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and largest city
Official languagesCzech, English
Establishment28 November 2020
• Census
CurrencyČechsexie Crown (?) (CXC)
Time zoneUTC ±01:00

Čechsexia, formerly the Crown Dependency of Čechsexia, is a province of Essexia located near the village of Želatovice, within the Czech Republic. It was formerly a semi-autonomous Crown Dependency of Essexia, being reliant on Essexia for foreign relations and defence. It became a Crown Dependency on the 28th November 2020, and was integrated as a province on the 8th October 2021.


Prior to becoming a Crown Dependency, Čechsexia was an area of territory within the Czech Republic that was claimed and inhabited by Czecho-Essexian citizens. After the election of Francis S to the Essexian parliament, the growing importance of the Czech micronational community, and the need at the time to properly define the Essexian territories in legislation, the Parliament of Essexia sought to declare the Czech territory as a semi-autonomous state. As such, Queen Becky of Chelmsford put the Čechsexie Act 2020 to a vote on the 28th November. It subsequently passed, and Tomáš F was appointed as the Crown Prince of Čechsexia. On 1 December, the proposal for the Čechsexian constitution was presented in the Essexian parliament, and after small adjustments was ratified the next day.

Over the next 9 months, Čechsexia was relatively quiet and kept to itself, with Čechsexians often commenting on current affairs to themselves.

The 14th September 2021 coup by the military was received with significant opposition from the Čechsexians, who feared that the new government would not be sympathetic to their cause. As if proving this, the Čechsexia Reorganisation Act 2021 was passed soon after, on the 8th October 2021, which integrated Čechsexia as a province into Essexia. The nation was also renamed back to the Commonwealth of Essexia.

Government History

The Crown Dependency of Čechsexia had a unicameral legislature (Officially the Čechsexian Parliament, informally the Pub of Čechsexia), which was given devolved powers to act semi-autonomously by the Parliament of Essexia. It had 5 seats, held by MCPs (Member of the Čechsexian Parliament) who were a devolved counterpart to the Essexian MPs (Member of Parliament).

Being a Crown Dependency of Essexia, the Monarch of Essexia was the head of state. The head of government was the Crown Prince Tomáš F, who was appointed by Emperor Terry of Essexia. He lost his position be default when Čechsexia became a province on the 8th October 2021.


The Čechsexians opposed the 14th September 2021 coup, and remain staunchly skeptical of the government's actions.

In the 1st March 2021 By-Election, 7 votes were counted - 5 for Joel N (71.4% of the vote) and 2 for James F (28.6% of the vote). 2 ballots were spoilt. This would suggest that there was a population of between 7 and 10 at the time of the election. As a result of the by-election, Joel N became an MCP.

In the 2021 Essexian general election on the 11 July 2021, the National Rifle Party led by Francis secured a seat in Parliament as no other candidates ran in Čechsexia. He received 0 votes.


The currency of Čechsexia was the Čechsexie Crown, which was based upon the exact value of the Essexian Yen. As such, whilst Čechsexia had some powers over the Crown currency via a national bank, it was ultimately controlled by the Imperial Bank of Essexia, which could veto the Čechsexie bank's quarterly interest rates.


The Čechsexie Act 2020 maintained that Čechsexia must celebrate both Essexian and local Czech cultures and identities.

Čechsexians are renowned for their drinking and humour.