Commonwealth of Essexia

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Commonwealth of Essexia
Coat of arms
Motto: They say heroes never die, but a lot of them do.
Anthem: Hymn of the Commonwealth

Location of Essexia
South-East England, East Anglia, Essex
Capitalde jure Chelmergrad
Largest cityDanburstan
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentMilitary Junta
• Commissar General
Commissar General Jacob
LegislatureExecutive Council
Establishment26 December 2017
• (31 territorial) census
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
2019 projection
very high
CurrencyEssex Yen (¥) (EXY)
Time zoneUTC ±00:00

The Commonwealth of Essexia, commonly known as Essexia, is a micronation in Essex, United Kingdom.;[1] at present, it governs a non-contiguous area of around fourteen acres. Essexia is officially a military junta, with power held both by the Commissar General and the Executive Council, the latter of which appoints the former.


The name Essexia derives from Essex, which is the name of the county which Essexia claims. The noun "Essex" derives from Old English: ēast +‎ Seaxe, meaning "East Saxons", which was the eastern kingdom of the Saxons who had come from the continent and settled in Britain during the Heptarchy.


Essexian Generals discuss final preparations before the Rush of Fort Morris. (L-R unknown soldier, Lord Jack, and Earl Finn)

Early days of the Empire and Queendom (December 2017 - February 2019)

Fort Morris following its capture.

Essexia was first founded on 26 December 2017, and after a brief period of inactivity, was re-founded on 20 July 2018. It was initially founded as the 'Empire of Essexia,' which later became the 'Queendom of Essexia' and 'Kingdom of Essexia'; the latter was soon after discarded in place of the 'Commonwealth of Essexia' which remains the name today.

The first Monarch of Essexia was His Majesty King Terry I of Essexia, who later became known as Emperor Terry of Essexia.[2] The first Prince of Essexia was His Majesty Prince James, who became the current Emperor of Essexia on 19 February 2021. The second Prince of Essexia was His Majesty Prince Harry of Essexia, however, King Terry replaced him with Lord Jack, who was forced out of the position by a rebel faction due to his belief that Prince Jack was abusing his power. However, Jack was later made a Prince again alongside Prince James on 19 August 2018 by King Terry, as the King believed Jack would be able to contribute more than Prince James. After this point the role of Prince lost almost all power and became nothing more than a symbol of status. The appointment of Prince Jack was eventually reversed, yet again - with Terry opting to bestow Princess Becky with regal status, and she had become his de facto successor, with Prince James remaining as a Prince with little to no power until his ascension to the throne in 2021.

On 16 September 2018 a miscommunication between Emperor Terry and Earl Jack (then King Terry and Lord Jack) lit a spark of anti-monarchist ideals. In order to buy time to sort out the miscommunication, Emperor Terry dissolved the Parliament, which was seen as an act of tyranny, and led to the creation of the Federation of Essexia[3] after the King would not hand over power. On 19 September, the Federal Senate, after negotiating with Emperor Terry, decided to end the de facto civil war by establishing the Commonwealth of Essexia following the Treaty of South Jaywick,[4] with Emperor Terry as a ceremonial Head of State, and Earl Finn (Leader of the Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party) as the inaugural holder of the office of First Minister, which has evolved to become the head of the executive branch of the Essexian government.

The Imperial Army of Essexia led a successful infiltration and takeover of the City of Chelmsford on 19 October 2018 when specialists infiltrated and patrolled the city's centre for an hour.[5] The operation was known as Urban Kick (OP CODE: RAEOP01UK), and was considered a significant success. This was the first use of the military in an international sense.

The 1st January 2019 saw a number of key national reforms take place that had been planned for some time. Essexia became the 'Commonwealth of Essexia', the role of First Minister and the activities of Parliament changed, and a many regulations and pieces of legislation came into play. This fundamentally organised the state into what Essexia is today.

The Battle of the Kings Crown took place on 10 February 2019, and was the first major military defensive campaign for Essexia. The battle took place at the Emperor's place of education, The Sandon School, and was perpetrated by a hoard of younger students who attacked the Emperor and stole his crown. The Imperial Army of Essexia was imminently mobilised by Lord Commissar Jacob, Lord Jack, and Lord Chris who issued a decree for conscription. Essexian soldiers and British sympathisers managed to push back the belligerents to Lower School Social Area, where they capitulated the crown. The attack by the British was intended to demoralise the Essexian population, however was a source of national pride for Essexia when then soldiers retook the crown and beat the British forces at the Run-In. The crown was fully returned to Emperor Terry and the British forces disbanded. There was much rejoice in the Essexian Parliament, who declared 10 February as a national holiday. General Jacob was awarded with the Trussler Cross for his intuition, and all conscripts were awarded with honorary Essexian citizenship for their bravery fighting for the nation.

On 12 February 2019, Emperor Terry, accompanied by Lord Matthew and then Chief of the Armed Forces Lord Jack, crossed a farmers field opposite Lord Matthew's ministerial estate, the Danko House, to march upon a World War Two era pillbox to claim the fortification for the defence of the Commonwealth, and in the name of the strategic interests of the nation, in an event known as the Rush of Fort Morris. At 16:20, Emperor Terry planted the Essexian flag, and decreed the pillbox as "Fort Morris," the first Essexian fortification.[6]

Diplomatic era (March 2019 - June 2019)

Five Essexian delegates at Essexia's first micronational summit.

Essexia did not enter the intermicronational scene until mid-2018, until after a peaceful and positive multilateral diplomatic negotiation, Essexia was offered and accepted an offer to control two larger islands, as well as a number of smaller islands, off of the coast of Northern California, named "Nerva" by Tony Sweigart of the Somcowian Federation.[7] The southernmost islands were given to the Empire of Slough (a crown dependency of Essexia), whilst the northernmost islands were given to Lord Jack, who established the islands as colonies of Essexia (the Poplar Nerva Colonies). These were later decolonised in mid-2019 to avoid claim complications, leading to the independence of Poplar Nerva.

In mid-2018 the Essexian Parliament voted to apply to become a member of the Grand Unified Micronational unanimously, and after being rejected once,[8] became a member on 30 December 2018. This has been seen as one of the most important steps in introducing Essexia into the micronational community, and the country would go on hold both the Chairmanship[9] and Vice-Chairmanship of the organisation.

