Cabinet of Essexia

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The Essexian Cabinet was formed on the 3rd of January 2019 as part of the governmental reforms taking place in the New Year.

The people appointed to these roles have usually been appointed on the basis of the Emperor's recommendations to the First Minister, currently, who is authorised to have full control over the cabinet. The Imperial Cabinet has only ever seen two major shifts from its creation, one being around the time of Earl Finn's departure, and the other after the election of July 1st 2019. As of present, the cabinet is composed of around 20 people, including Ministers without portfolios.

The cabinet's role is to govern aspects of the Commonwealth and Essexian National Order, and meet of a by-monthly basis to discuss the workings of the Emperor.

The 2019 reforms to Essexia not only clarified the positions of the elected officials but also the Imperial family, and the chain of command which the most vital Essexian actions would pass through. It determined that the First Minister would be the executive authority in the cabinet, and power would therein by devolved by certain prerogatives to other ministers who exercise the functions of their respective ministries, of which, there are currently 15 including the First and Second Ministers offices.

Imperial Decree XI, which was passed by Emperor Terry on the 13th January 2021, was supposed to significantly reduce the number of Ministries and restrict only ruling party/coalition members from holding Great Offices of State. However, the reduction in Ministries didn't take place until May 2021, under FM Jack's Giraffe Ministry III.

The cabinet has the power to trigger a vote of no confidence towards the First Minister, and have only done so once.

Composition of the cabinet

Portfolio Portrait Minister Since
First Minister

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Rt. Hon. Jack MP 3 May 2021
Second Minister of Essexia

Minister of Defence

Rt. Hon. Francis MP 3 May 2021
Interior Minister Rt. Hon. Matthew MP 3 May 2021
Foreign Minister Rt. Hon. Jack MP 3 May 2021
Minister of Defence Rt. Hon. Francis MP 3 May 2021
Minister of Justice Rt. Hon. Terri MP 16 July 2021
Minister of Seals Minister Matthew Xia 17 July 2021
Junior Minister of Health Rt. Hon. Oli MP 16 July 2021
Junior Minister of Media Queen Becky MP 27 April 2021
Junior Minister of Technology Lord Ben 1 January 2019
Junior Minister of Culture Amelia Banks 16 July 2021
Junior Minister of Education Rt. Hon. Tucker MP 16 July 2021
Junior Minister of the Environment 16 July 2021
Junior Minister of Sport Crown Minister Sam 2 March 2021