Emperors Residence

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District of Emperors Residence
  District of Essexia  
District Emperors Residence
Established 7 July 2019
 - Emperor Terry of Essexia
Population (2020)
 - Total 3
Time zone Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) (UTC±00:00)
 - Summer (DST) British Summer Time (BST) (UTC+01:00)

The Emperors Residence was the home of Terry of Essexia whilst he was the Emperor of Essexia. It is located within Baddowgrad, and still named as such.


The district had been the residence of Emperor Terry since prior to the founding of Essexia in 2017, however it only became a recognised and recorded explicit area under the Provinces Act 2019, passed on the 7th July 2019. The area is particularly significant as being the final resting place of the IEN Sprate heavy cruiser (Now used by the ex-Queen Mother as a piece of garden furniture).

Despite historically being the home of the Essexian monarch, it has never hosted a significant event in Essexian history.