Rhino Alliance

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Rhino Alliance
Founded5 January 2020
Dissolved13 January 2021
Political positionBroad church
Colors  Green

The Rhino Alliance was a political alliance in the Commonwealth of Essexia. It was founded on the 5th January 2020 as a voting bloc against the Old Guard Party and the informal WAR Party, following the events of the Grey Weekend. It was dissolved on the 13th January 2021 by the Rt. Hon. Newton, as the Chairman of The Greens (Essexia) (The only party left in the alliance at that point).


The Rhino Alliance was founded as a direct response to the declaration of martial law by the WAR Party government. During martial law Lord Matthew left the WAR Party and as Parliament was suspended the ordinary by-election procedure did not occur. Once martial law was lifted, against the desire of the government, the Rhino Alliance sprung into action with Lord Matthew announcing that he would be supporting the Rhino Alliance and thus requesting that the Rhino Alliance be allowed to form a government, as they had a majority in parliament.

After a number of changes in the political landscape throughout 2020,


"Rhino" was chosen as the name as it was seen that only a charging rhino could tear down the monopoly on power held by authoritarian parties in Essexia.


The following are parties that have, at some point, been members of the Rhino Alliance:

Party Spectrum Logo
Old Guard Party OGP Center-Right Old Guard.png
Royalist Party of Essexia ERP Center RoyalistIconNew1.5.png
Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party of Essexia LSC Centre-Left LSC logo.png
Progressive Workers' Party PWP Centre-Left Progressive Workers.png
Union of Greens & Nationalists UG&N Right-Wing UoG&N (Essexia).png
Shrek Super Party SSP Shrek Shrek.jpg
The Greens and Co-Operatives TG Left-Wing The Greens Essexia Logo.png