A national football team, Essexia FC, was founded and played its first game on 29 March 2019 against other small, amateur teams in Sandon, Essex. Although they didn't win any games, they came close to drawing on two matches, and overall were praised by referees and other teams for their spirit and military uniforms.

In May 2019, the Essexian Military undertook a full uniform 16 person parade at the Sandon School in Chelmsford, which introduced Essexia as a military power on the international stage, with many spectators thereafter applying for Essexian citizenship.[10]

Essexia was admitted into the Micronational Heritage Association on 10 June 2019. They soon submitted 'Fort Morris' as a Class C Heritage Site.

Emperor Terry, Lord Matthew, Earl Jack, and Lord Adam travelled from Essexia up to Birmingham on 28 June 2019 in order to attend the GUM Summit.[11][12] During the event, Essexia contributed to the discussion, and attendants claimed to have learnt a lot from the other present delegates. Lord Jack also signed a Treaty of Mutual Recognition on behalf of Gradonia with Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia. During the trip, all Essexian delegates were disappointed with the frequent failures of the British rail system, but were impressed by the tilting capabilities of the Class 221 Super Voyager.

Domestic development era (November 2019 - June 2020)

A picture of Cechsexian territory

Essexian Aeronautical and Space Technologies, EAST, launched Essexia's first rocket on 10 November 2019, two days ahead of schedule and to the applause of many citizens. They performed two launches on this day, both of the same vehicles. In 2021, EAST unveiled its latest rocket design - the Epstein Mk.IV (and Maxwell Booster).[13] The new spacecraft is set to be built between February and July 2021. It will be able to reach altitudes of 760 ft (231m), a whole 625 ft (190m) higher than the altitude reached by the Epstein Mk.IIB on the 19 February 2020 in Essexia’s first domestic-rocket launch.[14]

First Minister Jacob declared a renewed state of Martial Law under the supervision of the Emperor on 4 January 2020. The events named Grey Weekend revolve around seven members of the Parliament of Essexia who formally opted to join a new political entity called the WAR Party, and three members who disagreed with the idea of a colossal political force, which the WAR Party never was, due to disorganisation, confusion and possible illegitimacy. The event as a whole provided a precedent for the powers of the Emperor and the power of members of Parliament. This Martial Law was ended by the Emperor on 5 January 2020.

Grey Weekend left many open conflicts, which were sought to be resolved in the events of the Raging Valentines, however, following the failure of this next 'coup' (as proclaimed by members of the Rhino Alliance), acting as First Minister, prorogued Parliament to hold a general election on March 1, 2020. Members of the Giraffe Concordat continued to oppose the ruling party, and many debates and discussions followed, often aggressively.

The Essexian Army pictured at a parade.

The National anthem, Hymn of the Commonwealth, was adopted on 14 January 2020, after years of debate regarding the subject. The vocalist present is Prince James, who would later become Emperor.

The Shenistan-Essexian War occurred during the month of March, in which Essexia faced a secession from a communist rebellion known as 'Shenistan'. It has been described by some as the first Essexian civil war. It concluded in the disbanding of the rebellion through diplomatic means and the integration of Shenfield back onto the Commonwealth.

A rebellion by Lord Jack on 1 June 2020 saw the Federation of Essexia secede from the Commonwealth of Essexia in Colchester, Shenfield, Cold Norton and Maldon.[15] The key ring leaders were Lord Jack (who acted as the President of the rebel Federation,), Princess Becky, Prince James and defence minister Ben S. The event saw Poplar Nerva declare war on the Commonwealth in an act of solidarity with the Federation, which resulted in the former being temporarily expelled from the Grand Unified Micronational. During the rebellion, a series of important acts were passed through Parliament that were previously blocked by Turning Point Essexia, whose members were no longer permitted to vote in Parliament having seceded. These included the Coal and Transportation Act and the Treachery Act. The rebellion did not last more than twelve hours, and after realising that they were diplomatically isolated (many GUM members including Hrafnarfjall, Lytera and Millania sided with the Commonwealth) and that they did not enjoy popular support, the Federation sought readmission into the Commonwealth. Upon their annexation, the hijacked social media accounts were returned to Commonwealth control, as was the navy and other stolen military equipment. The perpetrators were pardoned, but it saw some of those that sided with the Federation, including Jacob O and Lord Jack, temporarily leave Essexia in disgrace.

July 2020 - August 2021

On the 28th November 2020, the Crown Dependency of Čechsexia was incorporated into the Commonwealth, which meant the country was officially renamed the Commonwealth of Essexia and Čechsexia. It marked the first time since the decolonisation of the Empire of Slough in 2019 that the Commonwealth of Essexia established a new Crown Dependency.[16]

In early 2021, tensions began to grow about the continuation of Terry I as Emperor of Essexia, with public support for his rule waning for the first time since the beginning of his reign.[17] On 19 February 2021, MP Francis Schrodinger proposed the Military Empowerment Act 2021 which would bring about a return to the practice of martial law. This bill was controversial and saw condemnation from four former First Ministers and several Essexian ambassadors. Despite aggressive debate in Parliament and opposition from the Greens, the bill passed. However, Emperor Terry refused to assent the legislation, seeking to avoid the repeat of events like Grey Weekend, which prevented it from becoming law. This triggered a military coup which led to his deposition and the ascension of Emperor James I to the throne.[18]

Recent developments

Supreme Justice Jacob, after reviewing the 2021 General Election results for two months, announced that "the election's results cannot be verified or trusted", and as such utilised "force of arms to take government" on the 14th September 2021. He published a document authored by 7 high-ranking members of the Essexian armed forces called 'The First Declaration of the Armed Forces of Essexia and Čechsexia', which replaced the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Essexia and Čechsexia. According to such, Emperor James was dethroned and the Parliament of Essexia was dismissed, replaced by the Commissar General, and the Executive Council and Lower Chamber respectively. The Junta proceeded to replace the flag for the first time since Essexia's founding, alter province names and commit to other changes in a rapid manner.

