Giraffe Concordat

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Giraffe Concordat
ChairmanEarl Jack of Molrams
Founded14 February 2020
Official colors     Orange
Parliamentary Seats
6 / 11

The Giraffe Concordat is an Essexian political alliance created between the Old Guard Party and the Weeaboo Rights Party in the Commonwealth of Essexia, with the Union of Greens & Nationalists (Essexia) joining the alliance on the 15th February 2020 and the Royalist Party joining on the 25th March 2020.

It was created due to the events of the Grey Weekend, and was a belligerent in the Beige Friday as well.

They are currently the Official Government


Members of the Giraffe Concordat
Name Occupation Party
Lord Jack Second Minister & Minister of Foreign Affairs Old Guard Party
Earl Jamie First Minister Royalist Party of Essexia
Lady Becky Minister of Media Old Guard Party
Lord Ben Minister of Technology Weeaboo Rights Party
Lord Gilbert Minister of the Interior Old Guard Party
Crown Minister George Old Guard Party
Prince James Old Guard Party
Crown Minister Summers Minister of Defence Old Guard Party
Lord Newton Minister of the Environment Union of Greens & Nationalists (Essexia)
Lord Alex Minister of Health Royalist Party of Essexia


The Giraffe Concordat has faced much criticism in its short history, almost entirely from the Rhino Alliance and LSC. It started with the logo of the alliance, which is seen as a rip-off of the logo of their primary opposition, the Rhino Alliance, and the apparent u-turn on policy due to the group's claim it is a pro-democracy, reformist movement, and the primary member of the political alliance, the Old Guard Party, being founded in response to the increasing liberalisation of the Royalist Party of Essexia, as well as the tendency of the New Royalist faction to support constitutionalism over the traditional absolutism. On top of that, their Chairman, Earl Jack, was the leader of the Communist Party of Essexia and the Essexian Union of Fascists.
Their second major criticism from the Rhino Alliance was it's call for a vote of no confidence in the government lead by the ruling Rhino Alliance. Their first vote was declared in contempt of the Parliament, due to it being passed (With a majority) in the form of a Bill.

However, the Concordat has disputed these claims;

A) The similarity of the logo was due to the fact that the leaders of the Concordat believed the logo to be a persuasive and well-designed one. However, the logo is differed, mainly in the presentation of a giraffe over a rhino, a unique font and the change in colours.

B) Secondly, the alliance has called for reforms in the Parliament, Military and many other aspects of the Essexian political system. An example of one such reform was passed by Earl Jack in the form of the Judicial Establishment Act 2020, which allowed the following court trial to happen in the first place. Furthermore, it defended both votes of no confidence (Until the first was found void by the Supreme Judge), including the second, which was called undemocratic by the Rhino Alliance itself yet both the Supreme Judge and Emperor found it completely democratic, legal and even binding.

C) Earl Jack has disputed the controversial issue of Essexia's only extremist parties many times; He claims their creation was ironic, and meant to represent how the Royalists had allowed an extremely big tent to exist within the micronation.

D) As mentioned previously, the VNC was given royal assent, however the Confidence Act 2020 was found to be in contempt of Parliament due to it's format being a Bill. Despite this, criticism still stands, and widens the political schism in Essexia.