 formal alliances through the form of separate Treaties of Mutual Co-Operation, as listed below.

On the 6th of September 2018, the President of the Binational Germanic-American State of Pasavantia sent a "Diplomatic Communique" to the citizens and government of Essexia, requesting a treaty of friendship or cooperation, to which Lord Jack, with the approval of King Terry, approved a mutual cooperation with the micronation on the 8th of September.

On the 24th of September, Essexia was contacted by a diplomat from The Diarchy of Lensabia to enter into a Treaty of Mutual Co-Operation, however the Parliament wished to deny this request as the micronation did not appear to have developed to a sufficient level.

On the 14th of October, Essexia entered into two Treatises of Mutual Cooperation, one with the Swedish Imperium, and one with The Grand Kingdom of Riverhoek.

On the 15th of October, Parliament decided against forming an international alliance with Riverhoek.

The 19th of October saw Essexia's military take-over of the city of Chelmsford, however neither Essexia nor the United Kingdom declared war. Therefore, neither state are at war with each other.

The 9th of December 2018 GUM Discord Quorum rejected Essexia's application for full membership, with Emperor Adam I of Adammia stating that Essexia had "potential and probably would have been accepted", however Essexia's claims on the entire county of Essex (As well as the entirety of Slough) "contravenes the Wrythe Convention", and created border disputes with the GUM member Mercia, who also had territories in Essex. Lord Jack, Foreign Ambassador of Essexia, and King Terry both stated that they understood the reasoning behind the rejection, and that they would aim to overcome these issues, and apply for full membership again, before the next Quorum, with King Terry stating that he wanted the nation "Ship shape and Swindon fashion". After a short period of reform, Essexia was accepted into the Grand Unified Micronational on New Years Eve, presumably citing the necessary reforms made.

An ambassador from the State of Gradonia reached out to Lord Jack on the 31st of December 2018 in order to establish diplomatic relations with Essexia, and on the 1st of January 2019, King Terry authorised a Treaty of Mutual Co-Operation between Essexia and Gradonia. The Treaty was ordained on the 6th at 22:50 GMT.

On the 4th of January, Essexia participated in its first GUM quorum.

The 24th May 2019 saw Essexia sign another Treaty of Mutual Co-Operation with the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall, as both micronations shared very similar beliefs, goals, and abilities, and both wished to share technologies and concepts for future development.

Hearts of Iron IV Micronational Championship (The Wincott Cup)

HOI4 MC 2019 logo.

Lord Jack proposed on the 16th February 2019 that Essexia should create the Hearts of Iron IV Micronational Championship, in response to the Kingdom of Quebec's Micronational Fútbol World Cup event. The Parliament mostly agreed with the idea, and The Wincott Cup was created. The championship would see Essexia host the 2019 cup, with another nation taking on the 2020 cup, and so on. Whoever's nation was the host of the cup would host the session and be responsible for handling it.


Essexia has 3 armed forces: The Royal Army of Essexia, The Royal Essexian Navy (Ship call sign: Royal Essexian Navy [ship name]), and the Fröhlichwaffe (Airforce). Lord Jack is the General of the Armed Forces, Lord Adam is the second General of the Air Force (The Fröhlichwaffe), Lord Matthew is the General of the Royal Army of Essexia, and Lord Ben is the General of the Royal Essexian Navy.

Essexia's armed forces equipment is designed and manufactured by the Government, and by Essexians who have been allowed to design and manufacture equipment by the Government. The most notable manufacturer of military equipment in Essexia is Lord Jack, who has built every REN ship to date, and the R/C-1 'Pelican' (An experimental glider). He also maintains all REN ships (With exception to the Southend) and all Fröhlichwaffe assets.

The Royal Army of Essexia consists of volunteers who watch the surrounding areas that they reside in, so as to cover as much ground as possible. They completed the first military operation in Essexian history on the 19th of October, with OP: Urban Kick (OP CODE: RAEOP01UK). It was a significant success, and secured Chelmsford as Essexian land.

The Royal Essexian Navy consists of 1 supercarrier, 1 midrange aircraft carrier, 4 light carriers, and 2 heavy cruisers. Another supercarrier and a destroyer are also planned for service.

The Fröhlichwaffe consists of three aircraft, one of which is a VTOL, another a conventional Remote aircraft, and the third an Essexian-built helicopter.

Essexia operates a fairly small military. There are 5 full time soldiers, each issued a standard military hat, and armed with modified bamboo sticks. In 2018, the 5 soldiers underwent training from Defense Minister Jacob McVaddy, and stick-fighting became part of Essexia's proudly non-lethal military tactics. The doctrine also includes peaceful tactics, such as protestation and letters of complaint. On the 4th of January 2019, two Essexian soldiers walked through Chelmsford Town centre with bamboo sticks and full military uniform, to garrison the captured city after Operation Urban Kick. They were approached by two Police community officers, and stood down imminently after a warning.

By current estimates, Essexia boasts the World's 93rd largest Navy (11 Warships), 116th largest Army (0 Tanks), 132nd largest airforce (4 Aircraft).

In 2019, upon his appointment Jacob announced an inquiry into the misconduct of the two Essexian soldiers, who were stopped in the incident mentioned earlier above. He also announced a reform of the non-aggressive doctrine.