The Executive Council voted to integrate Čechsexia as a province on the 8th October 2021 via the Čechsexia Reorganisation Act 2021, a controversial decision which forced the Czech-speaking Čechsexians to conform to the expectations of the english-speaking Essexians. This was largely due to opposition from the Čechsexians to the new military government. The nation was renamed from the 'Commonwealth of Essexia and Čechsexia' back to the 'Commonwealth of Essexia'.

Government History

Early developments of Essexian politics

Some of the government at a due.

On 26 July 2018, Earl Finn created the Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party and on 28 July 2020 Lord Jack created the original incarnation of the National Conservative Party of Essexia. These were the first modern and distinguishable Essexian political parties, and major parties within the Commonwealth today can trace their origins to these original parties.

On 16 September 2018, the National Conservative Party of Essexia became the leading party of the Federation, until 19 September when the Commonwealth of Essexia was declared. It marked the first time that a party other than the Liberal Socialist Party had held the Essexian government. However, following the declaration which established the Commonwealth and the end of the first civil war, the Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party once again became the leading party, with the then King Terry becoming ceremonial head of state.

On 31 December 2018, the Parliament of Essexia passed the "Monarchical Powers Act" which moved the then King from being a ceremonial head of state to having almost absolute power, with the Parliament becoming only an advisory panel. The vote was 6-1-1 in favour of the act, with Lord Adam abstaining, and Earl Finn voting against, with all other Lords in favour of granting the King these absolute powers. Due to the assent of this Act, Earl Finn resigned as First Minister in protest of the end of democratic control in Essexia, and Lord Chris joined the Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party to become First Minister. However, Lord Chris resigned from his position on 8 January 2019. This led to a subsequent leadership election, in which Earl Finn won as an independent candidate with the support of the Royalists (as the Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party were disbanded after Lord Chris joined the National Conservative Party). Following the failure of Earl Jack to secure the vote, the National Conservative Party reformed to become the Communist Party of Essexia, however, the Parliament banned communism, leading to the party once again reforming to create the Essexian Union of Fascists, which subsequently voted to revert back to the National Conservative Party of Essexia on 27 February 2019.

The most notable piece of legislation from this period was the Preservation of Culture and Identity Act of 2018. This act prevented people born outside of Essex, UK, from joining or being involved in Essexia. It was widely condemned in the micronational community as being a nationalist and nativist. Upon joining the Grand Unified Micronational, the country repealed the Act and became more accepting of contributions from people within the micronational community, which culminated in the country opening the Essexian Discord server to outsiders in February 2020.

Other early legislation included the "Dominions Act" which was passed on 16 February 2019, in which the Parliament decided to have all puppet states of Essexia be recognised as a Dominion of Essexia, and be united under one Dominion Flag. It was the first time legislation had been passed regarding colonisation in Essexia. 26 May 2019 saw Earl Jack's Economic Reform Act 2019 voted into ratification. The Act defined the powers of Parliament, the King, and the Royal Bank of Essexia in regards to the economy. Additionally, the Royalist Party leader, announced that would become the First Minister at midnight, following replacing Earl Finn as First Minister the Friday before.[19]

The beginnings of the modern political scene

On 1 July 2019, Essexia held its first general election, which saw the Royalists win a landslide in Parliament, winning 8 of the 11 seats. The Parliament was subsequently filled with New Royalists, as was party leader. This lead to an upset in the old guard wing of the Royalist Party who saw as an improper Royalist. On the weekend of 20 July 2019, known as the Black Weekend, half the Parliamentary Royalists quit the party to form the Old Guard Party, leaving the Royalists short of a majority. The Emperor then called martial law on 21 July 2019, where Lord Jacob became Lord Commissar, and the military government was filled with the Old Guard Party, thus being seen as an Old Guard coup, or more commonly referred to as the Essexian Military Junta. On 30 July 2019 Emperor Terry reinstated Parliament, but Parliaments members were chosen by him, with the Old Guard getting 5 seats, the Royalists 3, the LSC 2, and the Weeaboo Rights 1.

On 17 and 18 June 2019, the Danbury Conference, which was a series of meetings between senior government officials of the Commonwealth of Essexia, was held across various Essexian dwellings in the village Danbury.[20] The purpose of the conference was to ensure complete clarity in regards to the functioning and future direction of the Essexian state, and thus, to rewrite the constitution and reform major processes within Essexia. Conference attendees included representatives from key government ministries, including the Interior Ministry, Foreign Ministry, Defence Ministry, Justice Ministry, and First Ministry, as well as Emperor Terry. In the course of the meeting, invited ministers outlined their intentions for his vision of a new Essexian Constitution and national structure, in which the Monarchy would be reformed and Essexia would become more authoritarian so as to prevent the reoccurrence of previous military conflicts.[21] The Second Constitution was subsequently written and adopted days later, which changed the political landscape of Essexia entirely, until the adoption of a new constitution in 2020.[22]

2020 and 2021 developments

The Third Constitution of Essexia being signed on 11 September 2020.

The second General Election was held from 1 to 3 March 2020; the Rhino Alliance ultimately won 6 seats and formed the subsequent government. Currently, this election remains the largest democratic exercise in the countries history, with over 150 voters.

Soon after the election, First Minister took the Royalist Party out of the Rhino Alliance and into the Giraffe Concordat on 25 March 2020 due to a dispute with the Liberal Socialist Party, however, he retained his position as First Minister. This completely altered the government and the move received criticism from both Essexians and the micronational community because less than a month after the general election the winning alliance was already no longer in power. However, the Giraffes pointed out at the time that most votes for the Rhinos came from Royalist voters, and the Royalists remained in government.

During the events of Snakey Saturday the Rhino Alliance retook control of Parliament after securing the support of Lord Zabëlle and Lord Newton. This placed the Progressive Workers Party back in government, with Lord Sam becoming First Minister for the first time, making him the oldest First Minister to hold the role aged 18. Activity within the nation reduced throughout much of June and July 2020 following the events. The Giraffe Concordat blamed the Rhino Government headed by Lord Sam, whilst others have pointed the finger at the COVID-19 pandemic, but the exact cause of this is unknown.

