The Greens (Essexia)

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The Greens
ChairmanNewton von Uberquie
Founded10 January 2021
IdeologyGreen Politics,
Direct Democracy
Political positionLeft-Wing
Colors  Green
Parliament Seats
0 / 11
Cabinet Members
0 / 17

The Greens is an Environmentalist and Direct Democratic political party in the Commonwealth of Essexia. It was reformed from the Union of Greens & Nationalists to pursue a Democratic agenda under the green banner. The party is currently the major opposition party in the Essexian Parliament and its leader the Leader of the Opposition.

It's founder and current leader is Newton von Uberquie.


The Greens was founded from the Union of Greens & Nationalists in January 2021. On 3 of March, 2020, Newton was appointed as the Minister of the Environment, the first government office for the party; a post which it holds to this day. Newton also served briefly as the Second Minister of Essexia between May and September of the same year until a majority coalition for the Giraffe Concordat ended his term. During this period, the party was heavily involved in the events of Snakey Saturday, in which the party defected from the Giraffe Concordat to join the ruling Rhino Alliance.

On 12 January 2021, current leader of the opposition, Lord Matthew defected to the Greens citing a lack of protection for workers rights in the Progressive Workers' Party. On the same day, James Frisch was appointed to Parliament in extraordinary circumstances. This brought the total MPs for the party up to 3, making the Greens the largest opposition party in Essexia, a new height for the Greens political success.

The party lost all of its seats after the 2021 Essexian general election, which they did not contest. As a result, Greens MPs Becky and Terry left to run for the Royalists, and successfully kept their seats albeit under a new colour.