King Terry, Lord Jack, and Lord Matthew were able to capture and establish Fort Morris in the Rush of Fort Morris, on the 12th of February 2019.

The 24th of April 2019 saw the REN Seaxe Reforms, which are detailed on the Royal Essexian Navy MicroWiki page. They introduced several changes to the defense force, as well as some notable announcements.

A particularly significant Military parade took place in the Sandon area on the 10th May 2019, in which 16 Citizens of Essexia (Including King Terry, Lord Jack, Lord Matthew, and First Minister Finn) performed an authorised ceremony on behalf of the RAE in front of hundreds of cheering spectators.

Geography and climate

In recent years, Essexia has experienced odd weather due to the world's changing climate, and so some summers have been unbearably hot, whereas some have been unusually cold, and so with the other seasons. For example, the summer of 2018 experienced very little rainfall and lot's of high temperatures, leading to mass-scale grass and plant death and service problems.

The highest point in Essexia is Danbury. Therefore, in the event of a natural disaster or security breach, Danbury is the designated safe zone for Essexia.

Essexia's main bird species are wood pigeons, Black-headed gulls, common gulls, and other birds indigenous to the UK. A common sight is the Eastern Grey Squirrel, a tree rodent that causes many problems, and is not originally from Essexia.

In terms of infrastructure, Essexia has traffic-filled roads, and a mixture of country lanes and high-speed motorways.

The most notable building in Essexia is 'Les Paddocks', which is a Royal Palace, Military Fort, Naval Port, Air Base, Private Hotel, and Government meeting point. In addition, there are several other notable buildings in Essexia which act as outposts, citizen houses, government buildings and etc.

As stated in the opening to this article, Essexia currently controls a number of pieces of property, which sums to approximately 14 acres. Additionally, Essexia has non-violently invaded the City of Chelmsford without opposition, leading to a peaceful claim on the City Centre, since no British forces, civilian or not, had prevented them.


Essexia's national currency is the Essexian Yen (¥). It's currency consists of paper notes, in the form of the ¥5, ¥10, ¥20, ¥50, and ¥100 notes, all of which are horizontal, coloured according to the denomination, and feature King Terry on the reverse and an Essexian figure on the front. Five Essex Yen is equal to One British Pound. Both Essex Yen and British Sterling are accepted in Essexia. On special occasions, the Essexia Royal Mint may print vertical notes which are legal tender, and may feature varying background images and figures, however they will always feature the Sovereign on the reverse. Printing of the Essex Yen is controlled by the Royal Bank of Essexia.

On September 1, 2018, Lord Matthew produced the first estimated budget report for the Parliament, however due to the table contradicting the Wrythe Convention, it was made obsolete on the 8th of December 2018.

In 2018, the King made the first transaction using physical Yen notes, and purchased a tie from Lord Chris for ¥50 during the first State of the Union.


The nation of Essexia seeks to maintain its close historical culture with Britain. The main language is English, and the Essex accent is integral to Essexian core identity, and is what Essexia regards as its most recognisable trait amongst other micronations. As well as this, Newcastle based bakery Gregg's is seen as core to Essexian identity, as there are over 73 branches in the county and it is a known and respected brand, despite its origin from outside of Essexia. Despite this, the national food is Pork Plugga, which is an Essex based food that is liked throughout the county. The national bird, the wood pigeon, was chosen as such because of its abundance across Essexian land, and irreconcilability within the county.

There has been much misconception around the world that all people from Essex are lazy, have fake tan and white teeth, traits which are presumably distributed via reality TV shows such as 'The Only Way Is Essex'. However, many Essexians argue that this is not representative of all people. The county of Essex is historically right wing and pro monarchy, ideas that Essexia takes into its stride, and the monarchist values constitute the micronation.

After reviewing the 1994 American Society of Civil Engineers report into the wonders of the 20th century, the Essexian Government disputes the fact the Marconi Tower, in Chelmsford is not included. The Marconi Tower is not only the main cultural icon of Essexia, featuring on many banknotes and the Kings coat of arms, but it is also a technological marvel for its age, and represents the birth of the radio which has been key in the development of modern humankind. Thus, on the 6th of January 2019, the Parliament voted unanimously on recognising it as the 8th wonder of the world.

There are eight radio stations in Essexia, of which four belong to the Dean Network, three belong to the FAR Network and the final one is the Royal Tune List of Essexia which belongs to His Majesty the King.

There is one national TV channel, the Royal Essexian Television Network or RETN, which as of yet is yet to broadcast regularly, and has only produced video transcripts of the Kings Speeches.

There are 39 people who hold Essexian Citizenship, as of a census held on New Years Day. This number includes those who have applied, and the families of those who reside in Essexian territory. To uphold the Preservation of Culture and Identity Act of 2018, applications for citizenship can only be reviewed if the applicant lives within the county of Essex, and is willing to contribute their land to the micronation.

The National sports team Essexia FC was founded and played its first game on the 29th March 2019 against other small, amateur teams in Sandon, Essex. Although they didn't win any games, they came close to drawing on two matches, and overall were praised by referees and other teams for their spirit and military uniforms.

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