The nation because rapidly active again after the Third Constitution of Essexia was signed on 11 September 2020 at a meeting in Greater Danbury.[23] This was the first conference since the Danbury Conference in which the founding fathers of Essexia met up to discuss the direction of the Essexian state, and it was called to address inactivity. It was proposed that a new constitution would be drafted that would seek to safeguard Essexia from the instability and discord created by constant coup-de-etas and military insurrections. Participants unanimously agreed to the new Constitution, which remains in effect to this day. Most notably, Earl Finn and Lord Sam's seats were removed, and Lord Ben was asked to form a new Government.

After brief negotiations, Turning Point Essexia merged back into the Royalist Party of Essexia after less than 5 months of existence, and after over a year since the original Old Guard Party split in July 2019. This move was made in order to consolidate legislative power within the Parliament. Around the same time, the Green Party merged with the Progressive Workers' Party to form the Green and Cooperative Party.

On 2 March 2021 Newton von Uberquie became First Minister of Essexia following his party’s victory in winning a seat in a series of by-elections. The party achieved a Parliamentary majority, after defections from Becky, Ben H and Harley C to the ruling Green coalition. It marked the first time that the First Minstership was assumed by a non-founding member of the nation.[24] However, Newton resigned on the 3rd May 2021 after a period of inactivity, due to personal commitments.

After a few hours of Queen Becky in the role of acting First Minister, Emperor James appointed Jack to the position as he was the only politician who put forward any serious interest in the position. He promised "[to] Appoint a new, streamlined cabinet [...] Boots in Mersea 2021 [...] Greater cooperation with other states".

The third General Election was held on the 11 July 2021; the Royalists won 7 seats (a majority of 2). However, to date this is the most undemocratic election Essexia has ever held, with just 14 votes (or 11% voter turnout), and elections only happening in 6 of the 11 seats due to a lack of candidates.



Main article: Parliament of Essexia

The Parliament of Essexia was created by Emperor Terry I of Essexia, based upon the Federal Senate of the revolutionaries of the Essexian Coup of September 16, based upon the Parliament of the Queendom of Essexia. The Parliament has the power to assent statutory legislation and generally scrutinise the government. It is made up of representatives (or Members of Parliament) who are elected under an additional member system in annual elections. There are currently 11 MPs in Parliament - 5 of these are constituency MPs, and 6 are national MPs.

Essexia's Parliament is among the most active micronational legislatures in the community, regularly debating legislation. At present, there are well over one-hundred active Acts, which are archived in the Legal Essexian Database. Uniquely, the Essexian Parliament has been known to meet in-person, such as at the Hawarden Session. In-person sessions of the Parliament have not occurred since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic for safety reasons, so the Parliament currently meets digitally.

Party Spectrum Leader Parliamentary seats Logo
Essexian Royalist Party ERP Centre Rt Hon. Jack
7 / 11
National Rifle Party NRP Centre Rt Hon. Cristian
1 / 11
Weeaboo Rights Party WRP Big Tent Rt Hon. Ben
1 / 11
Essexian League EL Left-wing Rt Hon. Leon
1 / 11
Independent N/A N/A '
1 / 11

^ Updated 12 July 2021

Essexian Government

The Commonwealth of Essexia is a Constitutional Monarchy, with the Third Constitution of the Commonwealth of Essexia replacing the Second Constitution in 2021. The country is led by the First Minister, who represents the National Parliament of Essexia, and a semi-constitutional monarch (Emperor James I of Essexia) as head of state. The Parliament is constituted of 11 Members of Parliament (formerly Lords, and originally Senators). Through incumbent government policy, Essexia has nationalised all industry and commerce in the nation, and the system of the running and functioning of the state, including all commerce, the civil service, industry and political aspects, is called the Essexian National Order, and it is under the direct control of the Emperor. The Essexian National Order is a tiered system, so as to appropriate a chain authority in the functioning of Essexia.

The de facto meeting place and official Government building is Les Paddocks, in Greater Danbury.

The government is devolved into two core executive bodies, the executive Cabinet and Cabinet. The executive Cabinet is the body that is responsible for overseeing the five Great Offices of State - the Interior Ministry, Foreign Ministry, Defence Ministry, Justice Ministry, and First Ministry. Minsters running Great Offices of State must be members of the ruling party or coalition. Furthermore, the executive Cabinet is in charge of advising the Emperor, in mostly militaristic matters, but also on domestic and foreign policy. The Cabinet is a wider body with powers devolved from the Monarch, which serves to run the smaller ministerial departments on behalf of the executive Cabinet. Junior Ministers and Ministers from the Cabinet are appointed by the Emperor and report to the Parliament and Executive Cabinet.

The Essexian government is one of the most foremost in the representation of LGBT+ people and is renowned for its diversity and inclusivity.

Minister Adam Finn losing his seat in Parliament after the 2019 election. Also in the image from left to right are Prince James, Earl Jack.

The Cabinet

The Cabinet of Essexia was formed on 3 January 2019 as part of the governmental reforms taking place in the New Year.

The people appointed to these roles have usually been appointed on the basis of the Emperor's recommendations to the First Minister, currently, Newton von Uberquie, who is authorised to have full control over the cabinet. The Cabinet has only ever seen three major shifts from its creation, one being around the time of Earl Finn's departure, the next after the election of 1 July 2019, and the final major change occurring following the election of 1 March 2020. As of present, the cabinet is composed of 21 people, however, minor changes and reshuffles are made frequently.

The Cabinet's role is to govern aspects of the Commonwealth and Essexian National Order, and formally meet on a bi-monthly basis to discuss the workings of the nation. Occasionally, recordings of the meetings are made public under Freedom of Information requests. The Cabinet of Essexia has no power to implement policy or change law, for that is the job of the Parliament. The Cabinet can, however, suggest policy to be perused by Parliament.

The 2019 reforms not only clarified the positions of the elected officials but also the Imperial family, and the chain of command which the most vital Essexian actions would pass through.

The Cabinet formerly had the power to trigger a vote of no confidence towards the First Minister, and only did so once.

Imperial Decree XI in January 2021 saw a total reform to the cabinet system, creating an executive Cabinet, Cabinet, and shadow Cabinet. It also banned opposition members from holding any Great Office of State.

