Imperial Army of Essexia

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Imperial Army of Essexia

Flag of the IAE
Active July 2018 – present
Headquarters Les Paddocks
Head of Ground Forces Crown Minister Summers of Essexia
Original RAE Logo, based loosely upon the US Army logo.

The Imperial Army of Essexia (IAE) is the military division of the armed forces of Essexia. The duties of the IAE are to act as an offence and defence force during wars, and to ensure law and order is maintained at all times. GA Crown Minister Summers of Essexia is the General of the Army.

Its headquarters is Les Paddocks, with operations also being directed from Cold Norton in Greater Danbury, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' building, the Danko House.


IAE Star, taken from RAE logo.

The IAE was founded around late July 2018, after the Imperial Essexian Navy and Fröhlichwaffe had been established. There is currently no special equipment or vehicles possessed by the IAE due to the expensive and complex nature of such equipment. On the 4th of August 2018 Matthew was appointed Second Lieutenant of the Army by Earl Jack of Molrams, and then promoted to General of the Army on the 9th. He was later removed and replaced by Lord Ben, who has held the position ever since.


The first military operation in Essexian history was Operation: Urban Kick. OP:UK (OP CODE: RAEOP01UK) was the military exercise to infiltrate and take-over the City centre of Chelmsford. The operation was considered a significant success after 6 specialists from the IAE were able to patrol the high street for an hour without opposition.

The second military operation was Operation: Freezer. OP:Freezer (RAEOP02FRE) was the military and diplomatic exercise to annex and capitulate the Funtime Republic, a small, independent micronation which had surfaced within Essexian territory on the 27th March 2019. Army intelligence soon found that Lord Chris was behind the new nation, and Lord Jack soon organised an operation. On the 28th March, the IAE took Lord Chris, and invaded his territory. However, after Lord Chris organised support behind him, Lord Jack organised a negotiation. The Freezer Republic would become a Dominion of Essexia, rather than an annexed county, but Lord Chris would retain full control, except for the Emperor's will. Both sides accepted the deal, and the Operation was considered a moderate success.

The 3rd, and final to this day, was a lesser operation involving members of the cabinet; the Rush of Fort Morris. The operation resulted in the capture of a WW2 era British pillbox, which was renamed Fort Morris and serves as the only permanent military fortification in the Commonwealth.

Lord Ben was appointed General of the Imperial Army of Essexia on the 17th of June 2019 by Emperor Terry.


The only currently active unit of the IAE is the Essexian 4th Guards Battalion (The 4thGBat as it is known by the troops). They have conducted many operations including the famous Molrams March, in which 16 soldiers partook in a military parade in Sandon, the only uniformed exercise of the military.