Provinces of Essexia

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Provinces of Essexia

In the Commonwealth of Essexia, a Province is the primary level of administrative division. There are four provinces in the Commonwealth: Greater Danbury, Greater Baddow, Colchester and Shenfield. Provinces in Essexia do not hold any inherent power. They are merely administrative divisions which are represented by Parliament as a whole, and not individual representatives. The only slight excepotion to this is Shenfield, which is a partly autonomous province.

The provinces of the country consist of Counties, which are the secondary level of administrative division. Due to the nature of some counties not being populated, counties that are populated contain districts. In total, there are 14 Counties, and 22 Districts.


The area’s claimed by Essexia has always been varying and ambiguous. Essexia itself claims the entire county of Essex, and previous divisions have included the entirety of land within it despite the obvious contradiction to the Wrythe Convention and infeasibility of the claim. Therefore, several notable attempts have been made to reduce the claim and make clarifications as to the administration and divisions of the controlled areas. The 3rd Constitution was the first to outline the 9 districts, originally intended to be directed represented by elected members. This was the first time a clarification was made in Essexian legal documentation that Essexia did not claim the entire county of Essex, only parts which they could directly control. As an elaboration to the brief mention in the constitution, in mid-2019 the Interior Ministry drafted and introduced the ‘Provinces Act’ which further outlined the division of Essexian districts, which remains the status-quo today. This Act introduced the provinces of Greater Danbury and Greater Baddow, as well as the initial 6 Counties and 10 Districts.

The Renewed Provinces Act 2020 was passed on the 23rd March 2020, and added the provinces of Colchester and Shenfield (See Shenistan-Essexian War), as well as another 8 Counties and 12 Districts.


Provinces of Essexia
Name Image Population. Area (acres) Establishment Country Earl/ Countess Counties Districts
Greater Danbury 36 12 26th December 2017 Essexia Earl Finn of Hawarden
Little Baddow
  • Infans Domum
Cold Norton
  • Nowhere
  • Musica Domum
Greater Baddow 54 2 26th December 2017 Essexia Earl Gordon of Baddow
Great Baddow
Colchester TBD TBD 23rd March 2020 Essexia Earl Jamie of Storm Radio
Colchester Town
  • Smokers' Den
  • Storm Radio
Crappius Maximus
  • Kelvedon
  • Marks Tey
  • Clacton
  • Jaywick
Shenfield No photo available TBD TBD 23rd March 2020 Essexia To be appointed
  • Railway Staion
  • State Regulated Costa
  • Tanglewood Estate
  • Brendwood Station

Shenfield Occupied Zone

  • Shenludza