The Imperial Court

The Imperial Court is an appointed body that is in charge of advising the Emperor. The Court was mainly used to advise the Emperor on military strategy; so much so only key members of the armed forces are in the court as of present, besides the Emperors Chief Whip. All policy is implemented by the Emperor on the recommendation of the Parliament and the Court. The Court used to be made up of advisers to the Emperor, who were all prominent figures in Essexian politics, who met regularly to discuss affairs and policy. This is still technically the case, however, the Court is most ceremonial now and serves little real purpose. The most notable action of the Court was when it gathered on New Years Day, to undertake the major Government reforms, masterminded by Lord Chris, that lead to its creation.

The Third Constituion and 2021 cabinet reforms almost eradicated the use of the Imperial Court and it is no longer used following the ascension of James I.


Current cabinet

Portfolio Minister Since
Cabinet ministers
Commissar General Commissar General Jacob 14 September 2021
Commissar of Citizens Affairs Commissar Matt G 14 September 2021
Commissar of Foreign Affairs Commissar Jack D 14 September 2021
Commissar of National Enlightenment Commissar Francis 14 September 2021
Commissar of National Media Commissar Sam 14 September 2021
Commissar of Advancement Commissar Ben H 14 September 2021
Commissar of Internal Security Commissar Terri 14 September 2021

Executive Council

Lower Council

Law and Order

The original Essexian court structure, created by Earl Jack through the JEA 2020.

It is the Imperial Army of Essexia's role to maintain law and order in the country, and criminals or those who have violated the constitution are judged upon by the Commonwealth Court.

Judicial Establishment Act 2020

Prior to the Act, the Essexian Legal System was somewhat vague, and the only established court was a Supreme Court.

Following Earl Jack's reforms, a Magistrates' Court was established for insignificant crimes, and a Provincial Court for insignificant civil cases. Both of these courts are subservient to the Commonwealth Court, which is equivalent to a Supreme Court. This is overseen by the Supreme Judge, who is currently the Honourable Jacob. In addition, a Dominions Court was established for each dominion; Currently, only one operates, within the Funtime Dominion.

The Act has been amended a number of times, including the Judicial Establishment Amendment Act 2020 and Judicial Re-Establishment Act 2020, which fixed issues with the original Act and ensured compatibility with the Constitutions of the time.

Since The First Declaration of the Armed Forces of Essexia and Čechsexia, the only existing court now is the Commonwealth Court. It is staffed by the Commissar General who assumed the role of Supreme Justice.

Foreign Relations

Lord Matthew and Nicolás Millán of Millania signing a Treaty of Closer Cooperation.
The Essexian flag hoisted at the top of the Essexian Embassy to Spain.
Earl Jack of Molrams sitting in a Sherpa restaurant in the town of Lukla, Nepal at the start of his expedition. The flag pictured was planted at the Everest Base Camp peak at 5,364 metres in August 2019.
Lord Matthew presenting Nicolás Millán with his Essexia Cross.

In the Commonwealth of Essexia, foreign relations are the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, thus the Foreign Minister of Essexia. Originally, and technically currently, foreign affairs could be managed through decree of the monarchy, however following the Prerogative Act 2019, the Foreign Ministry of Essexia was given the full ability to levy the power previously only exercised by the Emperor. Ever since then, foreign affairs have been solely managed by the aforementioned ministry, and the monarchy has remained internationally neutral.

Essexia joined the Grand Unified Micronational on the 30 December 2018 by a narrow margin; Essexia was originally fairly disliked due to its claim that it controlled, rather than claimed, all of the British county of Essex, contrary to the Wrythe Convention - and this had led to its previous rejection from the GUM. However, in an effort to boost international prestige, Essexia eventually relinquished this claim, which led to their acceptance into the community. Notably, Lord Matthew has held several key positions within the GUM, including Associate Justice and Vice-Chairman. On the 1st January 2020, Essexian Foreign Minister Jack Dean became the Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational.

Essexia has been seen as both controversial and respected in the short time it has been present internationally. Due to the fact most of Essexia's activities take place in-person, rather than over the internet, and until recently all Essexian citizens had to reside in Essexian territory - Essexia was seen as very hostile in terms of their rejection of anyone who wanted to be involved that wasn't a resident of the British county of Essex. However, a shift in policy has seen Essexia become more welcoming to international citizens, with a number of non-resident Essexians in the Parliament of Essexia. Essexia has also found itself in controversy, through some satirical acts of Parliament, questionable political parties, and offensive cinematic productions. Despite this, and through their participation in several micronational summits, Essexia has deemed itself to become a moderately respected micronation. This view was cemented by Jack D's election to the Chairmanship of the GUM in December 2020, along with Matthew and Terry's tenures as Vice-Chairs.

Essexia has seen three individuals enter executive offices within the Grand Unified Micronational: Jack was elected Chair in December 2020 and held the position between the 1st January and 30 June 2021; Terry was Vice-Chair between the 21 and 30 June 2021 and became Acting Chair for 6 minutes on 30 June after Jack resigned; Matthew became Vice-Chair on 11 January 2020 and resigned on 11th March 2021 due to personal commitments, serving 3 separate Chairs and having among the longest tenures as Vice-Chair of the organisation.


On 6 September 2018, the President of the Binational Germanic-American State of Pasavantia sent a "Diplomatic Communique" to the citizens and government of Essexia, requesting a treaty of friendship or cooperation, to which Lord Jack, with the approval of King Terry, approved a mutual cooperation with the micronation on 8 September.[25] This was the first diplomatic contact Essexia had with another micronation. However, this Treaty was dissolved by Chief Ambassador Jack on 29 April 2019 due to a lack of contact or activity on Pasavantia's part.

On 15 October 2018, Parliament decided against forming an international alliance with Riverhoek, making it the first time the legislature had voted against formalising a treaty with a foreign power. Although some argued this was outside of the constitutional remit of Parliament, the decision was seen as binding, which set a precedent that Parliament could veto the Foreign Ministers prerogative to sign treaties without Parliamentary authorisation.

