WAR Party

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Weapons And Rifles Party of Essexia
LeaderSecond Commissar Jack
SloganWhen in doubt, declare war
Founded4th January 2020
Dissolved5th January 2020
Split fromOld Guard Party
Merged intoOld Guard Party
HeadquartersLes Paddocks, Essexia
Political positionCentre-right to Right-wing
Official colors     Blue      Black

The Weapons and Rifle Party of Essexia (WAR Party) was a pro-conflict and military supremacist party in the Commonwealth of Essexia. It has links to the National Conservative Party of Essexia and the Commonwealth Party of Essexia. The party was intended to be the direct successor to the Old Guard Party. They were the leading party of the Second Military Junta, which started on the 4th January 2020 and ended the next day.


The WAR Party was founded on the 4th January 2020 at 16:25 GMT when Earl Jack of Molrams and Crown Minister Summers of Essexia left the Old Guard Party following the Second Military Junta. They made a coalition with the OGP . At 16:55, within an hour of the Party's creation, The WAR Party coalition disbanded, with the Old Guards intending to join the former in order to create a majority government once the Junta ended, however due to the events of the Grey Weekend, this never transpired.

Lord Ben of Essexia agreed to a coalition between WAR and the Weeaboo Rights Party on the 5th January 2020, in order to prevent Weeaboos from becoming a minority race.

The Party disbanded on the 5th January due to disagreements over its legitimacy. Due to the Emperor's rulings, all members of the Party became members of their previous parties, and the WAR Party disbanded that evening.


Name Joined Departed Position
Earl Jack 4th January 2020 5th January 2020 Party Leader
Crown Minister Summers 4th January 2020 5th January 2020 Party Organiser
Lord George 4th January 2020 5th January 2020 Party Representative
Princess Becky 4th January 2020 5th January 2020 Equality Supervisor
Prince James 4th January 2020 5th January 2020 Imperial Consultant
Lord Jacob 4th January 2020 5th January 2020 Defence Consultant
Lord Gilbert 4th January 2020 5th January 2020 Domestic Policy Consultant
Lord Ben 5th January 2020 5th January 2020 Culture Consultant