Greater Danbury

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Greater Danbury

Fields in Greater Danbury

Province of the Commonwealth of Essexia
CapitalLes Paddocks
Founded26th Decemeber 2017
Area12 acres
GovernmentParliament of Essexia
Commissar GeneralCommissar General Jacob
EarlFinn of Hawarden

Danburstan is one of the four provinces in the Commonwealth of Essexia. It is the largest province with 12 acres, with 36 Essexian citizens.


The name of Danbury comes from the English village of which is is situated in; Danbury. It has the Imperial Essexian Navy's only port, and is home to Essexia's only Earls, Earl Finn of Hawarden and Earl Jack of Molrams.


Danbury has always been at the centre of Essexian history, alongside Baddow. However, it wasn't until the Provinces were established in 2020 that it was a defined area of Essexia.

On the 14th September 2021, it was renamed by the military junta government from Greater Danbury to Danburstan, in accordance with the revamped naming system that the new government implemented upon gaining power.