19 October 2017 saw Essexia's military take-over of the city of Chelmsford, however, neither Essexia nor the United Kingdom declared war. Therefore, neither state are at war with the other. Following the event, the then Foreign Minister sent a notice to local MP Vicky Ford that the city was under the occupation of the Commonwealth of Essexia, however, they received no reply back. The occupation was ended a year later after it was accepted that the United Kingdom still realistically controlled the city despite the initial operation.

On 9 December 2018, a Grand Unified Micronational Quorum rejected Essexia's application for full membership, with Emperor Adam I of Adammia stating that Essexia had "potential and probably would have been accepted", however Essexia's claims on the entire county of Essex (as well as the entirety of Slough) "contravenes the Wrythe Convention", and created border disputes with the GUM member Mercia, who also had territories in Essex. Lord Jack, then Foreign Minister of Essexia, and King Terry, both stated that they understood the reasoning behind the rejection, and that they would aim to overcome these issues, and apply for full membership again before the next Quorum, with King Terry stating that he wanted the nation "ship shape and Swindon fashion". After a short period of reform, Essexia was accepted into the Grand Unified Micronational on New Year's Eve, after citing the necessary reforms made. This was critised domestically, as the Commonwealth was seen as capitulating on a key area of foreign policy, that was the claim over Essex.

Earl Jack (left) and Lord Matthew (right) speaking at the 2019 GUM Birmingham Summit.

An ambassador from the State of Gradonia reached out to Earl Jack on 31 December 2018 in order to establish diplomatic relations with Essexia, and on 1 January 2019, King Terry authorised a Treaty of Mutual Co-Operation between Essexia and Gradonia. The Treaty was ordained on 6 January 2019, and became the first one singed with a GUM member heralding a new era in Essexian diplomatic relations.

On 24 May 2019, Essexia signed another Treaty of Mutual Co-Operation with the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall, as both micronations shared very similar beliefs, goals, and abilities, and both wished to share technologies and concepts for future development. This treaty has been seen in recent times as one of the most significant signed by Essexia, and became especially prominent after the collapse of bilateral relations between the two entities in late 2020.

On 23 July 2019, Essexia established its first foreign embassy, the Essexian Embassy to Spain.

On 3 February 2020, a Essexian–Millanian summit was held, which was a one-day summit meeting between Essexian Emperor Terry I and Foreign Minister Matthew, and Millanian Crown Prince Nicolás Millán, held at the Sanctuary House Hotel in London, United Kingdom. This was the first meeting of the two nations and Essexia's first bilateral summit, as well as being Millania's first meeting outside of their primary location in Hong Kong. The meeting involved the signing of a Treaty of Closer Cooperation between the two nations; the first of its kind for Essexia and Millania. The two nations agreed to strengthen ties, improve bilateral relations, and support The Virtual Dreamscape's admittance into the Grand Unified Micronational.

Emperor Terry, Lord Matthew and Lord Jack met with Newton von Uberquie in Chelmsford in July 2020.[26] It marked the first time in 8 years an incumbent Chairman and Vice-chairman of the Grand Unified Micronational had met in person.

During the December 2021 GUM Chair election, candidate and winner Jack D switched his delegation from Poplar Nerva to Essexia as it had always been a goal of his since founding Essexia to rise to such a position whilst representing it. He served 6 months, until 30 June 2021, as Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational. He resigned shortly before the end of his term to allow Terry of Essexia to serve as Acting Chair for 6 minutes.

First Minister Jack attended the Downeast Conference of 529 on behalf of Essexia in June 2021, in his second capacity as Foreign Minister.

Hearts of Iron IV Micronational Championship (The Wincott Cup)

HOI4 MC 2019 logo.

Lord Jack proposed on 16 February 2019 that Essexia should create the Hearts of Iron IV Micronational Championship, in response to the Kingdom of Quebec's Micronational Fútbol World Cup event. The Parliament mostly agreed with the idea, and the Wincott Cup was created. The championship would see Essexia host the 2019 cup, with another nation taking on the 2020 cup, and so on. Whoever's nation was the host of the cup would host the session and be responsible for handling it. It was announced that this game would take place on 22 June 2019. The game was a success, with 2 Essexian players coming 1st place.[27] Another game was held on the 17th April 2020, in which citizens of the Essexian province of Shenfield were deemed the winners.

Existing Foreign relations of Essexia

Essexia maintains an extensive diplomatic network with a variety of other micronations and micronational bodies. So far, it has signed over 25 bilateral treaties.

Essexia is a member state of the Grand Unified Micronational, which is where the majority of its diplomatic activities occur. Essexia also maintains to have informal relations with the UK, with exchanges being made about the micronation with the MP for Chelmsford.

Notable diplomatic partners include the Commonwealth of New Virginia, the Empire of Adammia, the Würtige Empire, the Abeldane Empire, and the Kingdom of Wyvern.

International organisation participation


Main article: Armed Forces of Essexia

The 2019 Sandon Essexian Military parade, with Emperor Terry to the right.

Essexia has 2 armed forces: The Imperial Army of Essexia and The Imperial Essexian Navy (Ship call sign: Imperial Essexian Navy [ship name]). Crown Minister Ben is the General of the Imperial Army of Essexia, and Lord Jack is the General of the Imperial Essexian Navy.

Essexia's armed forces equipment is designed and manufactured by the Government, and by Essexians who have been allowed to design and manufacture equipment by the Government. The most notable manufacturer of military equipment in Essexia is Lord Jack, who has built almost every IEN ship to date (Now under the asset control of the Paddocks Boat Co), and the X-1 'Pelican' (An experimental glider). He also maintains all IEN ships (With exception to the Southend) under the Paddocks Boat Co.

In 2019, upon his appointment, Jacob announced an inquiry into the misconduct of the two Essexian soldiers, who were stopped in the incident mentioned earlier above. He also announced a reform of the non-aggressive doctrine.

Emperor Terry, Earl Jack were able to capture and establish Fort Morris in the Rush of Fort Morris, on 12 February 2019.

On 17 June 2019, several Members of Parliament decided on many reforms to the Armed Forces at the Danbury Conference.

