First Minister of Essexia

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First Minister
FM seal.png
Lord Ben

since 11th September 2020
First Minister of Essexia
AppointerEmperor Terry of Essexia

The First Minister of Essexia is the head of the government and Cabinet of Essexia. They also hold the position of Leader of the Parliament of Essexia. In recent times, the role has expanded in power, and is now empowered by several prerogatives from Emperor Terry of Essexia, the head of state.

There have been 6 First Ministers in Essexian history, with tenures ranging from 3 days (Lord Jamie) to 1 year (Earl Finn). The role is currently held by Lord Ben.


The inaugural First Minister of Essexia was Earl Finn, who was appointed by Emperor Terry of Essexia on the 19th of September after the Commonwealth of Essexia was formed from the Federation of Essexia, as Prime Minister of Essexia. He served until the 1st of January 2019, when Essexia became an Absolute Monarchy as Earl Finn resigned in protest. Lord Chris then joined the Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party so that he could become the next First Minister, as he was very popular with the Parliament. Following the establishment of the Essexian Political Commonwealth, and his departure from the LibSocs, Lord Chris resigned his post. Following this, Earl Finn, being a fellow LibSoc, became the First Minister of Essexia.

On the 22 May 2019 Earl Finn announced that on the 16th of June he would end his tenure as First Minister, as well as implying that they had intentions to leave the Essexian Senate. His coalition partners, the Royalists, announced that Lord Jacob would likely be replacing the Earl as First Minister. However, Earl Finn agreed to resign earlier, on the 26th May, as Lord Matthew of the Royalists threatened to end force him out of parliament if he did not accept.

On the 26th May 2019 Lord Matthew, party leader of the Royalist Party, announced that Lord Jamie would become Earl Finn's successor at midnight.

Due to Lord Matthew's disapproval of the Jamie administration and disagreement with Earl Finn, Lord Matthew and other Royalist rebels, supporting Lord Jacob to become FM, broke away from the Royalist Party and formed the Old Guard Party to made of mostly original citizens, but also some new, the Old Guard Coalition hoped to get the seats and take power. But due to Essexian parliamentary rules, when they resigned from the Royalists they would have to fight a by-election to keep their seats. Nonetheless the Old Guards still took away Lord Jamie's parliamentary majority until the by-elections. Due to misunderstanding of the electoral law by the Lord Matthew, it was claimed that after Lord Sam resigned from Parliament his seat would go to a by-election, which it would not, it would go to another member of the Liberal Socialists. Lord Matthew eventually convinced Emperor Terry to declare marshall law and have Lord Jacob take charge that way, as he was minister of defence. So Jacob became Lord Commissar Jacob after this, and thus appointed members of the 6 members of the Old Guard to the positions of power in the new military government.

Following the events of the Grey Weekend, Earl Finn once again became First Minister, as appointed by the Rhino Alliance. However, he was ultimately replaced by Lord Jamie again after the 2020 Essexian general election. Despite running with the Rhinos for the general election, Jamie opted to switch alliances to the Giraffe Concordat on the 25th March 2020.

Lord Sam became First Minister on the 30th May 2020, following the events of Snakey Saturday.

After the signing of the Third Constitution of Essexia on the 11th September 2020 in Greater Danbury, Ben H formed a new Government as he had garnered the support to do so from almost all MPs to do so, despite his Government minority and lack of leadership experience.


The powers of the First Minister, until the Parliamentary Constituency and Prerogative Act, largely ambiguous and uncodified. With the Emperor holding ultimate sovereign powers, there was a persistent debate over the authority the office of the First Minister had in decision making and policy. The Prerogative Act in 2019 clarified a few of the constitutional prerogatives given to the First Minister from the Office of the Emperor. They included;

  • The power to dissolve Parliament and call an election
  • The right to appoint his own Minister of Foreign Affairs, without Parliamentary interference
  • The right to receive foreign dignitaries and representatives (instead of the Emperor doing so) whereby he sees it fit to do so
  • The right to declare war (although, by convention, this may require consultation in parliament and the wording in the act is unclear.)
  • The right to appoint and remove Ministers of the Crown
  • The duties of the supreme commander of the military, with executive authority over all actors but the Emperor
  • The right to lead and be the executive in the Essexian National Order
  • The power to call national referendums
  • The power to declare martial law
  • The right to implement legislation
  • The power to appoint and remove the Supreme Judge

First Ministers

The parties are as follows:       Progressive Worker's Party/Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party,       Royalist Party,       Old Guard Party.

Portrait Term in Office First Minister Party Government
Hawarden Arms.png 19 April 2018
1 January 2019
257 days
Earl Finn* Liberal Socialist Hawarden Ministry
ChrisESX.jpg 1 January 2019
12 February 2019
42 days
Lord Chris Liberal Socialist/Royalist Essexian Political Commonwealth I
Hawarden Arms.png 12 February 2019
27 May 2019
104 days
Earl Finn Liberal Socialist Essexian Political Commonwealth II
JamieESX.jpg 27 May 2019
21 July 2019
57 days
Lord Jamie Royalist Jamie Ministry
Essexia Jacob.png 22 July 2019
5 January 2020
167 days
Lord Jacob Old Guard Jacob Ministry
Hawarden Arms.png 5 January 2020
14 February 2020
44 days
Earl Finn LSC Rhino Ministry
JamieESX.jpg 14 February 2020
17 February 2020
3 days
Lord Jamie Royalist Transferal Government
Essexia Jack.png 17 February 2020
3 March 2020
15 days
Earl Jack Old Guard Interim Giraffe Government
JamieESX.jpg 3 March 2020
30 May 2020

88 days

Earl Jamie Royalist Rhino Ministry II (3 March 2020 - 25 March 2020)
Giraffe Ministry (25 March 2020 - 30 May 2020)
SamESX.png 30 May 2020
11 September 2020
104 days
Lord Sam Progressive Workers' Party Rhino Ministry III
Essexia Ben.png 11 September 2020
Lord Ben Weeaboo Rights Party Weeaboo Ministry

*For Earl Finn's first term the role was known as Prime Minister and the senate had greater power as it was prior to the Monarchical Powers Act 2018.
**Earl Jamie changed alliance part way through his term on 25/03/2020, from Rhino to Giraffe.