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Dean Network
DN 3.png
Type: Broadcasting Company
Founded 4 November 2018
Founder: Rt. Hon. Jack MP
CEO Rt. Hon. Jack MP
COO Earl Finn of Hawarden
Official Website
Subsidiaries - Dean Network Youtube
- Radio Dean

- The Essexian (Magazine)

- The Weekly Reader (Broadsheet)

- The Nervan Guardian (Magazine)

- EssexiaTalk

The Dean Network is the Commonwealth of Essexia's official Broadcasting network.


On 16 July 2019, the Dean Network began a large effort to start producing content, with the first few days being information gathering and inquiries into what people might like. The 18 July 2019 saw the Dean Network release a provisional list of shows/properties they intend to create. The provisional list consisted of nine programmes. These programmes were:

  • Skater Kids - Comedy about people who skate, and the misadventures they encounter while skating.
    Rated 15. Accepted for 1 Season.
  • DNN - Monthly or fortnightly News show covering events and news stories inside and outside of essexia, each episode being around 30 mins max.
    Rated E for everyone. Accepted without Season limit.
  • (Cancelled) Well Maybe It's... - Witty talk show covering topics from history to geography to modern politics and more.
    Would either be a show or a podcast, and would have a number of different guests.
    Rated 12A. Accepted for 1 Season. Merged into EssexiaTalk.
  • (Cancelled) The Pepsi: A Nigerian Story - A documentary show covering the Pepsi that was sent to Nigeria in 2019, would've analysed all sides of the story.
    Rated 12. 1 Season Limit.
  • (Cancelled) Green Earth - Nature series covering the animals and plants and ecosystems in Essexia, and the landmarks they exist at.
    Rated E for everyone. Accepted for 2 Seasons.
  • The Review Corner - Review show, either show or podcast, that could cover movies, shows, music, and more, would be 1 hour max episodes.
    Rated 15. Accepted for 1 Season.
  • Who Took My Freaking Phone? - Gameshow, contestant's phone is handed over pre-show, and they must ask the other 3 contestants questions to figure out who has their phone. More details to be added to make the show more interesting.
    Rated E for everyone. Accepted for 1 Season.
  • Paddocks Abbey - Period Drama focusing on a upper class family around 2010.
    Rated 12A. Accepted for 1 Season.
  • (See 'That's History?' - Cancelled) You Dumb or Nah? - Talk/Game show, similar to QI, but with more of an emphasis on a game show. Contestants will be tested on their general knowledge, or subject specific details.
    Rated E for everyone. Accepted for 2 Seasons.

Following a further review on the 4th July 2020, CEO Jack decided that the following productions would begin development as soon as it was safe to do so, and no staff felt that the COVID-19 would hinder production or put anyone in unnecessary danger:

  • (Cancelled) The Pepsi: A Nigerian Story
  • Paddocks Abbey
  • (Cancelled) You Dumb or Nah?
  • The United Office - Similar to Paddocks Abbey, this was set to be a satirical drama, but instead focusing on a British-American President and the struggles they face in office. It is heavily inspired by The West Wing and Designated Survivor. Eventually adapted into an Essexian-themed parody of political dramas. The plot was adapted to revolve around a 'designated survivor' who survives a terrorist attack on the Parliament of Essexia and must lead the nation forward in the aftermath.
Promotional poster for the United Office pilot. Created by Emperor Terry.

The first episode of the United Office aired on the 31st August 2020, being filmed on the 29th. It met critical acclaim and positive reviews, being produced by Lord Jack, Emperor Terry and Lord Matthew. it starred the trio as well as Crown Minister Summers, James H and Adam F, who all agreed to produce a second episode in the future. Departing from the original premise of a British-American President of the United States, the United Office focused on a terrorist attack leading to the deaths of the Essexian cabinet, and Jack (Being the Coal and Transport Minister, and the Designated Survivor of the cabinet) assuming the office of First Minister. Although some pointed out numerous loopholes in the plot, the vague story was cleared up by the reality that the small cast was able to script, film and choreograph the entire 10-minute production within 4 hours. The entire episode was also edited and uploaded within 2 days. The team opted to improvise the entire episode rather than script it as it improved the comedy and cinematography, and kept production morale high and creative freedom unlimited.