Lord Jack produced a Defence Review on 19 October 2019 in order to highlight short term goals of the Essexian military. This was followed up by a November 2020 MoD Keynote, in which he (As MoD) announced among other things the creation of CAe Systems and the Joint Armed Forces Aircraft Program.[28]


The Imperial Army of Essexia consists of volunteers who watch the surrounding areas that they reside in, so as to cover as much ground as possible. They completed the first military operation in Essexian history on the 19th of October, with OP: Urban Kick (OP CODE: RAEOP01UK). It was a significant success, and secured Chelmsford as Essexian land.

Essexia operates a fairly small military. There are 5 full-time soldiers, each issued a standard military beret, and armed with modified bamboo sticks. In 2018, the 5 soldiers underwent training from Defence Minister Jacob, and stick-fighting became part of Essexia's proudly non-lethal military tactics. The doctrine also includes peaceful tactics, such as protestation and letters of complaint. On 4 January 2019, two Essexian soldiers walked through Chelmsford Town centre with bamboo sticks and full military uniform, to garrison the captured city after Operation Urban Kick. They were approached by two Police community officers, and stood down imminently after a warning.

A particularly significant military parade took place in the Sandon area on 10 May 2019, in which 16 Citizens of Essexia (Including King Terry, Lord Jack, Lord Matthew, and First Minister Finn) performed an authorized ceremony on behalf of the RAE in front of hundreds of cheering spectators.


CTS-01 IEN Jaywick-A super carrier, the flagship of the IEN. Photographed in August 2018 following a refit that saw the addition of a ski-ramp on the port side.

The Imperial Essexian Navy consists of 2 light carriers and a destroyer. One ship is currently being refitted into a carrier. The IEN was cut down following October 2019 Defence Review in order to streamline effectiveness.

By then-current estimates (2019), Essexia once boasted the World's 93rd largest Navy (11 Warships), 116th largest Army (0 Tanks), and 132nd largest air force (4 Aircraft).

On 24 April 2019 the IEN Seaxe Reforms were conducted, which are detailed on the Imperial Essexian Navy MicroWiki page. They introduced several changes to the defence force, as well as some notable announcements.


The Fröhlichwaffe, now merged into the Fleet Air Arm, consisted of three aircraft, one of which was a VTOL, another a conventional Remote aircraft, and the third an Essexian-built helicopter. A prototype glider is currently decommissioned.

Scuffling Seaxes

On 27 April 2019, the virtual training airforce squadron, the Scuffling Seaxes, was created by Lord Jack. This consisted of a number of individuals within and outside of Essexia, and aimed to better train Essexians and Essexian allies in the field of air operations via the use of Digital Combat Simulator (DCS: World). This squadron continued even after the dissolution of the Fröhlichwaffe, and currently trains in the Sukhoi Su-25T 'Frogfoot' attack jet, McDonnell Douglas F/A-18C 'Hornet' multi-role jet and McDonnell Douglas F-15C fighter jet.


The Essexian population across time, 2017-2018.

The Ministry of the Interior releases its demographic findings from a bi-annual census. There are 3 primary sources for discerning the Essexian population: the original application form (61 citizens are registered this way), the new application form (111 are registered this way), and territorial residents (31 are registered this way). In total, there are currently 175 registered citizens.[29]

The most recent census in 2021 showed a big increase from the previous census in May 2020, which recorded 86 citizens. However, this census was criticised for omitting the 61 citizens from the old register, which had been lost until recently. Hence, graphs of the Essexian population over time appear less linear than they otherwise should. The increase mainly comes as a result of the newly annexed Cechsexian territories in Eastern Europe, home to both 4 residential subjects, and 10 other registered Cechsexians. In Essexia itself, the territorial population has remained broadly the same since 2017, with Hawarden in Greater Danbury continuing to have the highest population of any territory at 5 people.

Essexia has always been renowned for its high population, which also includes a high percentage of women compared to other micronations (currently 35%). Most original citizens resided in the village of Sandon in Chelmsford, UK. Many of these citizens remain in the country to this day. While an exact number cannot be definitively drawn, it is estimated that around 130 Essexian citizens reside in the cities of Chelmsford and Colchester in the UK, meaning it can be assumed that Essexia remains to have the highest local population in the MicroWiki sector.

Despite the fact that most Essexians now interact online due to COVID-19 (mainly on the Discord server, which has over 120 members,) around 80 citizens live within walking distance of the Emperor’s residence and the Danko House within Greater Baddow. Approximately 40 live within walking distance of Hawarden or Les Paddocks in Greater Danbury. This is a legacy from the 2018-2019 era, when most Essexian citizens went to school together at Sandon, or lived in families with a student at school.

Age-to-Gender tree graph of 103 Essexian citizens. Largest demographic is 18-19 Male; largest female demographic is 16-17 Female; just under 3% of the population are Non-Binary.

As original citizens move away from Sandon onto university, it is expected that Essexia’s population will only get bigger as new citizens are recruited, and more connections are made.

Climate and Geography

Essexia's main bird species are wood pigeons, Black-headed gulls, common gulls, and other birds indigenous to the UK. A common sight is the Eastern Grey Squirrel, a tree rodent that causes many problems, and is not originally from Essexia.

In terms of infrastructure, Essexia has traffic-filled roads and a mixture of country lanes and high-speed motorways.

Essexia currently controls a number of pieces of property, which sums to approximately 14 acres. The most notable building in Essexia is 'Les Paddocks', which is an Imperial Palace, Military Fort, Naval Port, Air Base, Private Hotel, and Government meeting point. In addition, there are several other notable buildings in Essexia which act as outposts, citizen houses, government buildings and etc.


Essexia, as most of the neighboring UK, has a maritime climate type. Due to Essexia's location in the South East of Great Britain, it also enjoys a warmer climate than most of the British Isles and experiences the warmest summers in Great Britain; it is also one of the drier areas in the country. During the Summer, Essexia often sees temperatures saw into the low 30s degrees celsius with the hottest day on record in Essexian history being 35.7 °C on 10 August 2003.[30] With the average hottest day a year being 30.6;°C. The coldest temperature recorded in Essexian territory was −20.6 °C on 29 January 1947. Air frost is recorded, on average, on 52.7 nights of the year, and the coldest night will typically fall to a low −7.4 °C. Rainfall averages 591.8mm a year, with daily totals of over 1mm falling on 108.1 days of the year. Thunderstorms mostly occur during July and August; however, they can occur anytime of the year. All averages refer to the 30-year observation period 1981–2010.

