Second Minister of Essexia

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Second Minister
Earl Jamie

since 12 September 2020
Second Minister of Essexia
AppointerEmperor Terry of Essexia on the advice of the First Minister Lord Ben

The Second Minister of Essexia is a title bestowed by the First Minister of Essexia upon a designated deputy. The Second Minister is a member of the Cabinet of Essexia, and is usually an elected Lord in the Parliament of Essexia. They are responsible for aiding the First Minister in their official duties, as well as taking charge when the First Minister is absent or unable to fulfill their duties. The current Second Minister is Earl Jamie.

Notable Laws established

List of Second Ministers

Second Ministers
Portrait Term in Office Minister Party Government Notes
Essexia Becky.png 27 May 2019
29 July 2019
63 days
Princess Becky of Essexia Royalist Party of Essexia
  • Jamie Ministry
  • Jacob Ministry
  • First Second Minister of Essexia.
  • Longest term.
JamieESX.jpg 5 January 2020
14 February 2020
40 days
Lord Jamie of Essexia Royalist Party of Essexia
  • Rhino Ministry
  • First Male Second Minister.
  • First Second Minister to have not consecutively replaced a predecessor (Jacob Ministry removed Becky and left the position vacant.)
  • First First Minister to have held the role.
Essexia Becky.png 14 February 2020
3 March 2020
18 days
Princess Becky of Essexia Old Guard Party
  • Transferral Government
  • Interim Giraffe Government
  • First individual to have held the position twice.
  • First OGP Second Minister.
  • Shortest term.
SamESX.png 3 March 2020
26 March 2020
23 days
Lord Sam of Essexia Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party of Essexia
  • Rhino Ministry II
  • First LibSoc Second Minister.
Essexia Jack.png 26 March 2020
30 May 2020
65 days
Earl Jack of Essexia Giraffe Concordat
  • Giraffe Ministry
Newtonvonuberquie 1.jpg 31 May 2020
12 September 2020

102 days

Lord Newton Union of Greens & Nationalists/Rhino Alliance
  • Rhino Ministry III
JamieESX.jpg 12 September 2020



Earl Jamie Giraffe Concordat
  • Weeaboo Ministry