Old Guard Party

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Old Guard Party
Lady CommissarPrincess Becky
Founded21 July 2019
Dissolved19 May 2020
Split fromRoyalist Party (de facto)
Political positionCentre-right
Colors  Blue
Parliament Seats
2 / 11
Cabinet Members
6 / 17

The Old Guard Party of Essexia is a Traditionalist Political Party. It was founded on the 21st July 2019 to reignite Monarchist ideals and to force the then First Minister Lord Jamie of Essexia to resign.

Following the events of the Grey Weekend, the Old Guard Party was to form a coalition with the WAR Party on the 4th January 2020, but a subsequent merger never occurred, despite it being believed that such an event would happen.


The Old Guard was founded on the 21 July 2019 to reignite Monarchist ideals and to force the then First MinisterLord Jamie of Essexia to resign. It successfully achieved its goals with the help of Lord Matthew who had grown tired of Jamie and began planning with the other members of the Party to force his resignation; Lord Jacob of Essexia who, as Defence Secretary, was made Lord Commissar of the Essexian Military Junta; Crown Minister Jack of Essexia who led negotiations between the Old Guard and other individuals to bring about Jamie's resignation peacefully; and the much-appreciated support from Crown Minister Ben of Essexia, Lord George of Essexia, Emperor Terry of Essexia, and many more.

After Crown Minister Jack had successfully persuaded Jamie to resign and support Lord Jacob's candidacy, Emperor Terry I formally declared Martial Law and dissolved the Parliament of Essexia for the first time since the 16th September Civil War (Which had also coincidentally been supported by Crown Minister Jack and Crown Minister Ben). This resulted in the Armed Forces taking charge of Essexia and forming the Essexian Military Junta, led by Lord Commissar Jacob, and was also administrated by Commissar Ben (S) and Lord Admiral Jack, and Lieutenant Matt (G), Captain Matthew and Banner Serjeant George (Serjeant being spelt with a 'J' instead of the standard 'G' in Essexia).


Members of the Old Guard Party of Essexia
Name Joined Departed
Lord Jacob 21 July 2019 3 March 2020
Lord Matthew 21 July 2019 5 January 2020
Lord Jack 21 July 2019 N/A
Crown Minister Summers 21 July 2019 N/A
Lord George 21 July 2019 N/A
Princess Becky 14 February 2020 N/A
Prince James 14 February 2020 N/A