Climate data for Writtle, elevation 32 m, 1981–2010, extremes 1960–2010
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 15.1
Average high °C (°F) 7.4
Average low °C (°F) 1.5
Record low °C (°F) −20.6
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 53.2
Sunshine hours 58.0 76.1 112.4 165.7 196.6 198.2 209.9 204.0 147.4 113.9 68.7 47.4 1,598.2
Source no. 1: Met Office
Source no. 2: KNMI


Essexia is divided into four provinces; Greater Baddow, Greater Danbury, Colchester and Shenfield. Greater Baddow is typically more urban than Greater Danbury, and is located on relatively flat land which allows the province to be more densely populated.

Greater Danbury on the other hand consists of more of the population of Essexia as well as over 80% of the area of the nation. Greater Danbury is home to the de jure meeting place of the Essexian parliament, Les Paddocks. Greater Danbury is also located primarily on Danbury hill, which is the highest point in the English county of Essex, with most of the more far-flung areas of Greater Danbury being similar to the terrain of Greater Baddow.


There are 4 provinces in Essexia. The total population of these provinces is 120, which is the majority of the population of Essexia. The provinces are further divided as shown in the table.

Provinces of Essexia
Name Image Population. Area (acres) Establishment Provincial Commissar Counties
Danburgrad 36 12 26 December 2017
Little Baddow
Cold Norton
Baddowstok 54 2 26 December 2017
Great Baddow
Colchestan TBD TBD 23 March 2020
Colchester Town
Shenistan TBD TBD 23 March 2020
Shenfield Occupied Zone
Čechsexia TBD TBD TBD 28 November 2020


Essexia's national currency is the Essexian Yen (¥). It's currency consists of paper notes, in the form of the ¥5, ¥10, ¥20, ¥50, and ¥100 notes, all of which are horizontal, coloured according to the denomination, and feature King Terry on the reverse and an Essexian figure on the front. Five Essex Yen is equal to One British Pound. Both Essex Yen and British Sterling are accepted in Essexia. On special occasions, the Essexia Imperial Mint may print vertical notes which are legal tender and may feature varying background images and figures, however, they will always feature the Sovereign on the reverse. Printing of the Essex Yen is controlled by the Royal Bank of Essexia.

On 1 September 2018, Essexia produced the first estimated budget report for the Parliament, however, due to the table contradicting the Wrythe Convention, it was made obsolete on 8 December 2018.

In 2018, the King made the first transaction using physical Yen notes and purchased a tie from Lord Chris for ¥50 during the first State of the Union.

In 2019 filmmakers paid ¥2250 to film within the Essexian district of Hawarden, thus making the the district and by extension the Earldom, the largest single economy within Essexia.

The national airline, Essexiair, is a major source of income for the micronation; with -¥35 a month, it is the most profitable airline in Essexia.


Promotional poster for the United Office pilot. Created by Emperor Terry.
Some of the Essexian football team posing for a post-match photo.

The nation of Essexia seeks to maintain its close historical culture with Britain. The main language is English, and the Essex accent is integral to Essexian core identity, and is what Essexia regards as its most recognisable trait amongst other micronations. As well as this, Newcastle based bakery Gregg's is seen as core to Essexian identity, as there are over 73 branches in the county and it is a known and respected brand, despite its origin from outside of Essexia. Despite this, the national food is Pork Plugga, which is an Essex based food that is liked throughout the county. The national bird, the wood pigeon, was chosen as such because of its abundance across Essexian land, and irreconcilability within the county.

There has been much misconception around the world that all people from Essex are lazy, have a fake tan and white teeth, traits which are presumably distributed via reality TV shows such as 'The Only Way Is Essex'. However, many Essexians argue that this is not representative of all people. The county of Essex is historically right-wing and pro-monarchy, ideas that Essexia takes into its stride, and the monarchist values constitute the micronation.

After reviewing the 1994 American Society of Civil Engineers report into the wonders of the 20th century, the Essexian Government disputes the fact the Marconi Tower, in Chelmsford is not included. The Marconi Tower is not only the main cultural icon of Essexia, featuring on many banknotes and the Kings coat of arms, but it is also a technological marvel for its age, and represents the birth of the radio which has been key in the development of modern humankind. Thus, on 6 January 2019, the Parliament voted unanimously on recognising it as the 8th wonder of the world.

Essexia is home to a variety of media companies, which have grown in recent years, and won the country the 2021 GUM Development Award for Media. Dean Network is the state broadcaster, and dominates the micronational web series industry, with the vodcast EssexiaTalk and comedy thriller The United Office: Survival of the Unfittest gaining critical acclaim.[31] Garnering 129 views within its first 24 hours, The United Office: Survival of the Unfittest was widely regarded by many as one of the greatest micronational video works ever produced. The Essexian Post is a reputable micronational media outlet, edited by Essexian citizens. There are nine radio stations in Essexia, all of which were merged under the Dean Network in the Media Merger Act 2019. 5 of these stations are Radio Dean stations, another 3 belong to the FAR Network under the Dean Network, and the Imperial Essexian Tune List.

EssexiaTalk logo, created by Lord Matthew.

The National sports team Essexia FC was founded and played its first game on 29 March 2019 against other small, amateur teams in Sandon, Essex. Although they didn't win any games, they came close to drawing on two matches, and overall were praised by referees and other teams for their spirit and military uniforms. The EssexiAir Premier League was founded in 2021, with the first matches between set to take place between Danbury United F.C. and Great Baddow Rovers F.C. in the summer.[32][33]

Hawarden is seen as an entertainment hub, as in July 2019 a group filmmakers paid ¥2250 for rights to film within the premises of Hawarden. This was a great opportunity for Essexia to been seen, although no Essexian imagery is seen in the footage taken as it would have been not fit in for what was filmed as it was to do with German celebration of Oktoberfest. The ¥2000 paid also makes the District of Hawarden the largest GDP in the province of Greater Danbury.


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