Union of Greens & Nationalists (Essexia)

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Union of Greens & Nationalists
ChairmanNewton von Uberquie
Founded15 February 2020


Green Politics,


Political positionRight-Wing
Official colors     Dark Green      Black
Parliament Seats
1 / 11
Cabinet Members
1 / 17

The Union of Greens & Nationalists (UG&N) is an Eco-Nationalist political party based in the Commonwealth of Essexia. It was founded on 15 February 2020 to contest the March General Election. The party promotes both a combination Nationalist, Eco-Fascist and Green Politics, favouring what it's manifesto defines as a "National Struggle against the forces of ecological destruction". The party adopts a right-wing approach to solving ecological issues, unusual for a Green political grouping: such as big-state intervention, Environmental Corportatism, mandatory ecolological initiatives and environmental national service. The party was founded during a diversification of Essexian politics in the run up to the Raging Valentines.

It's founder and current leader is Newton von Uberquie, and it currently holds 1 seat in Parliament.