National Rifle Party

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National Rifle Party
LeaderRt. Hon. Francis MP
Founded21 February 2021
HeadquartersChelmsford, Essexia
IdeologyGun rights
Political positionCentre-right
Official colors     Blue
Parliament Seats
1 / 11
Cabinet Members
1 / 15

The National Rifle Party (NRP) is a pro-gun rights party in the Parliament of Essexia. It was founded on the 21st February 2021, and is a member of the Giraffe Concordat.


The NRP was founded by Francis on the 21st February 2021 as Essexia's only pro-gun rights movement. It was loosely influenced by the WAR Party that had briefly existed over a year earlier, and is seen as a more extremist party when compared to the other major political movements in Essexia.

Following the events of Hot Pink Friday, the NRP decided to side with the weakened Giraffe Concordat and the Royalist Party due to some shared views and understandings. Although the Royalists haven't outwardly supported gun rights, they share common ground with the NRP in increasing military spending and utilising the armed forces more.


Picture Name Joined Position
Essexia Francis.jpg Rt. Hon. Francis MP 21/02/2021 Party Leader