Weeaboo Rights Party

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Weeaboo Rights Party
LeaderRt Hon. Ben MP
Founded27 May 2019
HeadquartersDanbury, Essexia
Political positionCentrist
Colors  Yellow   Brown
SloganYour Waifu is trash
Parliament Seats
1 / 11

The Weeaboo Rights Party of Essexia is a pro-civil rights, historically third-way party founded by Ben H. It is renowned for being able to maintain its single seat throughout Essexian elections.


The party was created on the 27 May 2019 by Crown Minister Ben H, a former member of the Royalist party. The division against the establishment parties came to a head when Crown Minister Ben resigned from his party and formed the Weeaboo Rights Party as he was reportedly bullied for his views of 2D women. The party soon found itself with the potential to become a significant bloc in Essexian politics. The party was initially viewed as a hostile force by the NatCons and Royalists, as most of the Weeaboo Rights members were weebs who formerly supported the either the Royalists or the NatCons, but found themselves drew to the party as it wanted to guarantee weeaboos rights, unlike the Royalists and NatCons, who at the time wanted to take away weeaboo rights.

In an effort to win over Weeaboo Rights supporters the Royalists moderated the party's view on weebs to align with the Liberal Socialist view where weebs will be treated as any other person. But for many Weeaboo Rights supporters, this was seen as too little too late, so this had little effect. The Commonwealth Party of Essexia had also promised to treat Weeaboos equally during the 2019 Essexian general election however this effort was also viewed as futile.

On the 30 June 2019, the Commonwealth Party leader Lord Jack had, in an attempt to create a larger Royalist bloc due to his belief that the Royalists would win in a landslide, contacted party leader Crown Minister Ben with a coalition offer, however the Minister contacted the Royalists the next morning, announcing his interest in a merger. On the 1st July 2019, before the polls opened at 10 am, Lord Matthew of the Royalists announced the merger. This merger was also motivated by a belief among the Royalists that they would not win a landslide majority. Following the merger, Crown Minister Ben was given a Royalist seat after the election, and the party would have to guarantee the rights of weeaboos and the other beliefs of the WRP.

The 2021 Essexian general election saw the WRP retain its seat in Parliament, despite low turnout and the party leader allegedly voting for the Royalists instead of his own party, for the sake of being a good sport.

To this day, Minister Ben has remained independent in his strong values of equality among all Essexians, be they weeaboo or not. He has remained a Civil Rights campaigner for equality movements and is seen as a figurehead to many Essexian minorities for his actions and cunning.