2021 Essexian general election

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2021 Essexian general election

← 2021 by-election 11 July 2021

All 11 seats to the Imperial Parliament
6 seats are needed for a majority
Turnout14 votes (11%)
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Rt. Hon. Jack MP Rt. Hon. Ben MP Rt. Hon. Francis MP
Party Royalists Weeaboo Rights Party National Rifle Party
Alliance Giraffe Concordat - Giraffe Concordat
Leader since 12 January 2021 27 May 2019
Last election 4 (GC) 1 New party
Seats before 7 1 1
Seats won 7 1 1
Seat change Steady 0 Steady 0 Steady 0
Popular vote 8 3 0
Percentage 57.1% 21.4% 0%

  Fourth party Fifth party
  File:Leon Montan with Six Montan.jpg
Leader Leon Montan King Jamie
Party Essexian League Independent
Alliance - -
Last election New party
Seats before 0
Seats won 1 1
Seat change +1 +1
Popular vote 2 0
Percentage 14.3% 0%

First Minister of Essexia before election

Earl Jack
Royalist Party of Essexia

Elected First Minister of Essexia

Earl Jack
Royalist Party of Essexia

The 2021 Essexian general election took place on the 11th July 2021, 16 months after the previous election. The election was delayed by 4 months from the original date of 1 March 2021 due to worries over the COVID-19 pandemic. The election resulted in a 2 seat majority for the Royalists.


When Parliament began looking at organising the election in February 2021, they unanimously opted to delay it until an unknown date. However, by April 2021 a number of significant figures had either left Essexia or stepped down and activity had stagnated. Matt G, among one of the few more active people left, spoke with James on the 16th June 2021 to organise the election, and James released Imperial Decree XI on the 20th June, announcing that the election would take place on the 11th July.[1] Parliament was then dissolved.

Francis stepped down as leader of the National Rifle Party on the 26th June, stating he would not contest the election and placed the Rt. Hon. Cristian MP as party leader. However, he later returned in order to contest the election.


Unlike previous general and by elections in Essexia, there was little campaigning prior to the 2021 general election. This is mostly due to the abundance of inactivity within the nation, and fewer people participating in the political system. In addition, there was no formal opposition to oppose the Royalists, and therefore little reason for anyone to campaign. The only exception was the NRP, whose members kept repeating 'gun good'.


Predictor Royalists WRP EL NRP IND Outcome
The Essexian Post [2] 5+ 0-1 0-1 1 1 Likely Royalist government


The Royalists won a two seat majority, securing 7 of the 11 seats in Parliament. The WRP, NRP and Essexian League all won one seat each, and Jamie won a seat for himself as an independent. In contrast to the Rhino win in the previous election, who had secured their victory mostly due to a large increase in turnout, the Royalists won the 2021 election largely due to very poor turnout - down to just 14 votes in 2021 compared to 150 in 2020. Of the 11 seats in Parliament, only the 6 national seats were elected - none of the 5 constituency/local seats were elected as each only had one candidate. As such, only 4 of the 7 Royalist seats, as well as the single WRP and EL seats, were elected to office - 3 Royalists, 1 NRP candidate and Jamie were all unelected.[3]


Seats by Party

7 1 1 1 1
Popular vote
Seat Summary


The Greens did not contest the election, and as such were essentially wiped out by the results. When asked if the party was going to dissolve afterwards, Newton responded "Probably". In addition, due to the low voter turnout and lack of any serious political competition to the Royalists, the Supreme Judge announced that further inquiries into the election would have to be held until he fully recognised the results.

The Royalists were given a democratic mandate to essentially reshape the political system however they wanted, whilst the Essexian League was able to finally secure a seat after 5 months of attempts. The NRP and WRP were able to hang onto their positions in Parliament.

Outgoing MPs

Continuing MPs

Incoming MPs

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