Matthew Griffin

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Tan Sri Dato Sri Utama
Matthew Griffin
Official Photo
Chief Data Controller
In Office
03/06/2020 - 07/02/2021
02/03/2021 - Incumbent
Predecessor Position Created
Nathan R
Successor Nathan R
Currently holds position
Monarch Emperor Terry
Emperor James
Appointed by Lord Matthew
Lord Matthew
Minister of the Interior
11/05/2020 - 01/06/2020
07/02/2021 - 02/03/2021
Predecessor Earl Finn
Lord Jamie
Successor Lord Jacob
Lord Matthew
Monarch Emperor Terry
Emperor James
Appointed by Lord Matthew
Lord Ben
Member of the House of Commons in Australis
In Office
11/05/2020 - incumbent
Predecessor Seat Formed
Successor Incumbent
Monarch HRH Daniel I
Member of Parliament in Essexia
In Office
01/07/2019 - 03/03/2020
02/03/2021 - incumbent
Predecessor Seat Formed
Rt. Hon. Jamie MP
Successor [Insert person]
In Office
Monarch Emperor Terry
Emperor James
Speaker of the House of Commons in Australis
In Office
24/03/2021 - incumbent
Predecessor HRH Daniel I
Successor In Office
Monarch HRH Daniel I
Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island
In Office
13/04/2021 - incumbent
Predecessor Rt. Hon. Lady Calero GCV MP
Successor In Office
Rashtradhyaksh His Illustrious and Royal Majesty Varuna Sriraya Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra
Member of the House of Reprersentives in Poplar Nerva
In Office
20/04/2021 - incumbent
Predecessor Vacant
Successor In Office
Premier Premier Jack Esq.
Secretary of Diplomacy for Poplar Nerva
In Office
20/04/2021 - incumbent
Predecessor Vacant
Successor In Office
Premier Premier Jack Esq.
Personal information
Born 26 December
United Kingdom
Citizenship Essexian
Nationality British
Residence Essexia
Military service
Allegiance  Vishwamitra
Service/branch  Royal Vishwamitran Air Force
In service 2021–present
Rank Air Chief Marshal

Matthew Griffin is the current Interior Minister, a Member of Parliament in Essexia, a member of the Privy Council in both Australis and Vishwamitra and a member of the House of Representatives in Poplar Nerva.


Joining Essexia in early 2019 on the recommendation of his friends the former Rt. Hon. Jamie MP and Lord Commissar Jacob M he immediately got involved, very quickly being appointed into the position of Minister of Health, and taking up a position in the Essexian Army. After a short amount of time Matthew joined the Royalist Party and ran in the very first Essexian general election resulting in him becoming an MP and a Lord as the Royalists won with a Land Slide. After this initial election Matthew was an MP for the Royalist Party, as well as the Old Guard Party, until 3 March 2020 when he lost his seat in parliament.

Matthew was without a position for a matter of days until he was approached to take the position of Interior Minister from the then disgraced Lord Jack. Matthew held this position for 21 days, in this short tenure he spearheaded the Citizenship reforms leading to the formation of the first comprehensive Essexian Citizenship register, and wrote the Data Protection and Regulation Act 2020, the largest piece of legislation placed before parliament and creating the position of Chief Data Controller. In his most recent time as Interior Minister, Matthew coordinated and ran the March 2021 Essexian By Elections.

Political career


Title: Commissar Matthew G

Due to the active nature of Matthew's career as a politician he found himself involved in many of the events and controversies that are seen to go hand in hand with Essexian politics.

The first of these took place in the summer of 2019, named Black Weekend under the Dean Events Naming System, was the first instance of martial law declared in Essexia. In the two weeks before the event Matthew was given a Royalist seat in Parliament after the 2019 general election. After a cabinet Reshuffle by the then First Minister Jamie, members of the Royalist Party with a distrust of the FM break off and forming the Old Guard Party, after the Old Guard Party starts to demand the resignation of the FM and the breakdown of negations the Emperor declares Martial Law, leaving Lord Commissar Jacob to install a Military Junta and appoints Matthew as a lieutenant.

The most significant of these controversies took place in February 2020, after the events of the Grey Weekend a month prior, a long and convoluted series of Acts and votes and reshuffles of the government caused a change in ruling coalition from the Rhino Alliance to the Giraffe Concordat after a 3 day term as FM by Lord Jamie. This new government was headed by Lord Jack, keeping Matthew as the Minister of Health. These events caused a period of reformation where the loopholes and ambiguities exploited on this night were fixed to ensure that such an event would never happen again.

