Lord Ben of Essexia

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Lord Benjamin Summers (also known as Ben Summers) is the Supreme Judge of Essexia and loyal monarchist. Ben is the only citizen of Esseixa who previously held American Citizenship, however was born in the United Kingdom and resides in Essexia. His loyalty to the sovereign resulted in his appointment to the role. Ben is known in Essexia for his staunch isolationist stance.

Ben joined the micronation in late 2017 a few months after its creation, however wasn’t very active until recently during the New Year membership reforms. Throughout his membership, he has only voted in major votes, and has abstained from helping managing the country despite offers due to his lack of time and interest. However, recently, the reforms created more roles for other citizens, and he accepted the appointment of supreme judge, which enables him to break a Parliament deadlock.

Ben lives a relatively quiet personal life, and doesn't reveal much about his political opinions and voting preferences, only specifying he is pro monarchy. He has deep bonds with the USA, as his father is american and he hold American citizenship. He famously called both candidates in the 2016 US Elections “Sausages,” which is now a common phrase used to describe politicians in Essexia. Ben has a quiet personality, and is not known for being outspoken and loud unlike his other lords.

In 2018, as part of the Lords Act, Ben was appointed a Lord for his loyalty and activeness.