Counties of Essexia

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The provinces of the Commonwealth of Essexia consist of Counties, which are the secondary level of administrative division within the country. There are 6 counties in the Essexia which are;

  • Danbury
  • Little Baddow
  • Cold Norton
  • Maldon
  • Great Baddow
  • Sandon

Due to the nature of some counties not being populated, counties that are populated contain Districts. In total, there are 9 districts within the counties, with 4 of these districts being part of Essexia’s claimed land area, and the other 5 being unclaimed population centres.


The representation of the counties is complex. De-Jure, the representative of a County is Parliament as a collective, however practically, they are administered by notable residents; an example being Earl Finn, who de-facto runs the County of Danbury and its according districts. There is yet to be a definitive legal status, however, the Interior Ministry, responsible for organising the counties, favour the status-quo- claiming that there have been no issues with the system.

Notable Districts

Although there are many districts throughout the counties, notable ones include Hawarden and Les Paddocks, both of which are vital administrative centres in Essexia.