Les Paddocks

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District of Les Paddocks
  District of Essexia  
Photo of the Imperial Wing at Les Paddocks.

Motto: Peace Through Conflict & War
District Les Paddocks
Established 26 December 2017
 - Emperor Terry of Essexia
 - Earl Jack of Molrams
 - Responsible Minister Interior Minister of Essexia
 - Total 0.005 km2 (0 sq mi)
Elevation 48.0 m (157.5 ft)
Population (12 April 2020)
 - Total 6
 - Density 1,200/km2 (3,108/sq mi)
Time zone Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) (UTC±00:00)
 - Summer (DST) British Summer Time (BST) (UTC+01:00)
The back of Les Paddocks, with part of the Emperor Terry Wing in view.

Les Paddocks (English: The Paddocks) is a significant territory within the province of Greater Danbury in the Commonwealth of Essexia. It is the residing territory of the Rt. Hon. Jack, and historically is very important to the Essexian government being the de facto meeting place of the Parliament. The territory is around an acre in size.


  • Essexia's only Imperial Essexian Navy port.
    • Home port of the Jaywick.
  • Where the first constitution as written on 20th July 2018.
  • Hosted the first day of the Danbury Conference.
    • The second day was also hosted in Greater Danbury, at Hawarden.
  • Where Emperor Terry of Essexia was crowned.
  • Earl Jack relaxing in Summer at Les Paddocks.
  • Dean Network headquarters and filming location.
  • Near the only EAST launch site, where Essexia's first rocket was launched.
  • The de facto meeting place of the Essexian Parliament.

The Emperor Terry Wing was christened in June 2019 as a dedicated meeting hall, following a number of gatherings of the Parliament of Essexia and notable figures in the previous year.

In January 2020, BT began surveying the area for the installation of fibre-optic internet cables; This could greatly increase the property's significant and viability as a Parliamentary building.

February 2020 saw exterior renovations, and the removal of a small number of old trees. The Emperor Terry Wing saw limited damage during Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis, and some leaking, however these were quickly fixed. As of November 2020, work is continuing on the addition of two extra buildings, one of which could become a new wing dedicated to government business.

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