Proposed on the 7th February 2021:

  • That's History? - A game show where contestants guess whether a story is false or a part of Essexian history. Developed from 'You Dumb or Nah?'. 30 minutes max episodes.

Rated E for everyone. Accepted for 1 Season.

  • EAST: The Alright Stuff - A one-off documentary covering the rise of EAST, Essexia's space program. It would feature unique interviews and a concise history of the organisation set against the backdrop of Essexia's development.
MidGear proposition logo.

Rated E for everyone. Accepted for 1 long-length episode.

  • UNAMED ESSEXIA DOCUMENTARY - Either a one-off or short series documentary on the beginnings or history of Essexia. Proposed by FM Ben, would feature interviews and high-quality production.

Rated 12A. Accepted for either 1 season or 1 long-length episode.

Proposed on the 18th April 2021:

Rated 12A. Accepted for 1 season of 3 episodes.

The Weekly Reader

Originally a concept developed and published by the National Conservative Party of Essexia,[1] and later the Commonwealth Party of Essexia, the Dean Network took control of this publication on the 19th August 2019.[2] It has irregular publications regarding recent news and the weather in Essexia and Čechsexia.

FAR Network

FAR Network was a community interest company that aimed to broadcast music and news within the Commonwealth of Essexia. It was founded by Earl Finn of Hawarden on the 25th October 2018. The Network was made a subsidiary of DN in the Media Merger Act 2019 on the 11th June 2019, following an event which caused the Parliament of Essexia to distrust Earl Finn's motives. The Network continued to operate under DN until the 28th December 2019, when Earl Finn announced he would dissolve the subsidiary organisation on the 1st January 2020 at 17:00 GMT.

Despite the dissolution, Earl Jack opted to keep Earl Finn as the COO as he felt the latter's advice and experience would benefit Dean Network's executive team.



The EssexiaTalk program was created on the 16th April 2020 by Earl Jack of Essexia and Emperor Vincent I of Arthuria. Earl Jack had proposed a similar idea prior to Lord Matthew, however when Vincent brought the same idea to Jack the two ideas were merged. The program, sometimes referred to as a podcast, is a series of episodes, each focusing on short takes of different areas of micronationalism. It features a varying cast of guests and hosts, and is run in weekly episodes, with breaks between seasons. Although it has been debated whether to broadcast the show live or record and edit the footage, the latter was chosen as it would allow for a higher quality program.

EssexiaTalk logo, created by Lord Matthew.
EssexiaTalk Series Overview
Season Episode Recorded Aired Host(s) Theme(s) Guest(s)
1 1 23/04/2020 25/04/2020 Earl Jack, Lord Matthew, Emperor Vincent I Micronational Militaries Jacob M
2 29/04/2020 29/04/2020 Earl Jack, Lord Matthew Foreign Relations Earl Finn of Hawarden
3 15/05/2020 17/05/2020 Earl Jack, Lord Matthew Types of Government Emperor Vincent I, Emperor Terry

It was decided by Jack and Matthew to review the status of the show following the recording of Episode 4 as to whether more episodes would be recorded, or whether to take a temporary break before resuming with another season. However, due to a dramatic schism within Essexia in early June, the last episode of the season and subsequent review never occurred.

Other Ventures

The Dean Network is responsible for the broadcasting of significant events. Despite this, the Hawarden Session (A Quorum of the Parliament of Essexia held at Hawarden) was uploaded to Earl Jack's personal YouTube due to technical difficulties.

DN began posting meteorological reports to r/Essexia for public convenience in early 2020, however these were later merged into The Weekly Reader articles for ease of access and to reduce clutter on the subreddit.

DN expanded into the micronation of Poplar Nerva on the 30th January 2020, with the creation of 'The Nervan Guardian' magazine, focusing explicitly on Poplar Nerva subjects, as well as the wider micronational community.


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