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Flag of Kamrupa
Land in the heart of the city
Anthem: "O! Hamare Mahan Shashak"
(Royal anthem of Vishwamitra)
Country Vishwamitra
Special administrative region4 March 2019
First statehood15 June 2019
Union territory1 January 2020
Second statehood8 June 2020
 • RajpramukhAnirban Phatowali
 • Senior PrincessPrincess Arnisha
 • Parliamentary constituenciesLok Sabha (3 seats)
Time zoneUTC+05:30 (IST)
ISO 3166 codeVH-UT
Official languagesEnglish, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali

Kamrupa is one of the six royal provinces of the State of Vishwamitra. It is geographically located towards of the north of the Vishwamitran territory and is the second smallest province in terms of territory. It is an absolute monarchy with the Rajpramukh being the absolute monarch of the province. The Rajpramukh serves as both the head of state and government of the province.

The capital city of the province of Kamrupa is Dadara which is administered under a Governor's Council with the governor being an appointed representative of the Rajpramukh for the administration of the capital.


Kamrupa was formed as a special administrative territory by then President Varuna Sriraya on 6 February 2019 under the name of the Special Administrative Territory of Dadara and Kamrupa when the two separate territories were merged under the same entity. Under the presidential decree, the president as the head of state of the nation was entitled to act as the Sovereign of Dadara and Kamrupa, whereas the actual administration was bestowed on an administrator who discharged the duties as the principal representative of the head of state. Ankurjyoti Thakuria was appointed as the first administrator following the formation of the territory in February 2019. Arnab Sil was appointed as the first high commissioner to the territory.


Heads of State of Kamrupa

No. Picture Name
Took office Left office Time in office Appointer
Administrators of SAT of Dadara and Kamrup
1 File:Ankurjyoti Thakuria.jpg Ankurjyoti Thakuria
(b. 2001)
6 March 2019 15 June 2019 101 days Varuna Sriraya
Sovereign of Dadara and Kamrup
Governors of Kamrup Pradesh
1 Rajdeep Deka
(b. 2002)
16 June 2019 4 September 2019 80 days Varuna Sriraya
2 File:Female politician.jpg Sampriti Paul
(b. 2004)
4 September 2019 4 October 2019 30 days
3 File:Female politician.jpg Sanghita Roy
(b. 2004)
4 October 2019 31 December 2019 88 days
Lieutenant Governors of Kamrupa
1 File:Saikat-Seal.PNG Saikat Seal
(b. 2006)
1 January 2020 10 February 2020 40 days Varuna Sriraya
2 File:Manoj Chetry.PNG Manoj Chetry
(b. 2005)
10 February 2020 13 May 2020 93 days
Administrators of Kamrupa
1 File:Manoj Chetry.PNG Manoj Chetry
(b. 2005)
13 May 2020 7 June 2020 35 days Tanishkaa Patranabish
Rajpramukhs of Kamrupa
1 File:Anirban Phatowali new photo.jpg Anirban Phatowali
(b. 2009)
8 June 2020 Incumbent 3 years, 345 days Council of State