Commonwealth Party of Essexia

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Commonwealth Party of Essexia
PremierLord Chris
Founded3 June 2019
Dissolved1st July 2019
Preceded byNational Conservative Party
HeadquartersDanbury, Essexia
NewspaperThe Weekly Reader
Political positionCentre to Centre-right
Colors  Blue   Red
SloganOur logo is the only good thing about us.

The Commonwealth Party of Essexia, formerly the National Conservative Party of Essexia, was a Centre-right Expansionist party that aimed to increase the size of the Commonwealth by colonizing uninhabited lands, forming trade connections, and spreading Essexian culture into other nations. It was also pro-monarchy and aimed to give Emperor Terry of Essexia more power in Parliament. The party also operated Essexia's first regularly published news source (The Weekly Reader, on r/Essexia), as well as Les Paddocks.


CoPa was founded on the 3rd June 2019 by Lord Jack, with the consent of his party the NatCons, in order to rebrand the party and expand its goals. The party held beliefs in traditional colonialism, Lord Jack still does and aims to colonize local uninhabited lands and, especially, islands. In addition, it wished to give Emperor Terry more power in Parliament and increase Essexia's publicity in order to improve and spread Essexian culture. For all intents and purposes, the party was just a basic rebranding of the NatCons, and offered very little new political beliefs (other than a larger focus on expansionism and patriotism).

After the 2019 Essexian general election, Party Leader Lord Jack resigned due to disagreements with First Minister Lord Jamie. Lord Ben, assuming leadership, gave their single seat to the Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party of Essexia to oppose the Royalists. Lord Chris was then made leader, however, Lord Ben declared that this dissolved the party due to a lack of seats and members.


The short existence of CoPa can be attributed to an issue that predated it - the lack of popularity with centre-right parties in Essexia, as well as Jack's inability to build enough of a threatening bloc to truly challenge the position of First Minister. The party existed for less than a month, and has provided little legacy to be remembered. It is arguably the least significant right-wing party in Essexian history.