Matthew, as the previous Interior Minister, was in charge of organising the by election for the seats of the former Members of Parliament Jamie M, James Frisch, and Joel. He was also a candidate in the aforementioned by election and won in seat two placing him in parliament as a member of the Royalist Party.

On the 20th June 2021 The Emperor issued an Imperial decree announcing that a general election shall take place on the 11th July, almost 3 months after it was originally meant to take place due to various postponements and it being forgotten. Once this decree was issued as the Interior Minster Matthew was the key individual that organised, and ran the election. After the afore mentioned election yielded 14 votes in total, with some candidates not voting, members of Essexia's military, including Matthew, came to the conclusion that the nation needed to be reorganised in order to revitalise it and ensure future stability. This led to the Military Officers conducting a coup of the Government and Royal Family of Essexia, replacing the Parliament with the Executive Council and establishing the Lower Chamber to serve as a Cabinet.


Title: Lord Griffin, Duke of New Eiffel

Matthew ran in and won one of the two available seats in the New Eiffel State By election in Australis. He ran on the platform of Military Reform and the creation of a database of all previous and future legislation.

On the 24th of March 2021 Matthew was elected as the Speaker of the House of Commons, the first speaker properly appointed after the Grand Duke who had been acting as Speaker Pro Tempore since the establishment of the House. Matthew is also the Chair of the Committee for the Armed Forces, being appointed so that the reformation act can pass through the House.

Matthew was re-elected as a member of parliament by a land slide in the New Eiffel Constituency, and was subsequently re-elected as Speaker of the House with a 5 - 0 - 1 result in favour with only himself abstaining and all others in favour.

Having resigned from his seat in the house of Commons and the position of Speaker of the House Matthew was made the Duke of New Eiffel out of recognition of his work for the nation as well as the need for a Duke. In the same day he was also appointed to the Privy Council.


Title: The Most Excellent Air Marshal The Count of Essex, Commander of the Royal Vishwamitran Air Force, GCV C1KP ComL GCCP CLC CSK MFS ADC(H) PC RVAF

Matthew was appointed as ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on the 13 April 2021.

Having applied to be a member of RVAF Matthew was commissioned into the rank of Air Vice Marshal and appointed as Deputy Commander of the Air Force. On the 18th June Matthew was promoted to the rank of Air Marshal and appointed as Chief of the Air Force upon the appointment of ACM Duke of Portanhel KV KOS PC as Chief of the Defence Staff. Since then he has been vital in the creation of the enlisted rank structure of the RVAF as well as writing the documents creating the position of Clerk to the CDS currently held by SQNLDR Baron Gladden GCV.

On 3 July 2021 Matthew was appointed to the Privy Council as an advisor to the Rashtradhyaksh, and has offered his insight on the likes of the Constitution of Vishwamitra as well as the title to be used by heads of states.

In recent changes to the structure of the Vishwamitran Armed Forces, which changed the position of Commander of the RVAF to the Chief of the Air Staff, facilitated a promotion from Air Marshal to Air Chief Marshal and, due to him now holding the aforementioned position, give him a position on the Tri-Service Collective Command.

File:Coat of arms of Matthew Griffin (Order of the Vishwamitra).svg
Current full Armorial Achievement as a Grand Cross of the order of the Vishwamitra
(2021 – present)
Created by: Varuna Sriraya

File:Coat of arms of Matthew Griffin (Order of the Vishwamitra).svg
Historical Coat of Arms as
a Grand Cross of the
Order of the Vishwamitra
Coronet used as a Count in Vishwamitra

Poplar Nerva

Title: Representative Maurice

Matthew is known as Maurice when engaged in activities as a representative of Poplar Nerva. He is a member of the House of representatives and holds the position of Diplomacy Secretary, and is the Primary Delegate for Poplar Nerva in the GUM.


Name of Legislation Type of Legislation Nation Date Voted On Status Notes
Medical Corps Act 2019 Act Essexia 14/09/2019 Active First Act Written
Date Protection and Regulation Act 2020 Act Essexia 01/06/2020 Active Largest Act placed before Essexian Parliament
National Seat Establishment Act Act Australis 11/03/2021 Active
Australis Military Reform Act Act Australis 26/03/2021 Active
Appointments of the Chairs of the House Committees Declaration of the Speaker I Australis 28/03/2021 Active First official declaration as speaker


Vishwamitran state honours