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Crown Dependency of Čechsexia
Flag of Čechsexia.png

Hymn of the Commonwealth
Capital cityPrerau
Largest cityPrerau
Official language(s)Czech, English
Official religion(s)No Official Religion
Short nameČechsexia
GovernmentParliamentary democratic Constitutional Monarchy
- EmperorJames I
- Crown PrinceCrown Prince Tomáš F
LegislaturePub of Čechsexia
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 5
Established28 November 2020
Area claimed0.4 acres
CurrencyČechsexie Crown (?) (CXC)
Time zoneUTC ±01:00

The Crown Dependency of Čechsexia is a semi-independent micronation located near the village of Želatovice, within the Czech Republic. It is semi-autonomous, relying on Essexia for matters such as foreign relations and defence. It became a Crown Dependency on the 28th November 2020.


Prior to becoming a Crown Dependency, Čechsexia was an area of territory within the Czech Republic that was claimed and inhabited by Czecho-Essexian citizens. After the election of Francis S to the Essexian parliament, the growing importance of the Czech micronational community, and the need at the time to properly define the Essexian territories in legislation, the Parliament of Essexia sought to declare the Czech territory as a semi-autonomous state. As such, Queen Becky of Chelmsford put the Čechsexie Act 2020 to a vote on the 28th November. It subsequently passed, and Tomáš F was appointed as the Crown Prince of Čechsexia. On 1 December, the proposal for the Čechsexian constitution was presented in the Essexian parliament, and after small adjustments was ratified the next day.

Government History

Tomáš F was appointed Crown Prince of Čechsexia by Emperor Terry on the 28th November 2020.


Being a Crown Dependency of Essexia, Emperor Terry is the head of state. The head of government is the Crown Prince Tomáš F, who was appointed by the Emperor.


The currency of Čechsexia is the Čechsexie Crown, which is based upon the exact value of the Essexian Yen. As such, whilst Čechsexia has some powers over the Crown currency via a national bank, it is ultimately controlled by the Imperial Bank of Essexia, which can veto the Čechsexie bank's quarterly interest rates.


The Čechsexie Act 2020 maintains that Čechsexia must celebrate both Essexian and local Czech cultures and identities.